Color of the components of airpods pro

Apple is a synonym for premium-grade products for its remarkable quality and prestige. However, a brand with higher values tends to have counterfeited products available. Your Apple AirPods Pro is no exception. Therefore, it becomes paramount for you to check the authenticity of the Airpod.

How to identify fake AirPods pro

If you want to reduce the chances of a scam and seek to get a genuine Apple AirPods Pro, you might want to consider this guide. It comes with various tips and methods to check for your AirPods and take a closer look at one. So let’s begin with the first step you should take:

Use The Apple Website to Identify Fake AirPods Pro With Real Apple AirPods Pro:

Not just for the AirPods, but Apple provides a serial number for each of their products. By clicking here, you can authenticate the serial number to see whether it is a genuine product or not. You shouldn’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong by scanning the serial number. Any authentic dealer would enable you to check the serial number. You can see the AirPods pro serial number inside its case. Here are the steps to follow:

  • The serial number for Airpods Pro is inside the case.
    serial number for Airpods Pro
  • Remove the AirPods, and there you will find it.
  • It might be too small. Thus, you might need some magnifying power.
  • Either way, visit the following link on your device.
  • Please write down the serial number and double-check to make sure that it is correct.

Most of the time, Apple will showcase results and confirm whether it is an authentic product. This reduces the chances of getting a counterfeited product by 90% or more. Not just the case, but the AirPods will also have a serial number. Thus, you can reduce the chances of getting a counterfeited product.

However, some people would provide you a genuine case but low-quality or knock-off AirPods. For that, follow the next step.

Factors Consider While Buying Airpod Pro:

1. Look At The Build Quality

Whether the previous steps work or not, it is always a good idea to check for Apple’s build quality. Now, if you’re a pre-existing user of apple, you already understand the remarkable quality Apple provides. Apple uses the h1 chip in its original AirPods for its users. Thus, it would be easier for you to take a look at these points.

AirPods pro Build Quality

However, if you’re a new Apple user, it would be best for you to understand that Apple never compromises with the quality of their products. Thus, it is vital to examine the Apple AirPods Pro to get better information about authenticity. Here are some pointers for you:

2. Color Of The Components

Apple is known for providing crisp color quality. If it brings you a ‘black’ colored Airpods, it will be black. There will be no possibility of a grey color. None of the colors will be worn out or dirty-looking in any manner. So this could be your first tell. An Apple product has an incredible gloss due to the premium-material utilized. Thus, the reflection of light will be sharp, not blur, or faded.

Color Of The Components of AirPods pro

It would be like looking at the glass. However, this could be a little misleading. You can check out various components such as the bottom, the diffusers, and imprints for better color inspection. The prints of Apple on each product are strong, clearly visible, with no exception of blurriness. If the case or AirPods have blurred or grey writing, it is most likely a counterfeit. Thus color is one of the main components that differentiate between real AirPods Pro and fake ones.

3. Inspect The Components

A genuine piece of AirPods Pro will have a straightforward build. You can look at the case’s build quality and try to open and close it. If it doesn’t feel smooth, it is most likely a counterfeit. Additionally, you can look at the speakers and diffuser quality.

Inspect The Components of AirPods pro

Many knockoffs have discoloration due to the improper mixing of the materials or cheap material. It would be apparent at the borders of any component. For example, there might be silver or tainted lining around the diffuser if the body of the AirPods is white.

Similarly, there shouldn’t be any grey coloring or extra coloring shade in Apple’s AirPods. They keep the color theme straightforward. Your case’s port should be lightning. If it is type-C or anything else, it is most likely a knockoff.

4. From The Glance – Believe Your Instincts

You already understand the quality Apple is synonymous with. Therefore, from the first glance, you would most likely be able to tell whether the AirPods are authentic or fake AirPods. You can strongly follow your gut instincts if it’s telling you that it is not a genuine product.

If you further inspect the components, you will most likely find these differences. So that will also help you narrow down the authenticity window.

Most of the time, the counterfeiter fails to copy the complete information of authentic Airpods. There might be a serial number missing. ‘L or R’ on each Airpod should be correct and written. The case will tell you that it is ‘Designed By Apple And Assembled In China’

Other Quick Tips:

If you don’t want to alert the dealer, or if you feel uncomfortable inspecting the Airpods or the case, here are some quick tips to help you determine the authenticity:

  • Try to pair up the Air Pods Pro with your device. It shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds for you to set up and pair your devices. If it does, then it might be a counterfeit.
  • Apple utilizes a crisp and clear voice for its connectivity. However, many knockoffs use a faint voice that feels wrong. Often, they use a recording that is not a signature of Apple. So you can check it out.
  • If you’re unsure about either of the two steps, you can check the noise cancellation technique. Apple AirPods Pro has noise cancellation. As it is a costly technique, many knockoffs won’t integrate it. If you test it, you are most likely to find out whether it is a genuine product or not.
  • A genuine product will look sleek and ‘in-line’ with no bulging or any component for construct. If any element is bulging like a diffuser, microphone, or speaker, it is most likely a counterfeit.
  • You can also use ‘Find My AirPods Pro’ to see if it works. For most of the counterfeits, this never works.

Frequently Asked Question


How can you tell a fake AirPods pro?

The best way to recognize a fake AirPods Pro is by checking the serial number given in the box. You will find the serial number inside the charging box. Just scan the serial number on the official apple website then you


How do I know if my Airpod is original?

There are many ways you can check if your AirPods is original. The simple one is by scanning the serial number of the AirPods.


Can fake AirPods Pro have a real serial number?

No, fake AirPods Pro can never have a real serial number. Apple gives all those numbers, and there is no way that someone else can get the real serial number.


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Always try to purchase from authentic dealers, don’t go for second-hand or mediators dealers. This is one of the surefire ways to get genuine Apple AirPods Pro. However, these guidelines should suffice if you’re ever in doubt.