Features to Look for in Choosing Dash Cams for Your Car

Given that there are millions of car accidents every year, roads and highways can be dangerous. But then, responsible driving will not account for other drivers, pointless traffic stops, or even attempts at insurance fraud. However, with dash cams, they can be as useful as your second set of eyes on the road for all the reasons mentioned above and more. Essentially, dash cams allow you to film your driving wherever you are. You can even monitor your teenager while they learn to drive, identify who was to blame in an accident, and more with the help of these videos. Furthermore, dash cams are becoming more widely available and user-friendly, so they are no longer just for early adopters and techies.

Even though dash cams are becoming more and more widespread in this digital age, they are still rather uncommon. And as a result, many individuals may not be familiar with all of their features. Many of these features distinguish dash cams from other kinds of cameras available on the market, such as bullet cameras and action cameras, as they are designed specifically for the job of recording video from a vehicle and give the device the ability to intelligently detect any incidents.

The fundamental functions of dash cams might play a big role in whether or not you decide to get one. And the best dash cams for security, safety, or simply documenting random instances that occur on the road will depend on a few key features. Since there are so many dash cams available, most of which are from unknown brands, choosing one might be difficult.

However, the dash cam features make it easy for you to find the best one to install on your car. Listed below are some of what you must look for. Read on.


You must make sure the camera has enough resolution for you to be able to see those details clearly. For forward-facing dash cams, 1080p is the standard. Although more expensive, those with 4K resolutions are better able to record small details, such as license plate numbers or facial features.

As mentioned, more details will be picked up during recording if your camera can capture a higher-quality image. This can be quite helpful if you ever need to use it as video proof. Of course, all cameras will capture images that allow you to see the road ahead of you and the cars on it. But HD videos will allow you to record number plates and other details that can be essential in establishing your innocence in the event of an accident.

Loop Recording

All cameras designed primarily for in-car use contain a feature called loop recording. With this feature, the camera will continue to record until the memory card is full, then will begin recording new footage over the previous ones. The camera can record for extended periods of time without having to delete old files from the memory card because uninteresting video snippets will not take up memory space. The video file recorded at the time of an incident will be automatically locked, meaning that the loop recording mechanism will not overwrite it. Many cameras will detect an incident using the internal G-sensors. By doing this, you may be confident that all crucial video files are safe until you can transfer them to your computer.

It may not always be essential to purchase a camera with the largest SD card capacity and a compatible SD card. To make sure you never run out of space so you never miss a minute, the majority of cams use this loop recording feature. And when there is no more vacant space, this feature automatically records over previously unsaved footage.


By integrating GPS, which is also known as a Global Positioning System, dash cams may determine your specific location and pace of drive. And when paired with the camera footage, this data can create a more full picture of the circumstances leading up to any occurrence. Since GPS relies on satellites to determine your location, your surroundings and the position of your camera can have an impact.

This information can not only prompt your dash cam to react appropriately, but it can also help paint a picture of what happened in the event of an incident. Any important footage is safe since most cameras will detect noticeable movement and automatically lock the video file that is being recorded at the time. While this is a very helpful feature that will protect against any actual incidents, including vehicle collisions, heavy braking, and swerving, it can also be activated by speed bumps, potholes, and other minor mishaps. To solve this problem, most cameras with G-sensors let you change the sensitivity of the sensor.


The G-Sensor is actually the most common measure for protection against writing over a footage. It is a sensor that may detect an abrupt change in motion and instruct the dash cam to save a film of that incident. And that kind of footage from dash cams is typically protected and will not be overwritten, which is useful if you need to view the footage in the future.

Of course, you should not solely rely on the G-Sensor. Though committing such damage to the memory card would be a rare occurrence, you might be out of luck if you are in a horrific accident that destroys the memory card within the dash cam.

Parking Mode

Another function commonly referred to as “parking mode,” uses sensors to protect your vehicle while it is parked. The dash cam is constantly scanning its immediate environment, and when it notices any noticeable movement, it will turn on and begin recording. However, this feature frequently requires that the camera be connected to a power source from a moving vehicle.

But then, not all parking options operate in the same way. Some people create videos using time lapse, which involves taking one still picture each second. Some continuously record, albeit at a significantly reduced bitrate, to save storage. You can select the best parking monitoring approach for you with some dash cams.

Key Takeaway

Any situation you find yourself in will benefit from having dash cams in your car. They may increase the security of your car in a way that few other accessories can. Also, you can discover a fantastic deal on a highly effective dash cam that suits you, your car, and your budget if you know how to sort through the available options. Thus, when choosing the best for your car, take a moment to review the features listed above.