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In today’s world, one of the most outraging moments is when you are peacefully working on your computer, and the cursor disappears. In this post, we will be going through how we can fix the cursor disappears on mac.

How to Fix Cursor Disappears on MAC

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Do not worry; all your apple devices will be fixed using any one of the solutions below. Any device running macOS will be able to use these fixtures. So let’s move to find out how to fix the cursor disappears on Mac.

Fix Cursor Disappear on Mac: Possible Solutions

Solution 1 – Use Command  + Tab Keys

Command  + Tab keys

Press and hold the command and tab keys for a few seconds and release them

Solution 2 – F3 Key

F3 key

The second solution is to click the F3 key; some mac users have said that clicking the F3 key helped them get back the disappeared mouse cursor.

Solution 3 – Adjusting Mouse

Adjusting Mouse - How to Fix Cursor Disappears on MAC

Shake your mac and quickly move your finger on the trackpad. You can find the disappeared mouse cursor by shaking your mouse or moving your finger on the trackpad quickly. Once you have completed that, you can see the lost mouse cursor.

Solution 4 – Right-Click

If you cannot find your lost mouse cursor, then right-click on your Mac. This may help you get back the mouse cursor.

Solution 5 – The Three-Finger Rule

three fingers to swipe for mac

When stuck, use three fingers to swipe up on your trackpad. After doing this, you will immediately see the mouse cursor on the screen. However, it becomes pretty oblivious that this method is not for devices with the mouse. This can still be used on MacBooks to get back the cursor.

Solution 6 – Force Quit the Applications

Force quit the applications

Press and hold the command + option + escape keys together and force quit the applications. When a graphical application is turned on, the cursor disappears into the screen, and forces quitting the application will surely resolve the issue.

Solution 7 – Restart your Mac

Restart your MAC

Go to the top left of your screen, find the Apple menu, and then click on Restart. If there is some software issue, it will be resolved by restarting your device, and you will be able to see the mouse cursor.

Solution 8 – Adjust the Mouse Size

Adjust the mouse size on MAC

Select system preferences by clicking on the Apple menu. Then head over to accessibility. Now select display, then slide the cursor size bar towards your right and make the cursor size large to be visible.

Solution 9 – Adjust Zoom Settings

Once again, head to system preferences. Next, find and click on accessibility. Now select the zoom in the left sidebar. Then uncheck both using the keyboard shortcuts to Zoom and use Scroll Gesture with modifier Keys to Zoom.

Solution 10 – Force Restart your Mac

press and hold the command  + control + power button / Touch ID until your Mac’s screen goes blank and restarts.

Solution 11 – Modify Options

For this solution, you will need to unselect some options under Trackpad. Click on the Apple list, then click on system preferences. Find and click on the trackpad.  Here you have to select the ‘More Gestures‘ menu. Now uncheck the box for Swipe between pages and Swipe between full-screen Apps and mission control.

Mouse disappear issue

Solution 12 – Reset NVRAM or PRAM

First, turn off your mac if turned on. Next, turn on your mac by pressing the power button and immediately press and hold the Option + Command + p+ r keys and keep holding these for 20 seconds. You can release these keys when you hear the second chime sound or when the Apple logo arrives and disappears for the second time.

Solution 14 – Restart your mac in safe mode

First, turn on or restart your Mac, and immediately press and hold the shift key. Release the shift button when you see the login tab. Then the safe boot will appear in the upper right corner. Then select your user account and enter the password. If your startup disk is encrypted with FileVault, it will be asking you to log back in twice.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which is the most effective method to resolve the cursor disappears on the Mac issue?

Using the command + tab key is the most effective method to resolve this issue as your mouse won’t be working but you only need a keyboard for this.  you just need to press the command and tab key together II in order to get your mouse cursor back.


Are the methods the Same for both Macbook and iMac?

Yes, many of the methods are completely the same for both devices but when it requires the Touchpad you won’t be able to do that on an iMac because it does not have it.  rest assured all the methods provided will be working both on iMac as well as Mac.


What to do if the cursor keeps on disappearing?

Try rebooting the device in safe mode,  if it keeps on happening then it would be better for you to go to the Apple Genius bar or the service center.



These are the best solutions for your mac if ever you are unable to see the cursor. Do give them a try, and we guarantee one of them will definitely work for you. Inform us about what problem you had and which solution did you follow to resolve it.

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