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Are you looking to install a Free Fire on your PC? Well. Then today you have come to the right place. We have crafted a comprehensive post for you on Free Fire that will include a step by step guide to install Free Fire.  So, by the end of the post, you would have a complete idea of Garena Free Fire.

Can you use Free Fire on PC?

How to Get Free Fire for PC

Free Fire is yet another game that is based on the Battle Royale concept. This game is developed by the company Garena and is available on android/iOS/PC. High octane-based action and pleasing graphics make this game one the best in the market. The Free Fire was the first game to launch on the Play Store to enable mobile players to play battle royale. It’s quite casual, and you can hop in and play anytime you want.

How to Get Free Free Fire on your PC?

As Free Fire does not have an official emulator, we will have to use BlueStacks to download the game. Hence the downloading process is the same for both Windows as well as MAC. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that will impersonate an android device on your PC and enable you to use all the Android apps without any limits.

Step by Step Guide to Get Free Fire On PC:

  • Click Here to download the official version of the BlueStacks.
    open bluestacks
  • Launch BlueStacks and complete the sign-up process, which is very similar to the operation of an android device.
  • Go to the Play Store and search Garena Free Fire and install the game, it will take some time as the game files are about 2.3 GB.
    install free fire for pc
  • Once the installation is complete, open the game and customize the key-bindings to your liking, as well as adjust the graphics to suit your choice.

Key Features of Free Fire:

So, you might be thinking, what is battle royale? Well, to win the game, you have to be the best and beat every other player to claim the #1 position. There will be 50 other players competing with you to claim the #1 title, but you need to be careful and strategize your game plan. To make things more interesting, the free Fire has seasons that last around one month. So, you might have got some depth about the game.

There are three large maps to choose from Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Bermuda is considered the best among the maps available as the other two are relatively new, and are also still lagging in designs. Bermuda has the best available graphics and therefore has more players prefer Bermuda as their primary map. Also, Bermuda has the most available loot pools in the game, look wise it is based on tropical regions. Even Purgatory has somewhat the same design, but Kalahari is more based on desert regions.

Features of Free Fire

You can land with you and your friends and then it’s up to you to choose the best strategy for the game, you can wait and loot till the enemies come to you, or you can kill those enemies with primary loot and own their loot instead. This strategy could be known as rushing, whereas the previous strategy is known as camping; these are the only two strategies that people usually use, kill the enemy, or become prey to them.

One of the most significant advantages of the game is it only has 50 players per lobby rather than the traditional 100, so it takes less time to complete a match, so you need not worry about the game to be time-consuming. You will also get fast-paced vehicles to rotate from one place to another when the enemy is freely firing at you. One of the most significant advantages of the game is character customization, as you are playing in third person view you will be able to see the skins which they will be wearing, more importantly in other games, you can only see the upper half of the character, but in this game. Plus, the attention to detail quite a lot.

Popular Game Modes On Free Fire:

free fire game modes

  • Classic mode: This is a classic player versus player mode. There will be 50 in total, and other players will be competing for the topmost position, you will also have to compete to claim the throne, so be careful. You can choose the map you want from Purgatory, Bermuda, or Kalahari.
  • Ranked match: This is not much different than a classic game, but there is a twist that you will be judged on your gameplay and then given ranks like bronze, silver, and gold the more you get higher in the position you will be faced with rugged and tough players. This is known as skill-based matchmaking. You will be made to fight with players who have the same game-sense as you, so things are about to get serious. You will also not get the choice to select the map as per your wish while playing in this mode.
  • Rush hour: This mode is a mini version of the classic mode. In this mode, the map will shrink quite a lot, and the players will be limited to 20 rather than 50, the only advantage to this is that it will take half the time for you to finish the game.
  • Duos: Do you want to play with just one friend? Well, this is the mode for you, you and your friend will fight against other players to win the game, the rules will be pretty similar to that of classic but all the other players will also be in a pair.
  • Squads: You may team up with three of your friends to form a group of four, and you will go against others, same like duos but now others will also be in a team of four so you should communicate with your friends and make sure that you are the only team that survives.
  • Other modes: Deathmatches, Cold steel, Bighead, Clash squads, Rampage, Fully charged, Spray and Pray, Rush king. All these modes are available for a limited time except for team deathmatch. In team deathmatch, you may not worry about your health as you will be revived every time you get killed, this is one of the best modes to practice your gun handling and defense against other players.

Most Popular Weapons On Free Fire:

Weapons On Free Fire

This list will only contain weapons that are useful for you as a beginner; you will be able to use these weapons by playing one to two matches properly. If you have already played some other battle royale, then don’t worry at all you can loot these guns while playing the game.

Assault Rifles:

1. AK

The best-known rifle of any game, consider yourself lucky if you can get one on your hands. With this rifle, if you can score a headshot, then the enemy will die instantly. The only con for this gun is handling as AK has a heavy recoil it becomes tough to get a hand on the spray pattern you must train yourself in team deathmatch and then use this gun is the classic or ranked mode.

  • Attachments: silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope.


This can also be your option as body shots favor heavily while using a SCAR, as SCAR does not have a spray pattern as such you can aim and shoot at the enemy without worrying about the spray pattern.

  • Attachments: silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope.

3. M4A1

Even in this gun, you need not worry about the spray pattern as there is less recoil when compared to other guns. However, the range of the gun is decent, so make sure to go closer to the enemy while firing so that you can score a kill. When you start the game that is when you are just a beginner, you should opt for using this gun as this will give you a rough idea about the game without you getting killed as often.

  • Attachments: silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope.

4. Heat gun

This is quite rare; you may not consider it as an assault rifle, but it works like one.

  • Attachments: foregrip, scope.

Sniper Rifles:

1. Kar98

When appropriately used this gun can be a killing machine; if you are into sniping then this is the gun for you, it comes attached with an 8X scope so you can fire the bullets with a distance. The weapon will quickly kill any enemy if you can pull off a headshot, but make sure that you know how to snipe. Attachments: silencer, muzzle, scope.

2. AWM

This gun is quite similar to Kar98k but has faster reload speeds; also, it enables players to add an extra magazine.

  • Attachments: silencer, muzzle, scope, magazine.


  • Gaining health: Medkits, Mushrooms, Treatment guns all can be used to increase your health points.

These are the best categories of weapons that you can use now it’s up to you to use SMGs, pistols, or other melee weapons. However, we highly recommend that you use the guns given in our list.

Elite Pass for Free Fire:

In exchange for the in-game currency, you can buy either of the two passes, elite and elite bundle; this is the only way for you to unlock skins and enjoy the game honestly. With Elite access you will get ten thousand diamonds, you will be able to unlock select challenges and earn more badges, the daily gold limit will be increased by 100, your nickname will be shown in prosperous red when you score a kill. In an elite bundle, you will get the same benefits as the select pass.

Free Fire Elite Pass

Still, in addition to that, you will unlock an exclusive avatar, unlock season badges immortally and unlock tons of exclusive rewards only to the bundle. The elite pass will cost 499 diamonds, and elite fortune will cost 999 diamonds.

Pros of Free Fire:

  • The character customization is the best in this game; you will be able to see the whole charter as it has good attention to detail.
  • The modes and seasons make the game quite exciting because Free Fire aims to bring more and more exciting seasons, missions, and skins to play around.
  • Free Fire has got a huge fan base with up to 500+ Million downloads that make the game demanding and competitive.
  • Free Fire is comparatively less time consuming than other Battle Royale and gives you a lot in less.

Cons of Free Fire:

  • The graphics of the game is not that good when compared to other competitors.


The battle royale genre has bloomed in the last two years, and you should try this one as it is one the best this generation. Many countries have banned PUBG mobile, so this can be an excellent alternative to that. Hope you got a clear understanding of Free Fire and you are aware of all the features of Free Fire.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding Free Fire then do let us know in the chatbox below.