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In this post, we’ll be helping you with various ways to get free UC on PUBG. These techniques include no surveys and are not click baits. You can try these ways to get free UC in your PUBG account. We would also be answering the biggest question regarding the free UC Generator – does it work or not. So do give this post a full read to know about how to get free UC.

Does the Free UC Generator work?

Numerous gamers are suspicious about using a UC generator but do not worry. In this section, we will be reviewing all the perspectives for and against the PUBG UC generators. PUBG UC’s are either provided by people willing to give it away or generate it using a code generator.

How to Get Free PUBG UC

The generator will use alterations and unions to credit the UC into your PUBG account, which will look real, but may or may not work. By using a UC generator, there is a very low probability of getting it into your account. Instead, you may risk a lot of things by using this. There are many downsides you may want to consider before using a code generator.

  • Privacy issue: While using a free UC generator in the end, you will always be asked to fill a survey that will expect you to fill a lot of personal questions, or it will ask you to download few apps from unknown sites. This is nothing but bait for gamers to get their private information or take them to a malicious site.
  • Being flagged: PUBG has a stringent policy for hackers and players who use these unlawful practices to get free UC. The downside is PUBG can terminate your account forever, and you won’t play PUBG from the same account.

Top 6 Ways to Get Free PUBG UC:

As we all know, Player Unknown BattleGround, aka PUBG, has become one of the most popular and demanding Battle Royal games for the past few years. In PUBG, the currency is used to purchase rare skins, emotes, and characters. So buying UC becomes very expensive, and so to solve this problem, we have come up with a few simple hacks to get free UC without spending a dime. Here are some methods that you can use:

1. Giveaways

The PUBG community is vast and is spread over 13 million users, and some of the fine players also are YouTubers, Game Streamer, PUBG creators, and professional players. You can follow these creators and players and participate in their giveaways to organize frequently and stand a chance to win free UC and BP.


However, the stats of you getting selected for the giveaway are low, but the price would be no less than a lottery if you get selected. You can always try participating and following as many creators as you can so that you can increase your reach and increase the probability of winning free UC.

2. Playing in Contests

Other ways to get free UC is by participating and playing in contests. Numerous PUBG contests happen across the world, in which many players include themselves.

Playing in Contests

These contests have very high prices that you can win and earn to buy UC in PUBG. Some contests also have UC’sUC’s as their winning price. You can always participate in these contests and show and use your gaming skills to earn free UC.

3. Refer and Earn Apps

Refer and Earn Apps

Some applications are available from which you can earn money just by sharing and referring to the few mentioned apps. For instance, if you introduce someone to an application and download it on their device, you get rewarded with some points. These points can be used to restore free UC on PUBG.

4. Idle Empire

There is still a legit way to earn free PUBG UC without getting flagged or wasting your time on any other UC generator website. The web application is called Idle Empire. Idle Empire is a platform that will reward you for sharing your opinions on games, software, and products.

Idle Empire

The process is straightforward; you just have to complete the signup and complete the given surveys, and Idle Empire will reward you with BitCoins, an Amazon Gift card, and a PayPal balance.

Steps to get Free PUBG US from Idle Empire:

  • Visit the Idle Empire’s official website or click here to go to the Idle Empire.
  • Once you are on Idle Empire’s web page, click on sign up to create a new account. Idle Empire also completed your authentication with your Google account.
  • After completing the signup process, you will direct the Idle Empire’s dashboard. You can start giving surveys for companies, watching videos, testing games, and applications, and answering some simple questions. By doing this, you will be awarded points that you can redeem.
  • To redeem your earned point, you will need to go to the Widhtral section and get ‘Gift Cards’ for your device. Idle Empire has Gift Cards for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can redeem yours there.

You can use these gift cards to get Free PUBG UC without being banned or flagged.

5. Elite Royal Pass

Elite Royal Pass is yet another option to get free PUBG UC’s. To get free UC from Elite Royal Pass, you will only need to buy the Elite Royal Pass that will cost you for 600UC on PUBG, and as you play and progress in the game, your RP level will increase, and then accordingly, you would be rewarded with skins, emotes and free UC’s.

Elite Royal Pass

On RP 3, 7, 13, 17, 23, 27, 33, 37, 43, 47, 53, 57, 63, 67, 73, 77, 83, 87, 93 ,and 97 you are rewarded with 30 UC each. So if you buy the Elite Royal Pass, you will get 600 free UC along with some great skins.

6. Google Play Gift Card

If you have a GooglePlay Gift Card, you can even get PUBG UC’s from it. You can follow these easy steps to get UC from your Google Play Gift Card.

Google Play Gift Card

  • Launch your PUBG application and go to the UC section, where you can buy UC’s.
  • Click on the UC bundle that you wish to buy or have a Google Play Gift Card of that amount.
  • A payment tab will pop-up on the screen where you will have to select the payment mode. You can choose ‘Redeem Code’ and enter your Google Play Gift Card code from the payment tab.
  • After the payment, PUBG will credit UC into your account.

What can I do with PUBG UC?

PUBG is a successful game that has its currency called UC. With PUBG UC, you can be fully outfitted with the new skins, emotes, and wraps. With PUBG UC, you can buy Battle Pass, diverse characters, Skins, emotes, weapon and vehicle wraps, and much more. You would be receiving full well-furnished items that have been crafted for exceptional players only.


We wish that this post has helped you find genuine ways to get free UC in PUBG. If you did like this post, leave your remarks and views in the comment box below, Or if you have some more good ideas on how to get free UC, then do share it with us.

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