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The year 2021 had made us more attached to technology, and our involvement in in-door activities had been increased. Watching online sports is one of the most favourite activities that we enjoy while being at home. So, how about knowing the best free sports streaming sites?

Your answer would be yes! As in all parts of the world, someone is a fan of at least one sport. The stadiums are globalized through live streaming. And the demand for sports streaming sites is multiplying.

Sports Streaming Sites

What could be the features that make a streaming site better than others? Well, for sports, it might be costlessness. There are other features also other than cost which are involved in making the viewers satisfied for watching any sports live, as watching a game is full of fun and sensation.

The sports lovers around the world need to know the streaming sites which are free and provide the quality watch with excellent visual quality and non-stop streaming without any errors.

This article aims at helping you in choosing the best sites for you!

Free Sports Streaming Sites 2021- List of Top 8

We hope that the introduction has helped you a little to alert your mind about why you must know the following list for the live sports streaming sites.

Let’s go down with it..

1. ESPN Sports Streaming Site

ESPN is one of the most popular streaming sites in the world of cable sports. It offers sports lovers to watch many kinds of sports for free. The games which are free to watch on this site are hockey, football, golf, tennis, college sports and many other categories of sports. But it does not support free caring for all the sports. So, you have to buy a premium subscription in order the watch them. It has an application too that can be downloaded on your smartphones.

ESPN Sports Streaming Site

ESPN is a smart free streaming sports site to help you to watch many popular sports for free. Its application makes it easier to access through your smartphones. It offers significant sports to watch for free, and all these are the most popular and most demanding sports around the globe.



  • It offers free streaming videos too.
  • It provides popular sports for free.



  • It doesn’t offer all the sports for free.
  • The application needs to sign up.
  • The sign up makes access a little more challenging.

2. Facebook Watch Streaming Site

The Facebook Watch is another free sports streaming with a limited number of sports for the viewers around the world to watch in good quality visuals and without errors. Facebook is the biggest social media platform, and a large part of the world’s population is a member of Facebook. You can watch the MLB games by using your Facebook account. The games that you can watch through Facebook watch stream include women’s basketball, surfing and some other virtual sports.

Facebook Watch Streaming Site

The Facebook watch is another free streaming site that can help you to watch virtual sports easily from your smartphones, laptops or computers. You can watch the limited number of sports through this streaming, but the quality it provides is outstanding. It helps you to watch without any errors that may make you frustrated.

So, we recommend you to go and try this site this year.



  • It gives easy access to Facebook users.
  • It provides good quality visuals.



  • It might be misleading while searching for particular sports.
  • It has a minimal number of sports to stream.

3. Live Soccer TV Streaming Site

It is one of the most popular and significant streaming sites for sports. It offers its users several numbers of live sports to stream freely. Its visuals and graphic quality is excellent and makes you enjoy sports more effectively. It has a mobile application for both android and IOS users, so it is effortless to access.

Live Soccer TV Streaming Site

The other positive point about this site is that it offers you to watch live streaming without any sign-up. Signing up is an essential step in many other sites. This makes it for listing in the top sports sites.



  • Offers free streaming.
  • It has a wide range of sports.
  • Easy access.



  • Its access is limited geographically.

4. Laola-1 Sports Streaming Site

Laola-1 is one of the best streaming. It is based out in Austria, but it offers international sports in the English version. There is a vast range of sports that you can find on this site for free. It helps the sports lovers around the globe to watch international matches of football, volleyball, motorsports, tennis and other several prominent and demanding sports across the world.

Laola 1 Sports Streaming Site

The Laola-1 streaming site can be the best option for you to watch your desired sports around the world. It offers you to watch international sports which includes major and popular sports in the world. This site can help you a lot if you are a sports lover as it is full of a variety of sports to stream for free.



  • It offers to watch international matches.
  • It streams sports free.



  • Takes time in loading.
  • Its English version makes it hard if you don’t understand English.

5. Stream2watch Streaming Site

Stream2watch is one of the most attractive streaming sites for sports lovers around the world. It offers a wide range of popular sports to stream for free. It has external links of other sites so it can help you with other sources of watching videos and sports. It also allows users to play different games.

Stream2watch Streaming Site

You can search for any game while using this site. The sports that it offers to watch for free are rugby, baseball, football and many other prominent and demanding sports around the globe. Stream2watch is one of the excellent sites among sports sites. It helps you to reach other sources also.

It does help you with your favourite games to play if you search for them. So, we recommend you to try on stream2watch for the jumbo packages it is offering you.



  • It offers the most wanted sports.
  • It helps with additional marks.



  • Misleading adds.
  • Boost cast Streaming Site

6. Boost Cast

Boost cast is another significant and top name in the world of best sports websites. It helps you with live streaming of a variety of sports for free. It has links for other sources of showing live streaming of different sports. It has a network available on it that can help you in finding your desired sports streaming.

It offers the users to watch major sports like football, volleyball, basketball and many others. Boost cast is made to help the sports lovers who are passionate about live sports for free. It helps you with a wide range of sports, and you can watch them all for free.

It also has links for external sources other than this site to help you watch a wide variety of demanding sports.



  • It has expanding streams.



  • It requires a flash application to watch anything here.

7. Hotstar Sports Streaming Site

Hotstar is one of the best free sports streaming sites for 2021 due to its variety of sports and visual quality. It is another network of sports of star networks which is popular among sports lovers, especially in Asia. All the sports that Hotstar is offering can be watched in Hd quality. It helps you to watch cricket, swimming, tennis and other prominent and exciting sports.

Hot Star Sports Streaming Site

If you are an Asian and a sports lover, then the hot star is the best option for you to benefit this combo. It offers preeminent and demanding games like cricket and tennis to watch for free. Although it is based out for India, by using the VPN, you can get access to its free streaming without being in India physically.



  • It is in HD quality.
  • It has free content.
  • Free streaming.



  • Geographically limited

8. Cricfree Streaming Site

Cricfree is the last free sports streaming site in the year 2021 in the list. It is one of the best streaming sites for watching cricket. Although it is dedicated to cricket, majorly it has streaming for other sports too. It has good quality visuals, and most of the reviews are reported positive.

Cricfree Streaming Site

The name of this site Cricfree suggests that this site is utterly dedicated mainly to the world of cricket. It is the best site for streaming free cricket sports. It also supports streaming for other major and popular sports too.



  • It is best for cricket.
  • Good visual quality.



  • Miss leading ads.


All the sites mentioned above are legit and are free sports streaming sites. We have tested all of them before choosing the best sites for you that will help you this year in watching your favourite sports.

All the sites combine you to give a package where you can watch almost all kinds of sports. The eight of them can be marked as your favourites so that you don’t have to rush searching for live and free streaming of any match that you might plan to watch.

We hope that this article might be helping you!

We wish you luck with your favourite team to win!

Have fun!

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