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Are you invited to a birthday, a wedding, or an evening at the theater? When such an occasion presents itself, we are already looking forward to choosing a pretty dress, matching shoes, the right handbag, and everything else you need to create the perfect look. You too certainly have at least one dress in your closet that you keep for special occasions. However, there are dresses that can be easily declined in any style: chic or elegant but also casual or sport. Discover in this article, four ideas of looks each composed of a dress. From refined elegance to timeless chic, from feminine charm to a relaxed sport spirit, our centerpiece will be available in all styles.

The sports dress for a relaxed and trendy look all day long

This sporty style dress is the perfect choice for a relaxed day. With its loose fit and elastic tunnel at the waist, the dress by Dress In is the fashion piece you need if you want to take a trip to the city! Casual dresses can easily be worn with flats, sneakers, ballet flats, or even moccasins that will highlight the model’s casual style. For a more chic look, bet on ankle boots or heels.

When the first frost of fall arrives, pull on a denim jacket in matching blue tones. A hooded parka will also do very well: it will accompany you throughout the day and protect you from the capricious weather typical of the offseason. The tall combat boots women’s by prima dons and donnas combine wonderfully with the olive tone of the parka creating a harmonious ensemble for a trendy and relaxed look at the same time. Finally, the chic chronograph reminiscent of the style of the 80s will feminize your wrist while adding a sporty and stylish note to your outfit.

The sheath dress for a sophisticated and refined style

For a birthday, a professional meeting, or for every day, the sheath dress lends itself to all occasions and is a great classic of the feminine wardrobe. Hardly any other model embodies refined elegance as well as the sheath dress. Sporting a slightly fitted cut and falling just to the knees, it sublimates your curves and subtly emphasizes your femininity while enhancing your cleavage with discretion. This is why this model can just as easily be worn at the office as in the evening!

For a classic office look, choose a sheath dress in dark colors such as black or blue. On a daily basis, you can easily bet on brighter colors like this berry-red dress punctuated with a discreet polka dot pattern. For a sophisticated style, wear it with a blazer. But if you prefer a more casual look, you can coordinate it with a current knit cardigan like the one from Dress In with an open cut. Since the sheath dress has a sober and refined line, you can freely accessorize it with sumptuous jewelry. On a dress with a rounded neckline, necklaces will be in perfect harmony.

When it comes to shoes, bet on classic-style pumps. You can’t go wrong! Omega walk shoes with a pointed shape visually lengthen the legs and always go well with this type of dress. In general, heels are the perfect fashion allies to create an elegant look. However, if you want to add a little casual touch to your sheath dress and outfit, do not hesitate to wear ankle boots. Sandals, on the other hand, can just as easily be worn every day, at the office or at an event party.

The long black dress for timeless elegance

The black dress is undoubtedly THE must-have dress in all women’s wardrobes. Vogue magazine went so far as to nickname her “the Ford of Chanel”, specifying that she would become “a sort of uniform for all women of taste”. Its sober cut and elegant color make this model a timeless classic that can be declined ad infinitum and adapt to any occasion. Revisited over the decades, it never ceases to surprise us with its many styles and the possibilities of associations it offers us.

Our black sheath dress adorned with a fancy bow will be perfect for a highly chic and elegant look. Wear it with classic pumps with heels and smooth leather! To avoid tarnishing the elegance of the dress, opt for sober and distinguished jewelry. Thus, a brooch or silver earrings will bring a refined note that will delicately enhance the outfit. At a party, the clutch will brighten up the outfit with a touch of shine while providing enough room for your cell phone, lipstick, and other small personal items. To go to work, opt for a fashionable blazer that will transform your sheath dress of republic womenswear from our outlet.