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Are you wondering if FuboTV is worth it? What makes it stand out amongst the competitors? Well, to put it in short, it has more channels than others and brings you a great range of sports collection. However, this is a FuboTV review that will analyse other aspects, as well. Thus, you will receive a complete analysis to bring you a verdict that matters finally. Let’s see what makes it stand out or if it is worth your investment! Let’s move forward and dive into FuboTV Reviews.

FuboTV Reviews

You can use FuboTV on almost any device. It is available for PC through Web Browser. You have android and iOS versions. Even macOS is available. That’s not all! FuboTV is available for Smart and Android TVs. Your setup box devices like FireStick and Roku also offer it. Finally, it is also available in the gaming console, Xbox specifically. Hence, you can use Fubo TV, almost anywhere. Of course, it offers up to three screens streaming simultaneously, if you get the right pack.

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FuboTV Review – Benefits

Here are some benefits of FuboTV listed below:

  1. User Interface And Experience
  2. Content And Channels
  3. Value For Money

1. User Interface And Experience

FuboTV slacks slightly in comparison to the competitors. If you check it out as a standalone app, it is quite compelling. The user interface is straightforward. The design is divided into appropriate menu buttons and options. It has a quick video player with all essential features and options.

Building of the grid Fubo TV

If you look at LiveTV, it has a great lineup. However, it doesn’t have the channels alphabetically and would take some time for you to get used to it. The color theme is on-point that doesn’t strain or stress your eyes while also making the interface enticing enough. Of course, nobody cares about the interface or theme as much as they care about the ease of use. In those regards, FuboTV is as good as any other app provider. There’s virtually no difference. Overall, it stands on par with other apps and doesn’t offer anything extra.

2. Content And Channels

If you talk about the Channel lineup, FuboTV surpasses almost any other service provider by a margin of twice or more. It incorporates a vast amount of channels, including local networks, Viacom, Disney bundle, and much more. Additionally, you can add more channels with an ‘add-on’ package, making it stand out. Indeed FuboTV seems slightly more costly than other providers, but if you divide the price according to the number of channels, FuboTV wins again.

100+ Live Channels

Similarly, most of the content and channels are available in Standard HD (720P) and 1080P. There are some also available in 4K UHD, which its competitors fail to provide. There’s a slight drawback, though. FuboTV doesn’t have original content or shows, which isn’t that big of a disadvantage if you love other channels’ content.

Of course, much like other service providers, FuboTV also brings you content on demand. You also get live TV and live Sports streaming to amplify the fun. All of these combined make Fubo quite a fantastic choice among streaming service providers.

3. Value For Money

FuboTV is all about money and investment. If you can afford high-end streaming apps, then FuboTV becomes a must-have. While its package and subscription are on par with other apps, the number of channels is almost double.

More importantly, you can add and customize more packages to add value to your money. By default, FuboTV also comes with 30 hours of DVR, but if you take the family package, then you get over 500 hours of cloud DVR recording, making it quite an appealing choice.

By default, you can stream content on up to two devices, and with the family pack, you can get up to three devices.  However, many of these add-ons that you may have felt like they are too expensive and not worth the investment, especially if you don’t know what you want.

Sports Special!

Fubo Sport

Finally! One thing FuboTV excels in is the collection of Sports Channels. It has a wide range of sports channels available, which includes local and premier ones like ESPN. You get live TV, on-demand content, and much more. While another assortment of Chanel is quite exciting, it’s the sports aspect of FuboTV, which makes it worth the investment.

Verdict – Is FuboTV Best?

Many people think that FuboTV is more expensive than prominent platforms like YouTube TV and Hulu TV. However, they forget to take the channel lineup into account. If you have enough money to subscribe to the high-end streaming apps, then FuboTV brings you more ‘cost-effective’ packages than others. However, you can’t expect much from it if you don’t have money to back up the entertainment. That’s the bottom line of FuboTV.

Conclusion: Worthy for Price!

FuboTV is one of the best options to start the ‘cut the cord’ experience the streaming apps are known for. However, it’s better first to get a trial version to get used to the app. Once you figure out everything you need, you can efficiently choose the right packages for the services.

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