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Are you looking for games like Runescape? Well, Runescape has been a viral massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of its time. While it is still thriving, you might want to check out some other alternative.

Best Games Like RunescapeBest Games Like Runescape

Some online games catch our eyes. Hence, we are bringing you games that we felt were most ‘Runescape-like’ in their approach. At the same time, these might not offer you A World Of Gielinor. These have enough zest to be enticing and fun! So, let’s begin!

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Best Games Like Runescape – List of Top 20

1. World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft is arguably as popular or even more than Runescape. Therefore, it is one of the perfect games like Runescape. You have an open world, RPG elements, and multiple players gaming, all in one. World Of Warcraft was originally released in 2004, and since then, we’ve seen it become a phenomenal platform.

World Of WarcraftWorld Of Warcraft

The game allows you to choose various characters with proper abilities, class, and explore the world. There has been a new version in 2016 and 2017 that revived multiplayer online role-playing games and became so popular that their servers crashed many times.

2.  Albion Online

Albion Online takes the second position on the list as it is consistently growing popular each day. It is a Sandbox MMORPG, which makes it similar to Runescape. However, while it was initially a paid game, it became free to play with the latest updates. Let’s not forget that Albion Online is also one of the new-gen Massively multiplayer online games, and it is available across various platforms, including Android and such.

Albion Online -Best Games Like RunescapeAlbion Online -Best Games Like Runescape

Despite being the latest game, it still maintains minimum system requirements like others on the list. It has received several praises from the gaming community that it is undoubtedly one of the games you must play.

3. Black Desert Online

If you would love to travel back in time and feel like you’re in the medieval world, Black Desert Online is a perfect choice. Rising from Korean, it pays to play in some countries but mostly free to play otherwise. Black Desert has a real-time approach to it. There are no fast-travels, so you would have to ride and walk around. Thus, the map feels bigger and much more immersive.

Black Desert OnlineBlack Desert Online

If you want an MMORPG that has great combat, this is the game to play. It also keeps your choices simple, there are two kingdoms at war, and you need to pick sides, that’s all! However, it does not strongly focus on the story, as it is still very much a multiplayer online game.

4. Project Gorgon

While the other games on the list will limit your character progression somehow, Project Gorgon brings you true freedom. Usually, in massively multiplayer online games like Runescape, you have to choose a specific class. You’d have limits on things you can learn and reach specific levels for that.

Project GorgonProject Gorgon

Project Gorgon brings you the freedom to create and customize your character as you like. More importantly, you can choose the skills you want and the progression you need. That’s the most exciting feature of this game while it brings you the same RPG elements of Runescape.

5. Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online isn’t an MMORPG like others on the list, but it is indeed a browser-based RPG game. It is just a single-player, and you don’t have an option for multiplayer. Think of it as a Diablo twin, and while Diablo has co-op multiplayer, Drakensang Online doesn’t. So, what makes it worth adding to the list?

Drakensang OnlineDrakensang Online

It’s a fantastic game for the browser that comes with a rich mechanism and keeps the gameplay simple. The story is great as you travel around the globe to combat monsters. That’s right! Your objective in this game is to fight and defeat the monster. Hence, Drakensang online comes quite close to being the best game on the list.

6. Ultima Online

Ultima Online falls closer to the home. It is very similar to Runescape as you create a character and have complete freedom to decide what to do with your character. Hence, you can make it a hero, villain, villager, or anything else you like. One of the most enticing aspects is that you can craft weapons and armor from scratch. You start bare-basic and grow over time in the game.

Ultima Online - Best Games Like RunescapeUltima Online - Best Games Like Runescape

It brings you a sense of achievement with a layout of an online roleplaying game and a sandbox setting. If you don’t mind a little outdated graphics and such, it would be a great choice.

7. Mortal Online

Let’s try to put it this way. In Mortal online, everything is trying to kill you, and it’s your job to survive. Survival is the core of this game as you grow your character over time. Mortal Online has both players vs. environment and player vs. player elements. However, you can also collaborate with other players to play as you go.

Mortal OnlineMortal Online

Mortal stands out due to the gameplay’s brilliant nature, and the graphics are pretty good, too. Overall, you have a lot of creative gameplay styles and approaches. From assassination to brawling with the beasts, you have the freedom to develop as you like it. That’s what makes Mortal Online a great game to play.

8. Wakfu

Wakfu looks very playful and colorful with the cartoon-like style of graphics and animation. However, it can get very intense with power-grabbing. You, along with other players, can either force your way through or use a political approach. The objective is simple. You can live your life as you like it or take control of the Wakfu Islands.


Many things like farming, crafting, and other elements make it similar to popular games like Runescape and Minecraft. However, it integrates a turn-based combat style, so the device’s lag and performance won’t be a problem, and you get a fair chance in this Fantasy MMORPG.

9. Rift

There are two sides to this Fantasy MMORPG, Defiant and Guardians. However, that’s not where to come across at all. When we talk about similar games to Runescape, Rift won’t come close. After all, the only similarities are browser-based and MMORPG elements. You have unique character customization, and everything else is different. Hence, it is lower on the list.

Rift -Best Games Like RunescapeRift -Best Games Like Runescape

But it is worth putting on the list because it’s a gem. There are various elements in the game, and the special concept is Rifts. You have to enter them and conquer them. It allows you to colonize them. The more you conquer and colonize, the faster you grow. Hence, you can either be playing against the players or with them. That’s what makes it such a brilliant game.

10. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is unique in its approach. This Fantasy MMORPG by Cryptic studios brings you everything from a thrilling story to create gameplay. You can pursue the legend or single-player campaign as you raise your character. Alternatively, you can conveniently use the location exploration and creation ability that makes it unique.


Neverwinter is like strolling into the unknown. You never know what will come next. Cryptic Studios has done a remarkable job of bringing you a game that gives many other games a run for their money. Overall, it is worth playing.

11. Wartune

Wartune is one of the most similar games to Runescape. There’s no doubt about it. It has many elements or even inspiration driven from the popular game. Like Runescape, you have customization, combat elements, and world exploration. However, it ranks down due to its 2D graphics. The game is quite bare-basic and has only recently become free to play.

Wartune -Best Games Like RunescapeWartune -Best Games Like Runescape

Wartune still has a fantasy world, magical elements, and much more than distinguish it from Runescape, but not too much. Overall, it is one of the best games to play.

12. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 stands out from any other game on the list, and for a good reason. It comes to the element of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a single-player campaign. The players and their choices drive the story and everything that happens in the game. AS that happens, you get the new shape of the stories and different challenges.

Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2

It also has some of the best graphics, and while it is not similar to other games like Runescape, it is still very much an MMORPG and worth mentioning for its free-to-play interface, among other things that make it a compelling choice, overall. You get to choose various classes and up to eight professions for your character, whichever you deem fit.

13. Eternal Lands

Eternal lands is another free to play game like Runescape that brings you a unique setting. There are three races for you to play unless you get a subscription. However, it is still quite enticing and fun to play online role-playing games. More importantly, you have the freedom to customize your character without the restriction of classes. That’s right! There are no classes.

Eternal LandsEternal Lands

Hence, you can build your abilities and skills as you like it. More importantly, Eternal Lands is quite expansive and brings a lot of freedom to the players to do various things around. In short, it is something you must play once in a life, and it’s hard to put the appeal of this game’s rich customization in words.

14. Stendhal

Stendal is very similar to Runescape in various aspects, from Fantasy MMORPG to free to play. It even has classes, races, and a map that feels like you’re playing Runescape. However, as an open-source game, it has a wider map for players to explore. There isn’t any limit to things you must come across.

Stendhal -Best Games Like RunescapeStendhal -Best Games Like Runescape

It strongly relies on strategizing each move and the entire game. There are many elements like trading, quests for players to level up and earn rewards, and much more. However, it is a 2D Game that brings old school appeal. There is no need for you to have graphic settings and much more.

15. The Lord Of The Rings Online

Who wouldn’t like to immerse themselves into the world of Lord Of The Rings? It is an official game from the creators of the franchise. The Lord Of The Rings world is set in your favorite LOTR universe. If another franchise can give World Of Warcraft a run for the money, it’s this one.

The Lord Of The Rings OnlineThe Lord Of The Rings Online

You get all the fantastic map options. Various foes are waiting for you. Finally, you have the same races available, and you can be whatever you want to be. Overall, it is more of a game like the fantasy world you’d want to live in than a game like Runescape.

16. Dungeons And Dragons Online

Are you the old-school D&D player who wants to experience it again, but in a more lively manner? This is another browser-based game that brings you a lot on time. To put it in short, you get a more immersive D&D experience. You can roll the dice, roleplay as the characters, and indulge in your story.

Dungeons And Dragons Online- Best Games Like RunescapeDungeons And Dragons Online- Best Games Like Runescape

It is initially free to play but with some limits on the characters, classes, and races. However, if you subscribe, you will get to enjoy it even more. Overall, it remains true to the spirit of old-school Dungeons And Dragons, bought online with better graphics and stories.

17. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is another fantasy MMO-RPG game on this list that brings you an array of different features. First of all, you are not bound to classes in this one either. While there are classes, they are just for reference. You can still choose a completely different set of skills and customize your character.


There are many elements like farming, hunting, trading that makes it very much similar to Runescape. However, it brings you the same classic experience, as well.

18. Serenia Fantasy

Serenia is a fresh take on the Fantasy MMO-RPGs that you seem to love so much. Instead of a realistic approach, it is more creative, colorful, and lighthearted. You are playing as a hero as you travel around the world. In many aspects, it might even give you a feeling like Final Fantasy Maps. However, you’re very much in a game like Runescape.

Serenia FantasySerenia Fantasy

It allows you to create your own bots and grow the character as you like it. It is one of the most fun MMORPG you can ask for, as it is free to play.

19. Villagers And Heroes

Villagers And Heroes is another fun game that you will love on the list as it brings you a unique approach. You can be a villager and a hero. It allows you to move around and take part in various professions.

Villagers And Heroes -Best Games Like RunescapeVillagers And Heroes -Best Games Like Runescape

You can sell resources or build your house. It is very similar to Runescape and Minecraft combined. If you’re not looking for something heavily based around doing quests and combat, you might enjoy this game a lot.

20. Runes Of Magic

Runes Of Magic is like a bootleg World Of Warcraft. There are way too many similarities, but it is basically ‘What if WoW was Runescape?’ that is the entire point of this game.

Runes Of MagicRunes Of Magic

You have quests, skills, and various character customization possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is RuneScape?

Runescape was a browser-based game that later got developed into a C++ client. It is one of the trend-setters of its time to promote MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). It is set in the world of Gielinor, where you embark on a journey to become the best.


Is RuneScape Still Playable And Active?

Yes, RuneScape is still available for people to play and has an activated player-base. The game world is still fantastic and takes place on the same old map. However, we have this list of games with many more interesting options you might want to try.


Can You Find Games Like RuneScape For Xbox And Other Gaming Consoles?

Yes. Most of the games on the list can work on different consoles, as well. There are many other games like Drakensang Online as free play MMORPG for other consoles.


What Is The Basic System Requirement To Play Games Like Runescape?

Most of the games mentioned above can work with lower system requirements and don’t require too much investment. These are not hardcore, fast-paced games that would require a gaming console or high-end PC. All you need is around these specs:

  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 or Above
  • Stable internet connection
  • Around 2-5 GB of storage space
  • Direct X Video card

That’s all! These are the requirements to play the above-mentioned games smoothly; almost anyone today can have this system.



That ends the list of games like Runescape with an active player base. You can enjoy these games on your browser as each one brings you different features and a unique experience. From various questions to classes, you have a lot of options to choose from. If not, even though Runescape was released years ago, it is still one of the most active game worlds online. So go ahead and have fun!

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