Give your Style of living French Country Decor

Everyone wants to look perfect and decent. Though it is achieved by dresses, shoes, ear piercing, smiley piercing, hairstyle, or home decor or style. French country style, inspired by the French mainland, is the name of a simple and tasteful lifestyle! It combines the aesthetics of antiquity with the comforts of modern times, giving you a sense of living life with its variety. In fact, it is a combination of rural and urban lifestyles. In today’s world where we use everything with finesse, finesse, and finishing, but if the contrast is to decorate these things with a little bit of artistic style, it will have a good effect on the nature of the French country style viewers and residents. Puts.

Blue wall

Historically, in southern France, a wall was painted with distemper, a form of lime or white and available in many colors. Although the distemper is losing its significance now, if you paint a sky wall with double strokes, your room will be unique.

Colorful full ceramics

Centuries ago, pottery was used exclusively for cooking, storing, and serving guests. Today these pots are made of ceramics instead of clay. In these exquisitely polished utensils, you will find jars, jars, plates, jugs, bowls, saucers, and bowls, by decorating these utensils you will make the house attractive.

Build a terrace

Having an outdoor area is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. You can build a living room for summer outdoors with the help of terracotta or stone tiles or round stones. Enjoy the warm weather with a simple bed, a table and four chairs, a cushioned cradle, and a lounge chair.

Terra cotta tiles

Terracotta tiles are also used in French country style. In the 17th century, it was actually brass or brass-like paint, which was applied to the walls and floor in the form of polished squares. You can also apply black and white tiles like chess checkers, not in the living room or yard but in the kitchen to give a new look.

Flowers and vines

Gardens in a beautiful French country style and vines in the gardens and flowers in the vines not only act as a canopy for you but also leave a good impression on nature. You can make a pergola and cover it with flowers and bulls. If you want the light to come in, then space can be left in it. After being covered with flowers, the ‘pergola’ will give a very romantic feeling.

Quilt display

The textile designs of quilts or quilts were mostly in the form of flowers, plants, olive branches, small fruits, and bees. When placing a cloth printed with repetition of the same pattern, be sure to place a plain or one-color cloth under it, so that it will stand out. If you don’t like printed floral patterns, spread a simple but elegant fabric.

Vintage style

The combination of wood and glass in the dining room makes the table reminiscent of the nineteenth century. Around which antique chairs highlight the Parisian lifestyle. Not only will you enjoy the food but you will also be able to give your own taste.

Clock show

The light blue and gray pendulum clock placed at the entrance and the Swedish chandelier in the center makes a great combination. The blue pendulum clock catches everyone’s attention, you will be lucky if you get this kind of pendulum clock.

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