Google classroom

Many teachers are looking for tools and resources that can help them during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teachers need to make sure that students know about the assignments and the work they are supposed to complete before exams. As a result, Google Classroom has solved the problems associated with classroom management.

This article will throw light on how to use Google Classroom and why people find it useful.

What Is Google Classroom?

Before getting into details, it’s important to know a little more about Google Classroom, let’s discuss it now. You can use G Suite Education to manage all student activity too.

How to Sign In or Sign Up & Create a Class or Add Students

These steps will lead you to Sign in or Sign Up for your Google Class and creation on this platform.

Step 1 Go to this link:

You can easily log in to your class through your Gmail account or simply create a Gmail account to enter in G-Classroom. This classroom is now available for making Education easy in the pandemic situation. You can log in with normal Gmail accounts. Any person having a Google account is able to use Google Classroom now.

Step 2 Click on the “+” button in the top right corner and create your first class Afterwards click “Create class.”

If you have some classes already created, they will appear on the home screen so you can check them. For adding more classes, you can click the “+” button.

Step 3 Include information about your class

There should be a name of your class. This is the way your students come to know about your class and join it. Utilize the “section” field to distinguish between classes of the same categories. The “subject” field enables you to select from a list of class subjects or add your own.

Google classroom

All about Google Classroom Assignments

Evaluate the Student Assignments

The best way to evaluate the students is through assignments. You can provide feedback to the students and mark their grades. When you create an assignment, this platform allows you to give instructions to students along with a due date. If you include a due date for any assignment, students can submit it by 11:59 PM on that specific day to submit their work for the assignment. If any student submits the work after the due date, Google Classroom still allows to submit assignment but it shows that it was submitted late.

Add Files to Your Assignments

Another feature of the Assignments is that files can be added to the assignments you create. You can add a file from a laptop, Google Drive, YouTube Video, or any website link. For students, there is an opportunity to upload any file to your Classroom, not just Google Docs. The students can upload their work and you can directly mark their work. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can open files submitted to Classroom, even if you are not using a school computer.

Explanation with Example

For instance, you can ask the students to submit an essay in Google Classroom from any computer with an Internet connection. You can open the file on your PC or at home. Students do not need to print their work and hand it over to the teachers physically. It helps to give you ample time so that you can focus on other things. It saves time you may waste in collecting the work of all the students.

Engage Students in Discussions with the Questions Feature

  • This platform allows the user to ask questions in any class.
  • You can add files, assign a due date, and even post multiple-choice questions to test the students.
  • You can ask students to respond to the test in the classroom.
  • When the students are answering multiple choice questions, Google Classroom shows the answers to the teacher in real-time. It also indicates which student choose that option. The data is also shown when this platform shows an organized form of data.
  • The data is not tabulated when students answer a short question. It only shows the responses of the students at that time. At that moment, you can reply or comment on any of your students and grade them as much as you want.

Making Announcements for Your Students

  • This online classroom assists you in making announcements.
  • You can create an announcement in this tool.
  • Students can give a response to any announcement and you can respond back to students. The whole class can have a discussion based on one announcement in a conversation thread.
  • There is an option to add a file, video, or any link to an announcement.
  • When you want to remind something to students, announcements are a great way to do that.
  • If you need to remind me about the due date of any assignment, you can easily make an announcement in this online classroom.
  • You can schedule an announcement that can appear later any day. It enables you to teach in an organized way.


Google Classroom can help you streamline the entire course you are teaching. It also keeps the students posted and provides an engaging experience which helps in learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic and even in the post-pandemic world, this online platform will help both students and teachers to communicate effectively.