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In the race of smart home services, Google has brought a remarkable addition to Google Home. It is a platform that allows you to connect your Google Home devices and Chromecast at a single point. You can control smart devices like lights, Wifi, and sound systems with the Google Home App’s ease.

Google Home App For PC

Google Home is available on Android and iOS. However, there is no viable version available for the PC platform that certainly restricts its potential. You can still use the Chrome browser to access Chromecast to meet your requirements. Apart from that, you have to rely upon Chromecast for other services.

An Overview Of Google Home:

Google Home is similar to other smart home services like Alexa’s Echo. However, it works as a single hub to combine all of your supported devices. In simple words, if you have smart devices such as lights, fans, speakers, displays, TVs, and much more, you can connect them to Google Home.

Of course, they have to be compatible with Google Home requirements, which isn’t excessive. Through Google Home, you can create an interconnected smart home network. You don’t have to buy Google Nest or other devices, either. All you have to do is download the app on your Android and start linking the compatible devices.

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What Does it Mean?

It means you can then use your smartphone or any other device with the Google Home app to control your home without any problem thoroughly. Alternatively, you can utilize Google voice assistant to access a chain of commands and work with anything in any way you deem fit.

Furthermore, at the same time, you can access your Emails and much more. Google Home also enables you to have an easier time casting screen for music, video, or presentation from one Display or device to another. For example, if you’re streaming YouTube on your PC’s web browser, you can choose the cast option and connect to the compatible Google Home Speakers to blast the music in your house.

Overall, it is a transparent network of all the devices for ease of access without wasting too much time in setup, login, and other similar requirements.

Can You Access Google Home Through PC?

There’s one way to access Google Home via PC, that is by installing an Android emulator. It is not an illegal process. Therefore, you can download a premium or standard Android Emulator on your PC and access Google home from there.

download google home app for pc

It will grant access to the full-fledged feature of the Google Home app available on other platforms. However, it might be restricted in Google Assistant as it would work under the emulator at best and won’t operate your PC for you.

Alternatively, you can learn to use the voice command with the browser’s ‘cast’ function to have better access. However, it’s not worth the effort.

The Ease Of Google Chrome:

Google Chrome web browser brings you access to some limited features of Chrome cast on the PC. For this, you need the latest chrome version, and the same Wifi other chrome cast devices are connected to.

Google CHrome

If you use Google chrome’s cast option, you can stream to other Chromecast devices. However, you can’t control Google home. Similarly, you can’t add, customize, or modify any device on Google Home. Therefore, it is severely restrictive.

Does Voice Assistant Help?

Installing Google Voice assistant on your PC won’t enable you to access Google Home services. It certainly eases the process of using your PC, but it won’t bring you much leisure time on Google Home. Similar to Chrome’s cast option, you can access it through Google voice assistant. However, that’s all you can do with it.

google voice search in desktop chrome

Overall, the best option for you would be to use an Android emulator on the PC and install Google Home to access devices from there.

How to Use Cast On Chrome Browser?

Follow these simple steps to cast anything from your Chrome browser to Google Home devices:

  • In Chrome, open the menu that you use for new tabs or to access settings
    Open Default Chrome Settings
  • In that menu, you will find a ‘cast’ option
    cast option in chrome
  • Simply click on it, and it will begin searching for devices
  • Once it finds the device, you can connect and cast the content directly to that device

Remember that both of the devices need to be connected to the same Wifi.

What’s The Best Option to use Google Home on PC?

As mentioned above, Android Emulators like BlueStacks are the best option to use Google Home through your PC. Even then, you might come across some communication problem. There might never be a Google Home option for PCs like there haven’t been many Google apps for PCs in general.

Will Chromecast Help to use Google Home on PC?

Chromecast is a compact and entry-level device that turns your regular TV or monitor display into a smart TV to access entertainment. Your Chromecast can connect to the Google Home app, but it won’t act as a bridge to connect your PC to Google Home.

In other words, the Display will work as a part of Google Home’s devices. Apart from that, the PC, its features, files, and everything else is still marginally inaccessible. So, Chromecast can’t help you gain any form of connectivity. There’s no tangible way to bypass it either.


It’s better to accept Google Home App for what it is, a hub to organize your smart devices compatible with Google. Ergo, your PC is an entirely different platform with an Operating system and unique requirements.

Chrome’s cast option is the best you can hope for Google Home App accessibility. However, if you do decide to use an Emulator, the likelihood increases. That’s the best method to do so. All you have to do is download the emulator, then Google Home app, and use it like you would use it on an Android device.

The future is uncertain, and Google may roll out something favorable for the users to connect their PCs. Till then, these are your best and legal methods to use Google Home App for PC.

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