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There’s no doubt that Google isn’t the best at keeping things secret when it comes down to their flagship mobile phones. If you remember Google Pixel 5, countless rumours and speculations surfaced, and most of them were true. Correlatively, it hasn’t been that long. Google Pixel 5 was announced in September 2020 and launched in October of the same year. So let’s find out what will be the Google Pixel 6 release date.

Google Pixel 6 - Release Date

However, it’s just the start of 2021, and we already have a fresh surplus of Google Pixel 6 leaks. Google is so poor at keeping this a secret that we often doubt its capacity to keep us secure. Yet, we all know somewhere deep down that it might just be a marketing tactic.

So what is Google Pixel 6 going to offer? Will it be worth the wait? Let’s find out!

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Google Pixel 6: Release Date & Rumors

New frontiers are opening up for smartphones. You have multiple-camera settings. There is a fantastic array of wireless charging and true wireless support. We even received an array of foldable smartphones. Overall, 2020 was a fantastic year for gadgets. Now, it’s time for companies to expand on it. So, what can be expected?

Expectations Of New Google Pixel 6?

The New Snapdragon Processor:

Snapdragon Processor

Qualcomm released a new Snapdragon 888 for smartphones. Google Pixel 5 comes with Snapdragon 765G processor. We are most likely going to see Snapdragon 875 or 888 in the new phone. There’s no doubt about it because Google has always worked on providing us with the best processor possible.

Display And Response:

Google Pixel 6 Display

The race for the touch response has already entered the 120Hz refresh rate for high-end phones. OnePlus is the pioneer, and others are following. Google Pixel 5 already brings you 90 Hz of refresh rate. Therefore, by the latter half of the year, we may see Pixel 6 coming strong with at least 120 Hz that will become the norm by then.

You can expect the same Full HD+ support for the display with OLED in the design. There’s no doubt about this, and there wouldn’t be any changes there.

Memory And Storage:

If we talk about RAM, you can expect it to maintain the 8 GB stance or even move up to 12 GB if Google decides to offer an improved variation. As far as storage goes, we might see anything around 128GB to 256GB. There won’t be any improvements there, either. If we do get the powerful process, we might even see a drop to 6GB, but that’s highly unlikely for Google.

Camera Integration:

Google Pixel 6 Camera

It goes without saying that Google hasn’t given in to the trend of triple or quad cameras like most of the companies. You still get the dual camera, a big sell for many, during a turn-off for others. Still, Google Pixel 6 might come with a triple camera to meet up with the latest demands.

We might even see a built-in display camera for the front selfie camera. That would be an ambitious addition and one worth putting the thoughts into. Though, we might even see ultra-wide addition, as well for the rear camera. It might even come for the front camera.

Battery Life And Charging:

There’s no doubt that we will get at least the same 4,000 mAH battery. However, there could be a significant increase as many competitors are coming to 4,500 mah, at least. Therefore, we might see it utilizing a power-hungry processor. Then it will most likely move to the higher battery.

Wireless charging is going to be the norm for Google Pixel 6

Body And Design:

There are two routes that the company can take with Body and Design. We could see a potential change to the foldable phones or expect the same 6.2-inch display and body. That would keep the phone under a significant luxury and budget.

We have already seen an Aluminum and bio-resin combination with Google Pixel 5. The company might expand on it significantly and bring us something new.

Possible Release Date – Price Range And Expectation of Pixel 6

If we go by the track record of Google, it has been consistent in releasing its phones. We see them around early October (15th being the latest), for most of the time. However, Google Pixel 5 was on 30th September, which was slightly strange, but it was technically October.

Therefore, we can expect Pixel 6 to launch around October 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where Can I Buy Google Pixel Phones?

You can buy Google Pixel phones on Amazon or Google Store.


Why Could Be Google Pixel 6 Price?

Well, knowing that Google went all out with Pixel 5 and brought us the high-end choice at $999, we might see something similar. It is also possible that we will get something similar to Pixel 4A/5g choices for Pixel 6. Google might bring a little budget-friendly alternative at the $700 mark for the phone.


Is Google Pixel 4 Still Worth It?

Yes. Google Pixel 4 still matches or surpasses many mid-range phones. Even Pixel 3 is still a worthy addition. You can never go wrong with either of these.



Many future brands are going to get into the race of next-generation phones. However, we might expect Google Pixel 6 to remain quite steady in its approach. Despite all the leaks, it’s almost as if Google is never worried about the competition. It still brings you the best in class choices that remain future proof for years to time. Either way, everything is still up for speculation for the future flagship and its features.

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