Australian visa 485

The Temporary Graduate Visa is a type of visa for international students to study in Australia. The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 will only be provided to the overseas students when they complete 2-years of study in Australia. It can also last from 18-month to 4-years, as it will depend entirely on your situation.

This particular visa stands out as an excellent option because it will help you extend your stay within the nation. Doing so will increase your chances to obtain a provisional or permanent visa. When preparing and making the Visa Subclass 485, you need to be present in Australia. The visa contains two streams, such as Post-Study Work Stream and Graduate Work Stream.

Important information COVID-19 and Subclass 485

When you are enrolled with an Australian education provider and you are impacted by COVID-19, the eligibility for the Post-Study Work Stream will be relaxed. If you are a graduate student and affected by the travel confinements, you can apply for the temporary graduate visa 485, even when you are outside Australia.

You will also receive additional time to provide your English-language test score when you cannot take the test in your birth country due to COVID-19. Apart from that, extra time is also provided for health check-ups and biometrics collection, if COVID-19 has stopped access to the services.

Who are eligible for the Subclass Visa 485?

To become eligible for the Temporary Graduate Visa, you need to provide your English proficiency test score because it’s a part of the visa application. You opt for IELTS or International English Language Testing System. Australia has many IELTS centres from where you can take the English test with no issues. You need to score 6 or 5 in all the bands. You can also go for Occupational English Test, Cambridge (CAE), Pearson (PTE Academics), and TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test). if you belong from New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, or the UK.

Subclass 485: Eligibility Criteria

The most basic criteria for the two streams of this particular visa are given below. Take a look!

  • You are required to be under the age of 50.
  • You need to meet all the English-language demands.
  • Must meet the needs for ASR or Australian Study Requirements.
  • You must graduate from a CRICOS course.
  • You need to nominate one stream only.
  • Need to provide all the specific evidence when applying for the visa.

The Checklist

The 485 Visa Checklist is highly important for all interested candidates or students. The DOHA or Department of Home Affairs has prepared a checklist, which will help you learn the types of documents you need to provide for this particular visa. It will be compulsory that you go through the entire checklist and then prepare your visa application, according.

If you do not know where to start from, you can contact the highly-qualified Migration Agent Adelaide to receive proper assistance and guidance regarding the visa application. They will provide you with complete information on the documents and how to prepare them.

The processing time and the estimated fees

The average cost for the 485-subclass visa starts from $1500. Also, 485 Visa Processing Time will depend entirely on the type of stream you have. The Graduate Work Stream has a processing time of 75% for 6 months and 90% for 7 months. On the other hand, the Post-Study Work Stream carries a processing time of 75% for 3 months and 90% for 5 months.

How will the immigration agents help you?

The professional and qualified Immigration Agent Adelaide provides a diverse range of services. They will prevent you from experiencing any confusion and stress during the application process. Whether you want some advice or wish to manage your application on your own, the agents will provide you with the assistance you need on visa-related work.

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Important requirements that you need to fulfill

Apart from all the other documents, you also need to conduct a police check. You will find this under the form of AFP or Australian Federal Police Certificate. If you fail to provide this document during the visa application process, your application will get refused or rejected. Another document you need to provide is health insurance. You need to provide your health insurance, and it covers the length of your stay within the nation. If you are on a study visa and covered by OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover, you are permitted to apply for the visa.

Final words!

The subclass 485 visa is a popular visa among international students. Make sure to follow the correct steps when applying for this visa. You can also take the help of professionals to avoid unwanted mistakes or issues during the visa process.