Tips for Avoiding and Treating Back Pain

Most cases of back discomfort are brought on by strained muscles. Muscle strain and ligament damage may have a substantial negative impact on the back. The advice in the following article will help you...
Food (1)

Is Whey Protein Better than Food Protein ?

When you first start coming to the gym, you may hear people say “protein” more frequently. Protein, in fact, is a micronutrient that is required for muscle growth. It is a crucial nutrient that should...
Shea butter

Amazing Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin

A seed fat that comes from the shea tree is called shea butter. Tropical Africa's east and west are home to the shea tree. Two oily kernels found inside the shea tree seed are...
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NGOs distribute pads and carry out massive sensitization campaign in Kaduna state

The 28th of May 2022 witnessed the collaboration of Unique Care Initiative with Marvellous Nnaji Foundation to mark the WORLD MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY 2022. Over 150 young girls from several locations and LGAs across Kaduna...
How you can prevent your loved ones from mental health issue

How You Can Prevent Mental Illness?

Mental health is a hot topic right now, and people have started to consider it a serious issue. In this world of digitalization, cases of people suiciding because of depression and anxiety are increasing...

The benefits of a detoxifying cure in spring

What is a detoxifying cure? The detoxifying cure would "rid" the body of toxins that it has accumulated due to food and environmental factors. During the winter, our food tends to be less healthy, there...
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My World Oral Health Day 2022 Outreach: An URGENT call to greater action.

We had an amazing time at the ERELU ADEBAYO CHILDREN HOME, Iyin Ekiti on March 19, 2022, celebrating 'The World Oral Health Day' We taught the children the appropriate tooth brushing technique and gave them...
Sleep disorder

Sleep Disorders: Causes, Therapies and Self-help

"Having trouble falling asleep, not staying asleep, snoring, walking up and down with tingling legs, dozing off several times during the day - sleep problems have numerous causes" Scientists are constantly gathering new insights into...

Anxiety might interfere with one’s day-to-day activities.

Anxiety affects many people in many ways. Even if it never completely vanishes, new ways of dealing with it may emerge. Following that, we'll have a look at a few different anxiety control approaches. Improving your...
Modafresh a more concentrated and intense workout

Modafresh: A More Concentrated and Intense Workout

The utilization of Modafresh will support your rec center execution and fixation while likewise eliminating muscle consuming and further developing sharpness. Modafresh can likewise be depicted as an enemy of anxiolytics. Figure out more...