Sleep disorder

Sleep Disorders Caused by Lifestyle and Shift Work

Those who let themselves be ruled by everyday life don't sleep well. Noise, jet lag and shift work also affect the night's sleep. Our life follows an internal clock based on the change between day...
Would prp facelift tighten loose skin under the chin

Do PRP facelift tighten cause double chin?

Do PRP facelift tighten cause double chin? Degeneration of the double chin occurs as we grow older and our skin loses its elasticity. For some of us, it may be genetic. The extra layer of...
Food (1)

Is Whey Protein Better than Food Protein ?

When you first start coming to the gym, you may hear people say “protein” more frequently. Protein, in fact, is a micronutrient that is required for muscle growth. It is a crucial nutrient that should...
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NGOs distribute pads and carry out massive sensitization campaign in Kaduna state

The 28th of May 2022 witnessed the collaboration of Unique Care Initiative with Marvellous Nnaji Foundation to mark the WORLD MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY 2022. Over 150 young girls from several locations and LGAs across Kaduna...
Make your home a wellness oasis

Make Your Home a Wellness Oasis

If you're one of the millions of people working from home, it's essential to create a productive and relaxing space. Luckily, you can do simple things to turn your home office into a wellness oasis....
Physiotherapist In Lahore At Home

Physiotherapist In Lahore At Home

The Role Of Sports Physiotherapist In Lahore At Home Physiotherapy has always been one of the best methods of treatment. It ensures long-lasting recovery and plays a great part in rehabilitation and a sense of...
Varicose veins

Latest Treatment Methods For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common condition that can cause pain and discomfort. Although there is no cure for varicose veins, there are several treatment options available. In this article, we will discuss the latest...
How to recognize and treat eye injuries

How To Recognize And Treat Eye Injuries?

On the occasion of a shock, while practicing sports or even at home, eye injuries are frequent. It depends on their mechanism and the energy involved at the time of impact. While most are...
Speech-language Pathologist

Role Of Speech-language Pathologist In A Rehabilitation Team

Is speech therapy really a big part of rehabilitation? A lot of people are of the view that speech therapy is not entirely necessary. They believe that speech disorders can easily be eradicated with...
Eating disorder

Eating Disorders: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What are eating disorders? Eating disorders are serious medical conditions that need to be treated. The thoughts of those affected often revolve around the topics of food, body, and weight. Eating disorders can take many...