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Is it possible to hide apps on iPhone? Of course! Sometimes app privacy matters to protect your data from intruders. No doubt, the iPhone comes with tons of impressive features; unfortunately, it lacks the most valuable feature that hides the app on your iPhone screen.

How to Hide Apps On iPhone

Thankfully, with these new smart suggestions for apps, you can hide your apps in your iPhone so that others won’t steal your private data. Let’s not yell out here anymore; read the article below to find interesting ways to hide the app on your iPhone.

3 Ways to Hide Your Apps on iPhone:

Here we listed 3 possible ways we can use to hide apps on the iPhone. Go through the below mentioned methods and lemme know if you find any other easy to hide apps in the comment section.

1. iPhone Search Option

That’s true; you can hide your valuable apps on your iPhone by using the searching options. Simply follow these steps, and you’re done with it.

  • First, open the iPhone’s setting by tapping the “setting” icon on the screen.
    iPhone General Settings
  • Now tap over the “Siri & Search” option in the setting.
    Siri and Search Settings on iPhone
  • Now scroll down the section of the apps and select the app that you want to hide.
  • Once you tapped on the application that you wish to hide, the iPhone will show some options. You need to “Toggle off” all the three options to hide your app.

So, here you go, your application will be hidden now. Your iPhone screen will pretend that the app you hide is not available on your devices anymore. Moreover, you’ll not be able to find the searching feature, too, and you’ll not receive any notification regarding this app.

What if You Want to Unhide The App Again?

Hiding the app will be fine, but what if you wish to unhide the app again? Would you need to juggle for it? Absolutely not! Unhiding is as simple as hiding the app; simply, you need to go back to the “Siri & Search” option in the setting and then click on the app that you previously used. Once again, “Toggle On” all the options again. Here, your app is now visible to you again. Isn’t it enough for you to hide your app? Then let’s check our other way to hide the applications on the iPhone.

2. Hide the Apps on Your iPhone Using Smart Suggestions?

Well, this smart suggestion is one of the favorite features on iOS to hide the applications. We know that the widget screen uses Siri’s intelligence to suggest or predict the apps or any other shortcut suggestions based upon your usage.

But the thing that is interruptive is, we also receive the suggestions of the apps which we don’t use too often or rarely use. If you do not want to receive the suggestion anymore, you can follow the steps to hide the app from being suggested over your screen by the smart Suggestions.

  • Press the app icon which you like to hide from the suggestions and hold it.
    app icon on iphone
  • You will find some pop-up over the screen with some options. Tap on the Don’t suggest “with the app name.” You will see a pop-up message on the iPhone screen.
  • Next, you need to tap over the red option that says, “Don’t Suggest “app name.” Your iPhone will take a couple of seconds to respond.
    Hide the Apps on Your iPhone

Congratulations! You’ve hidden the app from being suggested by the Smart Suggestions. Not to worry, your app is still on your iPhone, simply it’s not going to pop-up on your widget screen anymore.

The list is still not done here because we have many more options to hide your app on your iPhone.

3. How to Hide Apps with The App Library?

If you cannot hide your application with the options mentioned above, don’t worry, we have another option for you. Have you ever noticed the App library on your iPhone? The iPhone’s upcoming model has an App library that helps hide your app from popping over your screen.

Here, merely you need to follow the steps to hide the app in the iPhone App library.

  • Tap over the App library.
    App library on iphone
  • Scroll down the apps that you wish to hide.
  • Press and hold the icon; the menu will be pop-up. Tap on remove or move the app.
  • Tap on the second option that appears on the screen move to the app library

The particular app will be hidden in the iPhone app library.

What If You Makeup the Mind to Unhide the Application?

Fortunately, your hidden app is still in the “App library.” If you make up your mind to unhide it again, you can add it back to your main screen by tapping over the app library. Hold the icon, and then the option will appear to move the app on the screen. Last but not least, moving on to other options to hide your application.

Here’s How to Do It with App Folders

Hiding the app from the iPhone with app folders is still the best way. If you don’t want to fill the first page of the screen with irrelevant apps, follow these steps.

  • Select the folder that already presents on your iPhone screen, or you can create a wholly new app folder.
  • Press and hold the icon of the app till the “Action Menu” appear on the screen.
  • Now, select the “edit home screen” option on the screen.

Hold and drag the application that you wish to hide into the selected folder. Then drag the app to the right side. This will help to place this folder on the second page of the folder. However, if you wish to hide the app deep in the folder, you can create numerous pages or 12 pages and hide the app on the twelfth page.


Summing up our list of ways to hide the apps on the iPhone. Even though the iPhone prioritizes the apps’ security, it still misses the most valuable option that allows you to hide the app on the screen. So, now you have these options that help to hide the apps. I hope these ways sort out app hiding issues to an extent.

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