Burmese Ruby

One of the world’s most valuable and rare jewels called the Burmese Ruby is produced in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. This magnificent jewel has a rare brilliance and aura. The Burma Ruby has a splendor of red fluorescence making it appear mysterious and unmatched by any other precious stone. Burmese Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones, and the price of Burma Ruby gemstone increases as its carat size increases.

Historical background of the Burmese Ruby

Burmese Rubies are the most prized rubies and are found in what is now known as Myanmar. These rubies are much higher grade and have a red, more alluring hue than rubies from other regions.

What makes the Burmese Ruby authentic?

The Burmese Ruby’s distinctive color and texture are the most important characteristics that define or characterize it. Natural Burmese rubies with the tiniest hint of blue hue are extremely rare.
A genuine Burmese Ruby has flawless cuts all around and vivid red tones. The most typical ruby forms are often round or cushion-shaped.
The Burmese Ruby’s price and genuineness can be determined by even the tiniest inclusions. The tiniest threadlike inclusions are what distinguish genuine Burmese rubies from imitations.

How to determine if the ruby is a real Burmese Manik gem?

Check for its hardness
Genuine Burmese Rubies have a high degree of hardness resistance. Ruby cannot be scratched by anything. Therefore, if a scratch from any item is visible on the ruby, it is not a genuine, authentic Burmese Ruby gemstone.

The rub test
Because rubies naturally resist abrasion, their color structure doesn’t have to change. You can tell if a Burmese Rubies is real by rubbing it against anything like glass. The genuine Burmese Ruby cannot be identified if a tincture of color shade is found to have been omitted.

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How to get benefitted from natural Burmese Ruby stone’s astrological benefits?

One of the best stones, the Burmese Rubies carries several astrological traits. The following guidelines must be followed if one wants to get the best results from it.

The Burmese Ruby produces its greatest benefits when worn with gold or silver.

The most advantageous weight while wearing is thought to be between 3 and 6 carats.

The best results come from wearing the ruby stone during Shukla Paksha. Rinse it in holy water and perform a sun god prayer before putting it on. Reciting the Surya mantra before donning the Burmese Rubies enhances its energy and brings immediate effects on the wearer. Worshiping Lord Surya and periodically bathing the Burmese Ruby in holy water and unpasteurized milk according to the prescribed technique increases the stone’s potency.

Original Burmese Manik gemstone’s impact on its wearer

The Burma stone ruby helps the wearer maintain mental equilibrium and gives them mental fortitude. Sun, the stone’s patron deity, promotes and strengthens paternal bonds. No matter what line of work a person is in, displaying this gemstone makes them well-known in their field of work.

Final thoughts

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