Hit or Miss: Instagram’s Shop and Twitter’s Fleets [Social Media Analysis]


Many digital changes have taken place in light of the current pandemic, which saw brands and businesses shift their focus towards staying relevant and online.

Two of social media’s biggest giants, Instagram and Twitter, have had quite a year of changing themselves with a number of updates on each platform. But two have caught the attention of many online users around the world: Instagram Shop and Twitter Fleets.

With many mixed feelings towards these two new changes, Meltwater, the global leader in media intelligence, tracked and analyzed social media platform data to unpack whether or not these two new features from the platforms are a hit or miss among its users.

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Hit or Miss: Shops on Instagram

When Instagram announced that it would be launching Shops onto its platform, it was in an effort to help businesses shift their models, sell online and ultimately adapt to the effects of COVID-19.

Since the announcement was made on 19 May 2020, there have been 9 000 global social media mentions on ‘Instagram shops’, although there were already talks of Instagram extending its shopping feature in January 2020.

From the start of the year, there have been over 12 000 global social media mentions on Instagram launching this feature, with the first big spike in mentions occurring during the month of May 2020 when Shops was announced. ‘Instagram shop’ had a total social reach of 12.6 Million on social media globally.

Online mentions on ‘Instagram shop’ peaked again during July 2020 when Instagram made updates to its platform that included adding post-caption shopping tags. With over 2 000 social media mentions, 20 Million people engaged with mentions on ‘Instagram shop’.

In September 2020, ‘Instagram shop’ had its highest social reach across the globe – 33.3 Million. This was the month when more updates were introduced to the platform, including tests that were made for adding the shortcuts to the Reels and Shop tab. There was high global interest from online users of the platform, and soon enough, feelings were shared about the many updates that Instagram introduced.

Hit or miss instagram shopand twitter

Global Social Volume (blue) vs Social Reach (green) on ‘Instagram Shop’ from 1 January 2020 to 25 November 2020

Overall, mixed feelings about the new updates as well as the Shop feature have been shared across the world since it was announced on 19 May 2020. With 60.4% of online users not yet decided on how to feel, 24.8% feel positive about the new feature and the positive role it seems to be playing for a number of online, small businesses. 14.7% of users, however, don’t like the new feature and updates that have been made to Instagram. From frustrations around how people see notifications to the overall algorithm, not everyone is too happy about Instagram these days.

2 hit or miss instagram shopand twitter

Global Sentiment Analysis on ‘Instagram shop’ on Social Media from 19 May 2020 to 25 November 2020

Some of the top trending themes on ‘Instagram shop’ include:

  • ‘Toe knuckles’ which refers to this Reddit discussion on what not to buy on Instagram Shops
  • ‘Marketing and sales efforts’ and ‘Direct Sales’ refers to the role that Instagram Shops have played so far in Marketing and Sales.
  • ‘High-quality content’ refers to the need to still produce content that is visually appealing when it comes to Instagram Shop

3 hit or miss instagram shopand twitter

Global Trending Themes on Social Media for ‘Instagram Shop’ between 1 January and 25 November 2020

Hit or Miss: Twitter’s Fleets

When Twitter officially launched and rolled out, on 17 November 2020, its own version of a short-form photo or video content that would only be available to view for 24 hours, online users were quick to share their own ‘fleeting’ thoughts about the new feature.

However, this is not the first time that Fleets have been mentioned on social media. In March 2020, Twitter confirmed that it would be testing out a new feature that was similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories which was rolled out in Brazil. More than 63 000 social media mentions were recorded during March, and ‘Fleets’ garnered a total social reach of 752 Million worldwide.

In June 2020, Fleets was made available in South Korea and India, and over 11 000 social media mentions were recorded, with a total global social reach of 380 Million. From 1 November to date, the data has already recorded more than 60 000 social media mentions, with a total social reach of 1.66 Billion.

4 hit or miss instagram shopand twitter

Global Social Volume (blue) vs Social Reach (green) on ‘Fleets’ from 1 January 2020 to 25 November 2020

Overall, people also have mixed feelings about Twitter’s new Fleets feature. While 72.4% of online users have neutral feelings towards the feature, 17% don’t like Fleets and have expressed how it feels like a copycat to Instagram Stories and provides no real value to their Twitter experience.

10.6% of users, however, like Fleets and enjoy sharing content, such as TikTok videos, to Fleets for their followers to see. Users have also experienced how they like Fleets because of how it has become a good way of starting conversations with other users.

5 hit or miss instagram shopand twitter

Global Sentiment Analysis on Social Media for ‘Fleets’ between 1 January and 25 November 2020

 Since being officially rolled out to all Twitter users worldwide, some of the trending themes on social media for Twitter’s ‘Fleets’ include:

  • ‘IG stories’ which refers to users seeing Fleets as very similar to Instagram’s Stories feature
  • ‘Effort to conceptualize’ which refers to this Twitter influencer’s tweet about Fleets and jokingly mentions how original the feature is
  • ‘Twitter product roadmap’ which refers to online users sharing their versions of what Twitter could be launching next

6 hit or miss instagram shopand twitter

Global Trending Themes on Social Media for Twitter’s ‘Fleets’ from 1 November to 25 November 2020

So, which one was a hit or miss?

While users have expressed their frustration with the latest Instagram updates, the data shows how people feel slightly more positively about Shop, and what it can do for small businesses during a time when digital transformation and pivoting to online platforms were key to survival. Instagram Shop may not be a total hit but it does show some promise and potential when considering how people feel about the feature.

In terms of Twitter, Fleet’s has most certainly caught the attention of many online users but all in all, online users aren’t too excited with the feature, which, to them, feels like another version of a feature already in place. Fleets, on the other hand, is not a total miss with social media users but users aren’t too thrilled about the lack of originality of the feature either.

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Source: Data gathered by Meltwater from 1 January 2020 to 25 November 2020.

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