How to get hive social media app

There is news about a new social media app surfacing on the app stores for you to download. Hive Social app grew popular overnight with a surge of over 150,000 users that crashed the server. However, it seems like this new social media app is here to stay, and it is only going to get better from here on. So let’s find out what is exactly Hive Social Media App.

What Is Hive Social Media App

So, what is Hive, and why is it becoming so popular? What led it to become trending as #1 or falling among the top 10 social media apps? Let’s find out:

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Hive Social Media App: Review In a Nutshell

Interestingly enough, the app has existed since 2019. However, it remained quite unknown for the majority of it. There was no significance until the CEO Kassandra decided to pay for its promotion on Instagram. As a result, another person, 1DPsychic, decided to promote it for free as well. The two well-followed influencers led to remarkable notice from the people. As a result, more and more people started to go in.

The Meme Trend:

Of course, the social media app crashed because it wasn’t built to sustain such a high number of users. However, it is going to return, and this time, it will stay. With the newfound popularity, the Hive social media app also received many people creating memes on it.

Most of these memes focused on people not knowing what Hive was but still making profiles. It was due to the popularity or due to peer pressure. Other people just made memes on its crash while others joked on ‘Oh Good, another social media app,’ sarcasm.

What Is Hive Social Media App?

Think of Hive as a hybrid of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. More importantly, it is more of a nostalgic social media platform. In other words, if you miss social media from around 10 years ago, this is the platform for you. For example, there aren’t any annoying algorithms, and you don’t have to worry about advertisements.

hive social media app

Truth be told, Facebook and Instagram have grown too big to monopolize the social media app. As a result, people didn’t have anywhere else to go. But Hive is a game-changer. It is like a ‘democratic’ revolution in the social media battles.

A Little Look Inside Hive:

First of all, there are two different sections for feed. There is a text feed similar to Twitter, and then you have photos and videos feed similar to Instagram. However, unlike those, you get a chronological order of the posts. Yes, the good old chronological order that all of us missed.

Apart from that, Hive Social allows you to monetize your content immediately. What does it mean? Well, Instagram requires you to have at least 10,000 followers before you can start sharing links on Stories and feeds. More importantly, you can only share links on the Website URL of your profile and whatnot. It isn’t straightforward.

Hive Apps

You also have to interlink it with Facebook to really make it work. Hive doesn’t have any of this ‘BS.’ It keeps things straightforward and clean. Like good old social media, you can start posting links anywhere. You can post pictures, images, videos, links almost anywhere across the platform, and that’s what makes it great.

In short, Hive Social App is a nostalgic trip that brings you everything you missed about the conventional social platforms we once knew. Looking at it, you realize how much things have changed over time.

How To Get the Hive Social App?

To get the app, you need an Apple iPhone. That’s right! Much like Clubhouse, the app is currently available for iOS users. However, according to the CEO, they are releasing the Android app soon, now that it is a popular choice among people. So, we might see it arriving soon.

How to Get Hive Social Media App

That’s all you need. After that, you download it, signup, make a profile, and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can You Add Music To Hive Profile?

Yes. Hive has the good old feature of allowing users to add profile music, which will play when someone visits your profile. Furthermore, you can add more songs, but you would have to pay for them, which is a fair deal.


Do You Need To Pay To Use A Hive?

No. Hive is free for users to use. You don’t have to pay for promoting your content either. However, as conventional, there aren’t many advertisement and marketing tools available on the platform.


Is Hive Worth Downloading?

It is becoming a viral sensation. As we know from the social media viral trends, you can expect them to stick around for a long time. With the recent meme trends and news, Hive Social App is here to stay. Hence, it is worth downloading.


Does Hive Link All Social Media Together?

No. Hive is a standalone social networking app. It doesn’t link to any other social media. Of course, it is bound to work cross-platform as the bare minimum an app needs to do. There are other apps available for linking and handling all social media apps together.



If you miss old social media and think that Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter has lost their way, Hive is a perfect choice for you. It is a new social networking website that is going to stay for a long time. It also brings you a chance to restart once again.

If you failed to grow on other social networking apps, this is the one that can be a gamechanger. There’s no doubt that Hive will attract many users, and soon, it will become the next big thing. Before that happens, you should certainly download the app and reap its early benefits.

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