Seo reseller packages

Are you facing issues finding affordable SEO reseller packages? Then here we are to help you with it. Below is the four-step procedure to find the best package. As an agency, you may want to boost your sales and earn more. No need to say no to high-end clients. Because you can easily provide advanced services with a reseller program. So let’s find out how to find the best and most affordable SEO reseller packages for your agency.

What Are SEO Reseller Packages?

Do you know everything about SEO reseller packages? Small SEO agencies can’t provide high-end SEO services. They have clients but they lack services. In such situations, small agencies can sell the SEO packages of big agencies. Small agencies will earn margins or commissions selling SEO resellers packages.

STEP 1: Search For Agencies

The first step to finding reseller packages is to search for the best agencies. There are many agencies available globally. Don’t choose the first agency that you see. Try to search for more agencies. Make a list of agencies that offer reseller packages.

White Label Agencies

White-label agencies are the best options for you. There are many white-label agencies providing reseller programs. It is good to sell reseller programs under your brand name. This opportunity can only be grabbed from white-label agencies. Make a list of top white-label agencies offering reseller packages.

Agencies With No Reseller Program

There are some agencies with no reseller programs. Do you see an opportunity here? No? But there is an opportunity. You can ask those agencies to give you a reseller program membership. These agencies with no reseller options can give you more margins and commissions.

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STEP 2: Compare Services & Packages

Now comes the second step in this list. The second step is to check the services and packages. List down all the services and packages these white label agencies provide and let’s compare them.

Types Of Packages

Look for the type of packages those agencies are providing. Now list down your requirements. Maybe your clients or customers want specific packages. Rather than just picking any random package, try to choose the agency which has relevant SEO plans for your customer base. A comparison will help you decide easily.

Scalable Services

While searching for SEO reseller packages, always check the scalability of the white label agency. Check whether an agency is capable to serve high-end clients or not. It is not good to join a reseller program of an agency, which cannot scale accordingly.

STEP 3: Compare Pricing

Now let’s check the pricing of the white label agencies’ packages. Pricing is important always. You must check the pricing from two different perspectives. The first one is your perspective and the other is your customer’s perspective. Let’s break down to make it easy for you.

Affordable Or Not?

Always check for affordability. Whether SEO reseller packages are affordable for customers or not. You may have small businesses and big enterprises as your customers. Both of them will have different budgets. And they will always buy affordable SEO plans.

Reseller Margin & Commissions?

As a reseller, you will sell the package and will earn on a margin and commission basis. Compare all the white label agency’s reseller programs. Which reseller program can give you more earning opportunities?

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STEP 4: Choose The Best One

Now after all kinds of research and comparison, it is time to choose the best one for you. But still, there are a few things to check about agencies before you sell their SEO reseller packages.

Check For Reputation

The reputation of that white-label agency is important. It won’t be available for your clients, but it seems important for you as a reseller.

Terms & Conditions

Always check the terms & conditions for the reseller program you are joining. Whether they are asking for advance payments or securities? Everything should be checked.

Let’s Summarize!

SEO reseller packages are easy to find, but it takes time to find the best agencies for these packages. Practicing all the above-mentioned four steps will lead you towards success. You will successfully find the best agency for you. A good agency will always try to provide quality service to your customers. Agencies should be service-oriented rather than sales-oriented.