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In this competitive world, people are always on the lookout for unparalleled techniques that can make their company stand out amongst others. Traditional methods might be effective to a certain extent but to survive in this rat race, adopting new technologies is of utmost importance.

Technology is dynamic and always brings something new to the table. Websites and mobile applications with advanced features are being introduced to enhance customer experience and engagement that consequently leads to a significant boost in businesses. Integrating Real-time communication features into your platform is the best way to do so.

Live Chat uses

What is Real-Time Communication?

For a business to be successful, it is essential to maintain clear and constant communication between buyers and sellers. This creates a personalized experience for customers and sellers can understand the requirements of buyers.

Real-time communication is a simultaneous exchange of information where two parties can interact with each other without any transmission delays. This can be done through video calls, audio calls, and Chat.

Chat, Video, or Voice call benefit in personalizing the sessions and save buyers from tripping out. Additionally, these real-time communication features increase customer engagement and help to build long term relationships with customers or users.

Real-time features benefit various industries such as healthcare, dating and matrimonial, eCommerce, education, etc.

In the healthcare industry, these features are being used for teleconsultation, in the e-commerce industry these features deliver the real data to users for placing orders and updating them on the transport of the orders placed.

Hence to make a business successful, it is vital for a business to have an application with real-time features enabled in it.

How can Real-Time Communication be used to amplify a business?

Here is how real-time communication can be added to apps or website to boost sales:

Video / Audio Calls

Video/Audio calls have taken the market by storm, especially after the world was hit by the pandemic. They have successfully replaced the need for physical interaction.

Through video calling, top-notch customer service can be offered especially in domains where real-time two-way communication is required.

A real-time solution with video and audio call functionality when being offered to customers allows them to get connected to a brand at any given time without stepping out of their comfort zones.

It enables customers to clear their issues, doubts, or queries. This can shorten the process of customer service in the most effective way. With the help of the video calling feature, there would be a clear cut communication, leaving no room for any kinds of ambiguities.


Another important aspect of real-time communication is chat. Instant texting can prompt customers to engage with buyers in real-time. Buyers can send real-time messages regarding the benefits of their products while the sellers can clear their doubts about the same.

It can be made innovative by adding additional and updated features like reading receipts, emoticons, typing indicators, online social presence indicators, and media sharing. This can reinforce user engagement and positive customer experience.

The customers can feel a sense of reliability and trust when their doubts and queries are solved at once. The media sharing feature can help introduce newer products and commodities as per the customer’s previous purchases.

Be it 1-1 chat or group messaging, a reliable chat solution helps in building a sustainable user base and generating good customer satisfaction levels.

Integrating Chat SDKs and APIs into your platform allows you to build an engaging real-time chat experience and increase customer engagement hence retention.


A rich and engaging chat solution can take your business to a newer level of success. chat solutions can help you enhance customer experience and engagement hence leading to high conversion rates.

Build a scalable messaging platform with’s simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable APIs and Web-hooks and upgrade your business.

Here are some of the features of the chat solution offered by

  • 1-to-1 and Group Messaging
  • Video and Voice Calling
  • Smart Push Notifications
  • Meta-messages
  • Delivery & Read Receipts and much more!

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