Pre-engineering College

Pre-engineering College

What? You are a night owl and facing difficulty in attending early morning class? Pre-engineering college is the institute with the most strict class schedule. 

If you are late, the teacher will not allow you to sit in the class. No need to worry, I am writing this article just to provide you with comfort. 

Read the article carefully and from now onwards no class will be missed. You’ll be on time and awake during your lecture.

Shocked? Please do not be, you are not dreaming this is real, from now onwards you’ll be on time in every class just follow the below-given points and enjoy your life.

  • Do not try to look cute for the class
  • Avoid too much Coffee at night
  • Set Multiple alarms
  • Prepare Everything a night before
  • Try to go to sleep early
  • Never Miss morning coffee and breakfast
  • Makeup Sleep Environment

Do not try to look cute for the class:

Personality plays an important role in grooming your character. But, if you want to avail yourself of the opportunity to attend the 8 am lecture being a night owl then you should stop focusing on looking cute. Because when you want to look cute it means you have to spend a lot of time on yourself. 

This is what you can’t afford when you are waking up at 7.30 for an 8 am lecture. So the 1st step to take your early morning class for fsc pre-engineering is to stop focusing on your looks before college.

Keep in mind that I am not saying to not focus on your looks, you can but keep this pending till the end of your early morning class. This will save a lot of time and you can avail your lecture.

Avoid Too Much Coffee at night

Are you a coffee lover? Unfortunately, it is bad news for you. As we all know we drink coffee because it helps us to keep our eyes open for a long time. If you’ll have coffee before bed then there is no chance of early sleep, you have to see your fan revolving in your room or counting stars if you are sleeping outside. I know it sounds funny but it is the fact. So, avoid having coffee before going to bed. By this routine, you can have your early morning lecture with consistency.

Set multiple Alarms:

Can you wake up in the morning without alarms? If yes you are a legend. I can’t wake up without the alarm, even a single alarm is unable to disturb my sleep. This is the reason I set multiple alarms to keep myself on time. Follow this step, do not rely on a single alarm if you don’t want to miss your class in pre-engineering college.  Always set multiple alarms because with multiple alarms the possibility of your awakening increases to maximum level. An awakening possibility is directly proportional to the availability of your class. 

Prepare Everything before Sleep:

For some people like me, it is quite a challenging task to prepare our things the night before. But believe me, by following this routine I haven’t missed any early morning class in my pre-engineering college. When you know that everything you need in the morning is prepared you’ll sleep with concentration. The happiness you’ll feel by seeing everything ready in the morning is phenomenal and it will save a lot of your time. This step is very beneficial and by following this you’ll be in the early morning class before your professor.

Try To go for Early Sleep:

All of the above discussion is to convince you to have early sleep. Going to bed earlier will help you to wake up early. Try not to stick with your mobile phone or laptop if you want to have early sleep. Have you ever heard this quote?

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”

Never Miss your Morning Coffee and Breakfast:

I hope you’ve decided to wake up early in the morning to avail yourself of the opportunity of early morning class pre-engineering college and never miss your morning coffee and your breakfast. If you want to keep going for your routine, morning coffee and a healthy breakfast are a must. This will help you be energetic and you’ll have your best day to spend.

Make up Your Sleep Environment:

Memorized all of the above points? Congratulations, no more missing classes, no more short attendance. Wait let me give you a warning. If you are not following this point all of the above-given cautions will be in vain. Because if you have made up your mind to be in bed early and do not have a proper environment for sleep, you won’t be able to sleep and you’ll miss your class in pre-engineering college.


Follow all the above-given steps and say no to missing early morning classes in pre-engineering college. All of the points will help you set up your daily routine to maintain proper sleep. This routine is not just to avail your classes of fsc pre engineering but, by following this you can avail everything in your life.