Ready-mix Concrete
Ready-mix Concrete

In the olden days, ready-mix concrete producers’ success depended on the availability of construction resources. Those who owned the resources owned the market. However, with technology coming in, there has been a fundamental shift from construction resources being the dominant factor in industrial expansion through technology.

Advanced technologies can reduce the industry’s conventional processes. With modern tools, concrete-mix manufacturers can reduce the operating cost of the entire supply chain.

Imagine what the job site would look like today without power tools! We would still be cutting boards and drilling holes by hand, or the building would only be a few stories tall without an elevator. The advancements in technology have driven the ready-mix concrete industry forward. It has made the site safer, and workers have become more efficient with increased productivity, collaboration, and successful tackling of complex projects.

This blog highlights how technology shapes the concrete industry. We will examine the impactful tech trends transforming the ready-mix concrete industry.

The Wireless Revolution

Manufacturers now provide customers with real-time production and delivery data. Fetching data from various software for accounting, inventory management, and quality control to have more accurate insights. It allows for quicker communication with each concrete delivery and efficient operation. Digital records reduce the use of paper.

By collecting real-time data, producers and customers remain free from time-consuming traditional methods and errors.

Intelligent Equipment

Adding sensors to plant equipment and GPS to ready-mix trucks provides accurate and timely information. Strength gauge has changed the understanding of curing and the concrete life cycle. However, all such gadgets remain meaningful only if we translate the data into actionable information.

Augmented GPS, a combination of onsite base stations and satellites, can geofence the site and allow autonomous equipment to move around the area with precision and accuracy.

The benefits of adopting new technology in the ready-mix concrete industry, such as robots, drones, or self-controlled equipment within the next decade will increase. New workers will be efficiently operating this technology. Also, new workers will be expected to use this technology to perform their jobs.

Producers who prefer to invest in modern-age equipment must also commit to adopting the new processes to gain maximum benefits. For example, collecting truck diagnostics will only be helpful with incorporating the data into the maintenance plan.

New technology is undoubtedly necessary, but it involves hard work to unleash its potential by redefining the practices; otherwise, the investment is a waste.

Digitization of Core Function

Experts suggest that construction is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and is likely to grow remarkably in the coming years.

Ready-mix concrete manufacturers must move quickly and reallocate their workforce to production tasks to meet the demands of the construction industry.

Manufacturers will find themselves digitizing manual tasks, such as inventory counts, to accommodate this shift. They will reply to real-time data to improve internal processes such as order processing, production control, and inventory.

If ready-mix concrete providers choose to stay the same and continue with their traditional methods, they will find themselves outbid by competitors. They will need to catch up to digitization for their business.

Software and Mobile Apps

Manufacturers and customers face many issues, from materials supply to placing the finished products. Often, it breaks the trust and affects the business.

Producers can pinpoint quality issues using software and mobile applications and enable long-term product and process improvements. It makes collaboration easier. Instead of driving to the office or site, they can use software and mobile technology to facilitate the meeting and lead to a conclusion without interrupting other essential tasks.

Communicating through mobile apps and software ensures that issues arising onsite get resolved promptly and effectively. Also, every stakeholder can be involved in this communication, which otherwise would have been very difficult. Real-time communication allows them to add notes, change drawings, respond to queries, and then share that information with everyone involved in the project.

Increased Productivity

According to the Market Research Future report, the ready-mix concrete industry is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6% from 2022 to 2030.

It is attributed to many factors, including an increased population and the associated need for residential homes, commercial buildings, and infrastructure such as roads and highways to support population growth.

If a ready-mix concrete plant digitizes its inventory and management processes, it can allocate the workers accordingly to generate more revenue-generating production. Closely monitoring these performance indicators will bring profit and meet the ever-growing demands of the construction industry.


Wearable tech in construction is used as apparel and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats, safety vests, work boots, and gloves, which is standard on construction sites.

These wearables are outfitted with biometrics and environmental sensors, location trackers, Wi-Fi, GPS, voltage detectors, and other relevant sensors to monitor workers’ movement, slips, and falls.

Geofencing allows safety supervisors to mark hazardous areas that will alert workers with alarms and lights. Smart clothing can also monitor vital signs like respiration, body temperature, and heart rate as they make their way to the site.

In short, these wearables monitor workers’ posture and determine if they are tired. With the help of these wearables, supervisors can predict an unforeseen event even before it occurs.


RMS Concrete is successfully adopting new technologies for the supply of ready-mix concrete. Due to our attitude of embracing change in tech trends, we are becoming our customer’s favorite suppliers and business partners.

We research and implement new technologies and reap the rewards with increased productivity, effective collaboration, and successful completion of projects on time and within budget- guaranteeing a higher profit margin for our customers. Our specialists are BSI 9001 certified and ensure our services are conducted professionally.