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Too fast? Too slowly? Improper mouse sensitivity can cause a frustrating user experience. But Windows 10 can solve such a problem quickly.

Good command of your mouse is essential for optimal comfort of use on your computer. It is with the mouse that you perform the majority of your actions on the PC, it is, therefore, important that it is configured correctly, and in particular that the DPI is adjusted to your liking. As part of our large file to teach you how to configure and secure Windows 10, a laptop guide offers this tutorial to help you configure the sensitivity settings of your mouse.

Change mouse sensitivity/dpi on Windows 10

Some mice, especially if they are oriented to playing video games, are equipped with a button to change their sensitivity. But the settings, in this case, are often imprecise and it can be difficult to find the right compromise in this way. For some, the question does not even arise since they do not have a dpi modification button.

In the search bar at the bottom of the default screen (magnifying glass symbol to the right of the Windows logo representing the ”Start” menu), type ”Mouse”, then click ”Mouse Settings”.

In the new window, click on ”Additional mouse options”. The option is on the right, in the ”Related settings” section.

You are now in the properties of the mouse. By default, you land in the ”Buttons” menu. Click on the ”Pointer Options” tab, which interests us here.

In the first section, ”Pointer Movement”, drag the slider left toward ”Slow” to slow down the speed of the mouse cursor, or right to speed it up and make it more responsive. The changes are made in real time so you can judge which sensitivity is best for you. When you are done, click on ”Apply” to validate the changes.

It will certainly take a short time for you to adjust before you get used to this new dpi, and that’s totally normal. Note that on some high-end gaming mouse models, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity more precisely via the configuration software that comes with the device.

Also be aware that if you are not satisfied with your use of the mouse, the problem may be with the hardware and not the software. There may be a problem with the optical drive of the mouse, for example, or the mat is of poor quality and makes it difficult to use.