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Have you seen the list above? From these sites, as mentioned, you will not only be able to watch free films in Italian but you can also download them with a couple of clicks! So let’s see how to do it: in this regard, we will take the Altadefinizione site as an example, but the procedure is very similar to the other sites that we have listed in the previous paragraph. You can also use Norway IPTV to watch the latest movies and download them in no time. 

The download page, although it can change from site to site, still has elements in common such as the presence of a window, the player, where you can watch the movie in streaming. Below this window, you will finally find the button for direct download: also in this case pay close attention to everything around you because there may be various download buttons but only one is the right one. Furthermore, by clicking on it it is possible that advertisements will open: IGNORE them and click on the button again (you may have to do it several times) until the download starts:

In the case of Super video, for example, I clicked on the ” FREE DOWNLOAD ” button and an advertisement opened: I, therefore, CLOSED this tab with the advertisement and then clicked again on the “FREE DOWNLOAD” button. At this point I was redirected to the actual download page which, in the case of Super video, looks like this:

At this point, the download has started and that’s it! I know it may seem cumbersome, but if you think about it we just clicked on a couple of links to download the movie for free. The problem is the many invasive advertisements that you could avoid (in part) with an Ad Block, which is a small program that is easily installed in your browser (Chrome for example) and that monitors all the pages you visit to find and close the advertising it finds. For example, another site that you could usually find to download free movies is Mix drop: in this case, the download button is this:

Download free movies from Telegram

A 100% working method that I recommend you use to find and download free movies to watch in Italian is to take advantage of Telegram. This app, in addition to being a popular alternative to WhatsApp, is full of channels where you can find movies or TV series to watch in streaming or to download on your PC, Android smartphone, iPad tablet, or iPhone. So here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Download Telegram

On the download page you see here you can find all versions of Telegram (for PC, Android, or iOS) to download for free immediately. If you don’t know it, Telegram was born as an instant messaging service (like WhatsApp, but incredibly more advanced) in which it is also possible to join groups, some of which allow you to watch or download free films in Italian.

Step 2: join one of these channels

Now that you have downloaded and installed Telegram on your devices, you just have to subscribe to one of the following channels to access the various streaming movies and watch them wherever you prefer:

Once you have chosen the desired Telegram channel, click on the link provided and wait for the automatic opening of the Telegram app on your device. Once this is done, click on the Join button at the bottom of the screen to join it. Now you are ready to download all the movies you want or watch them in streaming.