Want to get the best player on your team? Or maybe you want to unlock every potential bargain shopping at the trade market? Whatever your reason, we have some good news for you. In NBA 2K22, you can now unlock special in-game items by using a special code. This is known as Locker Codes. They are virtual keys that grant you access to exclusive content and bonuses that can only be accessed via these codes. To help you find them faster, here’s a guide on how to get the locker codes for NBA 2k22.

What are Locker Codes?

Locker codes are virtual keys that grant you access to exclusive content and bonuses that can only be accessed via these codes. You can get them from different sources. A manager in your MyPlayers’ club, a friend, a teammate, or even the community. Make sure you record all your information, including the locker code and the person who gave it to you. Locker codes can be very useful for unlocking Elite players or getting extra items. You can also use them to activate certain MyTeam features, such as the trade market, draft classes, and hyper-trading. For example, to activate the trade market, you have to have a locker code for each team in the league.

How to Get the Locker Codes for NBA 2K22

– Visit the MyPlayers Clubhouse and select “Get Code.” – Select “Get Special Locker Code” and enter your information. – You will receive an email with the code. Save it on your phone inside an app that can be accessed by others, like Google Keep or Evernote. – Repeat the process to get the locker codes for every player on your MyPlayers’ team. Make sure you record all your information. – Make sure you find the code for every player on the team, including starters and bench players. – Make sure the code is valid. You can get an email from 2K telling you the code is not valid. – Once you have all the relevant information, head to the MyPlayers’ Clubhouse and select “Open Locker.” – Select the player whose locker you want to open. – Enter the code to unlock it. – You can now go inside and find the items available. – Make sure to take screenshots of everything you find inside. You will need them if you want to sell or trade the player.

Check the In-game News

The biggest way to find the locker codes is by reading the in-game news. Every day, the news will have a list of the top 10 players in the previous night’s games. You can use this information to find out the hottest players in the league. You can then find their stats, team, and more on the 2K Stats page. Do this every day and you will find the locker codes for many top players very quickly.

Look for Special Boosters and Coaching Tips

You can also find the locker codes by looking for special boosters and coaching tips. When you go to buy boosters, you will see “x10” written. This means the booster will give you 10 of that booster for free. However, when you go to the store and try to purchase it, it will say the code is not valid. This is where you need to use your sleuthing skills. Find the booster code that is valid and then enter it in the locker to unlock it. You can also find special coaching tips by searching for them online. Most of them will be in the form of videos or written instructions. Make sure to save these instructions and notes to use when you are locked out of your locker.

Keep Playing to Unlock Elite Players

The best way to get all the locker codes is by simply playing. This is because you will get bonus points for playing games, winning championships, and doing other MyTeam activities. The more you play, the higher your MyTeam rating will be, giving you more points and access to more content. Since you play MyTeam every day, this will give you the best chance of finding the locker codes for the best players. As your MyTeam rating increases, you will be able to unlock more players, like elite players, training camp legends, and even legendary players. You can also unlock a special “Hall of Fame” section in your MyTeam locker that shows off the best players in the league. If you get far enough in your MyTeam rating, you may even unlock an exclusive arena for your MyPlayers’ team.


Locker codes are virtual keys that grant you access to exclusive content and bonuses that can only be accessed via these codes. They can be very helpful, especially if you want to get better players or unlock special content in MyTeam mode. So, how do you get them? First, make sure you know who your manager is on your MyPlayers’ team. Then, follow these steps to find the locker codes.