Hamburger hd

Obesity is the leading issue these days, and junk food leads so to many problems like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and non-alcoholic fatty liver, and can make your brain weak. Moreover, overeating junk food by the kids is making them mentally unfit as well as they are having so many problems like type 1 diabetes. Almost 500 calories,25g fats 40 g carbs 10g sugar 1000mg sodium, this amount is very dangerous for our system. Stroke depression early death, are the significant problems people suffer these days due to fast food and unhealthy eating habits.

American cheese and bacon is the unhealthiest one. 115 mg cholesterol,2060 mg sodium,54gof fat, and saturated fat increase the cholesterol levels and also increases the risk of heart diseases. A lot of salt content on hamburgers is not suitable for the coronary walls of the heart. Moreover, Hamburgers are very hard to digest because it is very tough to catabolize it. And thus it leads to bloating and discomfort.

Bacon sausages and processed meat lead to coronary diseases. Too much protein can also lead to Gout by increasing the uric acid level eventually least to the swelling of feet. In Us, almost 60000 people die of cardiovascular disease every year. A sedentary lifestyle and processed food is the main factor that leads to heart diseases.

Processed food also leads to cancer, and people are suffering from it at a very high rate. Kidneys will eventually get affected if the body will take too much protein. Hamburgers are rich in protein so that will affect the kidneys. Along with this, problems like high Blood pressure and arrhythmia are also on the list of diseases that will be caused by unhealthy food.

High salt leads to an increase in the sodium content of the body. Thus it will also increase the pressure of blood in the walls of the heart, and that may lead to severe problems. These problems can only be reduced by replacing hamburgers with some healthy options or by changing the method of making hamburgers.

So we can do the following things to make hamburgers healthier:

One of the best methods is, we can replace the bread, can shift it to whole wheat Virginia which will reduce the carbohydrate level. In addition to it altering the grilling method, we can change the formation of the heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which may increase the risk of cancer.

We can shift to a new cooking method, by cooking them to minimum internal temperature, with this we can kill the harmful bacteria from the meat, and that will lead to less infection.

Adding probiotics to the burger instead of other harmful ingredients, probiotics can increase the Nutritional value of the Hamburgers.

These days kids are also having so many health issues because they are moving to sedentary lifestyles and they are showing more interest in processed food, which is also affecting their mental growth in the future they are facing health issues like type 1 diabetes and it is also affecting their academics. So parents also want healthy food options for their kids, and thus they are shifting to more nutritious options so that their kids can live a life without diseases and any health problems.

These unhealthy food choices, will lead to so many health problems, so people are shifting to healthier options and restaurants are also trying their best to fulfill the requirements of their customers, Burger king’s whopper is a really good option, and the whole menu of burger King is designed in such a way that it fulfills all the healthy requirements of the people.