How To Publish Your App In The Google Play Store

A mobile app has become a necessary commodity in digital marketing. More than 4 billion people use mobile phones daily. With a mobile app, companies try to convert these users into loyal customers. By 2020, the mobile apps made an annual revenue of 318 billion dollars.

Your business can generate billions of dollars from the mobile app. But revenue collection also depends on your business category. The most revenue-generating segment is mobile gaming apps. Online shopping apps and entertainment apps also make a good amount of money. It is difficult to predict how much revenue any mobile app can generate.

If you are a new businessman and want to create a mobile app, read this blog to learn all tips and tricks of mobile app publication in the play store.

What Are The Platforms For Publishing A Mobile App?

There are two platforms that android and IOS app developers use for any app publication.

  • Google Play store
  • Apple store

How To Publish Your App In The Google Play Store?

If you have made an app for the android user, you will use the google play store to Publish your app. By following these steps, you can publish your app on the play store within no time.

Step 1:  Signup As a google developer

Before your developer starts to create an app, make a Google Developer Account. Google charges a 25 US dollars fee as a one-time registration fee. Google almost takes 2 days to 3 days to verify your account. You can easily edit information after the creation of your account.

Step 2: Learn about the google developer Policy.

You should know about the policies of Google and follow these while creating your mobile app.

  • Avoid making apps related to restricted content like child endangerment and illegal activities.
  • Don’t impersonate any app to mislead your users.
  • Plagiarism can get you in a deep crisis. So, do not copy content from any other app.
  • Promotions can help you in the listing but make sure you are not spamming your store listing. Avoid any efforts to boost your app through illegal means.
  • Your app should provide an outstanding experience to users.
  • Google sternly prohibits the use of malware.
  • If you have made an app for children, comply with all the guidelines

Google updated its policy regularly. You have to keep a check on updates for the successful launch of your app on the Android store.

Step 3: Follow all the technical requirements

  • You must have a unique Bundle Id.
  • Your app size should be at least 100 Mb for Android 2.3 and higher versions.
  • Google accepts only two release formats. One is an app bundle and another one is .apk.

Step 4: Include a privacy policy in your mobile app

Add extensive terms of services to prevent yourself from future trouble. Your term of services must have the following information

  • Personal data you are collecting of your users.
  • Paid and unpaid features of an app.
  • Age, location, and privacy criteria.
  • Mention all the terms if you have a subscription-based app.
  • Mention the legal counsel of your company.

Step 5: Use google console for mobile app creation

If you have followed all the steps, you can upload your app to your developer account.

  • Open All application Tab
  • Choose the option Create Application
  • Select the language of your app.
  • Write a short app description.
  • Click on the ‘Create’ button.

Step 6: Create your store listings.

Before downloading, your users can know about your app through the listing.

Listing includes


Write a description with relevant keywords. A copywriter can also help you write an engaging product description of your app.

Promo videos

You can add promo videos that tell customers about your brand story.


Upload 2 to 8 screenshots that show how your app function and how to use your app. Only upload pictures in JPEG or PNG format. The resolution of the image should be 320pixels to 3840pixels.

App icon

Add app icon. The resolution of the icon should be 512 pixels by 512 pixels. Upload in PNG format and make sure the file size is no more than 1024 Kb.


Add relevant tags so that users can easily find your app on the Google play store.


Select the relevant category for your app.

Contact details

You should add the contact detail of your business. Mention your phone number, company address, and email. It helps you to gain the trust of your users.

Step 7: Fill out the rating questionnaire.

You need to give authentic information related to your app. Google team can remove your app from the app store if they find any fake or misleading information in your questionnaire.

Step 8:  Keep the Price of the app.

Have a clear idea of how you want to provide free or paid apps to your user. You have to add countries where your app will be available. Mention if your app consists of ads.

Step 9: Send your app for review.

After a successful reviewing process now it’s time to release your app.

In-app release action, 3 options are available for publishing

  • Production
  • Beta track
  • Alpha track

Alpha and beta tracks help you to test your app before publishing. You can now publish your app on Apk or app bundle.