When it comes to planning interiors for the kitchen, our minds take the lead and start thinking about cabinets, kitchen colour schemes and appliances. One of the most neglected parts of the kitchen is choosing the perfect kitchen tiles. The kitchen is the most overused part of any home, which is why extra care must be taken whilst planning the interior decor of the kitchen.

Speaking of choosing the right kitchen tiles, there are so many beautiful and diverse options available in the market. Right from plain colored tiles to pattern tiles, from texture tiles to marble tiles, you name it and you shall have it! Here are some pro tips for you to select the right tiles for your kitchen.

Where the tiles will be installed:

Understanding the location of where the tiles will be installed is very important as you can then choose the material of tile, the colour, the size and so on. Tiles can be placed as a backsplash behind the sink or the stove or even a running panel through the entire kitchen. Tiles are a great way to make your kitchen look more attractive. They are super easy to clean so having kitchen tiles keeps your kitchen sparkling clean.

Check the different properties of tiles:

We all know that when you step in the market to purchase tiles for your homes, there is a good chance that you may come back without making a selection because the wide range of tiles could baffle you, confuse you and overwhelm you. In this case, it is your research and knowledge that will come to your rescue. There are so many types of tiles that you could select from, vitrified tiles, marble tiles, natural stone tiles, granite tiles, terrazzo tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, wood look tiles- the list is endless! Ceramic, porcelain and vitrified tiles are most commonly used in all households for flooring and for walls. Glass tiles are also popularly used for walls and backsplashes. Marble tiles are the most versatile choice for any household. The advantages of marble tiles are plenty, right from making your homes look opulent to blending in with the decor of your homes.

Choose the best tiles based on Usage and Durability requirements:

Kitchens are one of the most overused places in each household. It witnesses the reactions of tempering, the constantly burning cook tops and the busy countertops that chop, clean and repeat! Being the busiest place in the house, you need to install tiles that are strong, durable, ones that can withstand the storms of heavy foot traffic and ones that don’t scratch or stain easily. Also, they need to be super easy to clean and maintain.

Choose the right Style and Layout for the Kitchen:

Whenever you are doing the interiors for your kitchen, please ensure that the overall layout and style of the kitchen is kept in mind. Another important aspect that you need to bear in mind is the size of your kitchen, because that is what will form the blueprint of the remodelled kitchen. If you are looking at having a contemporary style kitchen with bare necessities in it along with modern day innovative decor solutions, you will find kitchen tiles that will look the part too. Muted tones that blend in with the colour palette of your cabinetry, marble tiles, even patterned tiles that can be used for the backsplashes or for an accent wall; there are so many options you can choose from. Even geometric tiles are a good choice if you wish to create an illusion of a spacious kitchen.

Shape and Size of Kitchen Tiles:

Whilst selecting kitchen tiles for your homes, the shape and size of the tiles matter the most. If you have a large kitchen, go for large tiles. Infact, even for a small or medium sized kitchen, you can choose to have large tiles as large tiles mean fewer grout lines. This makes the kitchen look cleaner. If you wish to have unique shaped floor tiles, they should be installed meticulously to give a flawless look.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

We often buy kitchen tiles that would look great and add to the beauty of our homes, but we do end up neglecting the question whether these tiles would be easy to clean and maintain. The kitchen is a high traffic zone in the house, thus the tiles you choose to install must be efficient in cleaning and functional. They also need to be stain and scratch resistant for them to look good and well maintained.

Budget and Cost:

There are a myriad of designs, textures and patterns available in the market. Most of them are reasonably priced but if you choose to have the premium designed tiles in ceramic or marble tiles, then those can get expensive. You can choose to have the tiles of your choice, but it is important to chalk out your budget well in advance so that the process becomes far easier to execute.