How you can prevent your loved ones from mental health issue

Mental health is a hot topic right now, and people have started to consider it a serious issue. In this world of digitalization, cases of people suiciding because of depression and anxiety are increasing rapidly. Some are blaming social media platforms, and mobile phones for the problem and some think those who can’t accept failures and can’t face hard times get mental health issues.

These are all very small points to see. Anyone can be trapped! And we can do a lot to save people from ending their life due to mental health illness.

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If you sense that something is wrong with the person you know or he/she is sad, then there are many things you can do to make sure that the situation doesn’t get worse.

Have A Talk For Mental Illness

Talking to someone who feels lonely or sad is a very effective way to make sure that the person won’t enter into a depression phase or get him/her out of depression. Have a chat with the person on a daily basis and try to say positive things as much as you can. Win the person’s trust to hear out the illness he/she is facing and proceed slowly to provide solutions. Make the person believe that you are always there for them. Try to have a talk over the phone whenever the person is out of the home. A sensible conversation helps in taking off stress, sorrows, and sadness.

Make Them Smile With Gifts

Workloads and tensions can take off the smile from the face, and life becomes sad with smiles and laughter. For instance, if you see that your husband is coming home from work in a tired state and is so stressed, then you should look for some cheerful gifts for husband and surprise him without a reason to bring the smile back on his face. The person can be your colleague, your friend, or your neighbor. Gifts always deliver happiness, and when there is happiness. There could be no stress, depression, and other issues related to mental health.

Send Happy & Positive Videos To The That Person

We have many different types of platforms to enjoy videos. So how about putting that entertainment to best use? You can send funny and positive videos to the person who you think is depressed or sad. This will surely help the person to overcome the sadness and negativity and steer forward in life with a smile on face and hope in the heart. Don’t send videos in excessive amounts. One for a day is enough. You can also tag the person in pictures where he/she is smiling while posting them on your social media accounts.

Motivational & Inspiring Quotes

Good words can make a huge difference in the life of a person who is near to developing mental health issues. And for that, you can send him/her some motivational and inspiring quotes every morning so that he/she can start the day with hope and a positive approach. You can make this activity more special and happiness-oriented by writing the quotes on greeting cards and sending them to the person through post or courier. And if possible, hand over the card to him/her by yourself.


Mental health is something that we all should consider a serious topic. In this high-pacing world, make sure to find some time and have face-to-face conversations with people around you. If you are also facing some challenges in your life and starting to feel sad, then you should consult a psychologist.