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Cutting the cord is becoming a new norm for people around the world. In simple words, everything is shifting from Cable or Satellite TV to popular streaming apps. These streaming apps utilize the internet to bring you uninterrupted entertainment. Most of these apps have a video-on-demand option.

Hulu VS Sling TV Which is Winner

However, these streaming apps don’t match the authentic appeal of Live TV. Regardless of how you look, some people miss the randomness of Live TV and a plethora of channels. For people who can’t decide what to watch or seek background entertainment, Live TV is the best method of entertainment.

In this spectrum, there are still two giants that are locking horns against each other. That’s right! Hulu and Sling TV are two prominent platforms you can have a live TV experience with. In this review, we will compare Hulu and Sling TV.

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Hulu vs Sling TV – Compatibility

The compatibility of a platform is related to the devices they’re available on. Both Sling TV and Hulu are primarily apps available on iOS, Android, and other operating systems. Any Smart TV can download and initiate them for you.

Even Roku, Firestick, and other streaming service providers bring you the leisure of using these apps. Furthermore, you can use them with gaming consoles, as well. Hulu has better availability on a gaming console as it is available on Nintendo Switch. Sling TV is not available on the Sony platform, either. Meanwhile, Hulu excels and brings you Hulu + Live TV for the Sony platform.

Hulu VS Sling TV

Overall, you have a better range of compatibility with Hulu than Sling TV. However, as far as the most commonly used devices are concerned, Sling TV still stands in a viable position.

Number Of Screens

Although it depends on the type of subscription you get, the number of screens is a type of compatibility. It’s important to learn how many decisions you can use simultaneously to stream from the app. Sling TV’s Orange subscription allows single-screen streaming, and the Blue subscription package allows up to three screens. Meanwhile, Hulu allows streaming on two devices simultaneously with any package.

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However, there’s an extra addon of unlimited devices. It will enable you to run Hulu on three mobile devices and unlimited home devices. Once again, you have Hulu as a clear winner with its flexibility of the Add-on package.

Hulu vs Sling TV – Key Features

The entire point of these streaming apps is to bring you entertaining content. It has indeed become very perplexing to decide which app offers what kind of content. You can see too many promotions and advertisements. However, Hulu and Sling seem to cover a broad spectrum.

Live TV

Let’s start by considering the authentic Live TV experience. Hulu + Live TV is a subscription package that brings you a complete range of Live TV channels. It has partnered with many major networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and other television networks. Thus, it offers a very enticing lineup for TV channels. Furthermore, you have extra addons for Disney+, ESPN+, HBO, and Starz to expand the content range further.

Sling TV brings you LIVE TV channels that might not include some of the more popular channels, but the collection is reasonably sustainable. It has Cartoon Network, CNN, FOX, AMC, Comedy Central, and other media that have grown in popularity compared to Hulu’s premium channels.

sling tv features

So while Hulu could win this round with its several compelling lineups, Sling TV brings you a more affordable and entertaining selection of channels. You also have an option to add or remove channels and subscribe to them separately, more than Hulu. Thus, Sling holds apt flexibility in the department.

It could be a notable point that Hulu doesn’t offer a Live TV schedule common in satellite TV and many other LIVE TV apps. Meanwhile, Sling brings you TV schedules to easily mark the program and prepare for them beforehand.

Hulu Student Discount

Still, though, in the battle of Channels, Hulu might win. Unless you consider the cost of the subscription. Hulu + Live TV is a single subscription that brings you the option of Live TV. It is considerably more expensive than Sling TV’s subscription.

Furthermore, you will still have commercials and advertisements that are not on Sling TV. So if you don’t consider the lineup’s quality for the price, Sling TV easily wins this round.

On-Demand Video

Both Hulu and Sling TV bring you cloud-based DVR to record your favorite TV shows and movies to watch them. Furthermore, Sling TV and Hulu bring you a video on demand. However, Hulu’s availability and the lineup is much more enthralling than Sling TV.

Hulu vs Sling Live TV Streaming

Mainly because SlingTV is primarily focused on providing you a Live TV experience. Meanwhile, Hulu works as a full-fledged online streaming app with an abundance of on-demand content. In this spectrum, Hulu will win at any given time.


This review was based on the quality of content, lineup, entertainment, and ease of use. It didn’t consider subscription cost or other similar features. There is a reference, but the decision was based on the overall entertainment factor. Hence, Hulu would win against Sling TV.

However, if this could consider the flexibility of choosing channels and more ‘affordable’ subscription, then Sling TV would be able to hold its ground significantly.  If you consider the authentic Live TV experience, Sling TV certainly delivers remarkably in this spectrum. However, Hulu manages to have a more comprehensive collection of networks and TV channels.

Hulu vs Sling tv scaled

In terms of interface and ease of use, Sling TV still has a long way to go. Of course, Hulu manages to maintain its premium appeal. Meanwhile, Sling TV feels straightforward, minimalist, and even cheap, like other free streaming apps available in the market.


To put it in simple words. If you don’t mind the price and want high-quality entertainment, then Hulu is the way for you. Hulu offers a remarkable range of offers, bonuses, discounts, and much more.

However, for a more budget-friendly alternative with a decent lineup of channels and even ‘free’ services, Sling TV would be better, especially if you pair it up with other streaming apps.

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