I5 vs i7 processor

Are you planning to buy a laptop or a desktop? Are you confused between i5 and i7? Don’t worry; we will clear all your doubts one by one. Today we are going to tell you everything about processors, especially the Intel Core i5 and i7. So here is the detailed comparison between core i5 VS i7.

i5 VS i7 - Processor

Both processors are amazing, but you have to choose one, so making an informed decision is essential. Here’s every difference you should know before choosing one from Intel Core i5 and i7.

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i5 vs i7 – Detailed Comparison

1. Intel’s Core i5

The Intel Core i5 processors are mid-range processors introduced by Intel for works that will take a bit of power above regular works like Adobe Photoshop, playing low graphics games like GTA Vice City.  All core i5 processors hold a minimum of four cores and a maximum of six cores and hyperthreading technology.


Still, Intel has made the Core i5 processors with two cores in the mobile sector and including hyperthreading. Now a question will arise in your curious mind: what is hyperthreading? So a hyper thread allows the processor to run their core via a single thread; the more the number of threads, the more work can be done in parallel.

Features of i5 processors:

  • i5 processors are basically known for their enhanced working capabilities and faster performance such as gaming, editing, and faster data transmission.
  • The best part of i5 processors is it very well manages the power of the device and uses power as per requirement without letting down the system’s performance.
  • i5 processors are also very renowned for their smoothness while streaming high-quality videos and websites.
  • Talking about gaming you can play mid ranges games such as Call of Duty, but you need to take care of the video game’s graphics. Playing it on high graphics may slow down the game and heat up the device.
  • i5 processors are best known for their multi-tasking capabilities shifting from one window to another is extremely fast.
  • i5 processors use 64bit architecture, so there is no compromise in the visual treat.
  • It uses hyper-threading so that it performs two tasks at the same time with ease and delivers a reliable working environment.
  • It has the ability to work with integrated memory and also increase it to 1333 MHz.
  • The microarchitecture of these processors is designed by Nehalem and has a cache memory of up to 8 MB.

Intel Core i7:

Intel Core i7 is a high-end processor for performing heavy tasks such as high-resolution video editing, high graphics gaming, and developing tasks like coding and 3D editing. All the i7 processors hold a minimum of 8 cores with increased hyperthreading. People who work in the architectural field require a high-end processor that can handle their heavy software and applications.


The processor is best for playing high graphics games very smoothly. The i7 processors were announced in 2008 and launched in the market in 2009 as the processor to handle all kinds of work based on performance and has the ability to deliver work faster, and it stood up in his words. The processors are all the time upgrading so as the i7 processors; with time it has evolved and made itself capable enough to sustain in the market.

Features of i7 processors:

  • The i7 processors are designed to handle high-speed data transmission and deliver work at a much faster rate.
  • You can do a lot of multi-tasking it. No matter how many windows you open at a time, the system will work super smooth without any kind of lag.
  • There is a very cool feature in the i7 processors. It has a built-in that allows using heavy applications with ease, especially when playing high graphics games and editing high-resolution videos, or working on a 3D diagram.
  • I7 processors are designed to deal with integrated memory and also to increase it up to 2GHz which enables you to download big files at a speed of 25GB/sec.
  • Its microarchitecture is also designed by Nehalem and has an increased cache rate of 16 MB.
  • It works with 64-bit architecture.
  • Due to the high data transmission capabilities, it can stream high-quality videos and multiplayer games very smoothly.

Intel Core i5 vs i7 – Advantages & Disadvantages



  • It has a high speed working capability and can perform tasks faster than any entry-level processors.
  • It can deliver a maximum CPU rate of 3.6GHz, which is quite good.
  • Its 64-bit architecture gives you a sense of reliability to work.
  • Multi-tasking is done more smoothly than lower variant processors.
  • Less heat generation while multitasking.
  • It’s an ideal processor for those who want to do regular work with a little bit of mid-range graphics gaming and editing photos, especially students.



  • You can’t play high graphics games or do high-resolution video editing.
  • Heats up when using heavy applications.
  • Slower data transmission speed.



  • It works super fast, so when we are doing any task, it’s done just in a blink.
  • It can deliver a maximum rate of 3.8GHz, which is enough to perform any task smoothly.
  • It remains cool while doing any task except when the turbo mode is used to do heavy tasks such as high graphics gaming and video editing.
  • It’s an ideal processor for developers, gamers, vloggers, and architectures.
  • Helps you to stream high-quality videos and games smoothly.



  • High power consumption.
  • Costs higher than most of the processors.
  • Most of the work that is done normally doesn’t need high graphics and multi-threading, so if you are not using applications that require it’s pointless using such a high-end processor.

i5 vs i7 – Which Processor is Better?

It’s all about what kind of tasks you are willing to perform on your desktop or laptop. If you need a processor that can handle high graphics gaming and video editing then you should obviously go for the i7 version.

i5 vs i7 processor

Still, if you are willing to do daily tasks that include multi-tasking and binge-watch those popular web series, then you should go for i5 because it is enough, and can handle these tasks very smoothly. Both the variants Intel core i5 and i7 are good and do their job impressively it’s totally up to you and what kind of work you like to do in your computer.

People say that i7 is always a better option to choose because it’s a high-end variant and can perform tasks faster and better, which is partly true. Yes, i7 processors are known for their high-end capabilities, but it’s better for those who are willing to work high data transmission and high graphics based work. i5 can perform all kinds of regular tasks at an almost similar speed.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which processor is good for me?

It totally depends on what you will do on your computer. If you are planning to do regular tasks like making presentations and do college assignments with a bit of binge-watch, then i5 is probably the perfect choice for you. Still, if you want to do high-resolution video editing or play high graphics video games and run the heavy application, then you should go i7 so that you can work and have a smoother experience.


Which brand is better, Intel or AMD?

Both the brands are quite good in their places and work similarly; it’s all about trust. Those who trust Intel say Intel is better and those who trust AMD says AMD is the best. Choose the brand you can rely on; it’s all up to your preference.


Which is more costly i5 or i7?

i7 is the costlier one as it is capable of doing many heavy tasks than i5. i7 is a high-end processor made for gamers, developers, video editors, and anybody who works with high graphical works.



The question of whether to choose i5 or i7 is worth a debate. So we tried to clear all your doubts about these two processors, and we hope that now you know which processor is perfect for you.  The world is evolving, and every day there will be an upgraded version, so it’s better to choose without wasting time as your deadlines are not going anywhere. Whichever processor you choose to keep in mind that you must have faith in the product otherwise whether you buy the i5 or i7 you won’t be satisfied.

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