I7 vs i9 which is best

Are you confused between i7 VS i9? Do you want to know which is better, i7 or i9? If yes, then read the article thoroughly so that you could know which one is better for you and why you should buy it. There is a wide range of processors that are available in the market; the i7 and i9 themselves have many variants.

i7 VS i9

So choosing the right processor is a daunting task, and an individual needs to check all the specifications before buying it. The Intel Core i7 and i9 both are high-end processors and can handle heavy graphical work. Choosing between these two beasts makes it really hard for an individual because both deliver work at lightning-fast speed and precision.

While building a PC or buying a laptop, the processor is the most important part, and you need to take the best one as the speed of the tasks done totally depends on the quality and configuration of the processor.  Let’s know about the processors in detail.

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i7 VS i9 – Overview

Intel core i7

The Intel Core i7 is a high-end processor mostly known for its smooth working while multitasking and high-end gaming. You can also use it for editing high definition videos or 3D videos.


Heavy applications used by architects and developers for designing and programming purposes run very smoothly. It’s obviously a fantastic processor for your computer, but there’s always a better one who works more than others.

If you want a processor that allows you to run high-end gaming, smooth editing of videos, and high data transmission speed, then i7 is probably the right choice.

Intel core i9

The Intel Core i9 is the top variant of Intel with the most upgraded configuration to date. It is the most powerful processor introduced by Intel.

intel core i9

It is capable of doing all kinds of work that you want to do, starting from high-end graphical gaming to 3D graphic video editing. It can do all sorts of work in a minimum time. So whether you are a gamer, developer, or video editing artist, it can solve all your problems.

The Intel Core i9 is the fastest processor ever, as declared by Intel. It has the most upgraded hyper-threading technology with the fastest data transmission speed.

Intel Core i7 VS Core i9 – A Detailed Comparison

Which has better performance?

The Intel Core i7 and the Core i9 work better on a desktop because these two high-end processors consume immense power to work in full force. When one of these two processors is installed on a desktop, they show their true power; whether working in high definition video editing or gaming for hours works very smoothly.

When these two chips of the Intel Core X-series were tested side by side on two desktops, they worked with almost similar speed where i9 is a bit faster due to its increased number of cores and threads. The Intel core x-series is for the premium users who work on video editing, gaming, or working on 3D images and videos. There is a very slight difference between the two processors; the core i9 performs better while editing 3D videos.

Which is an overall better processor?

The i9 is a top-end processor, but you need to deliver the amount of power it needs to perform and show its speed, but the i7, on the other hand, can work with its full power even on low power and deliver work with the same speed and smoothness.

i7 vs i9 - Peformance

Comparing the price of these two devices, i7 is much cheaper than i9 and delivers similar performance. So, the overall experience with i7 is better because it runs fast in all conditions and even better when a sufficient amount is served. It is probably the best processor in that price range.

i7 or i9 – Which Works Better On Laptops?

The market has very options for laptops with i9 processors. The H series of i9 processors and the U series of i7 are widely sold, but they are meant for thin laptops, not for powerful laptops. In the laptop market, Intel offers only two variants of i9, the Core i9 10880H, and the Core i9 10980HK. The Core i7 1185G7 is the most common variant among the i7 series. Both the processors need an advanced thermal output system, which automatically makes the design of the laptops heavier. The i7 is a better choice case of laptops because it delivers almost the same performance and is comparatively cheaper than the i9.

Price Comparison:

The price of the i7 processors lies between $500 to $600; it has many variants. The 9th generation processor costs less than the 10th generation because the 10th generation is an upgrade with more cores and threads.

At the same time, the i9 processor’s price lies between $800 to $900, which is quite higher than the price of i7 without much difference in the performance. Buying the i7 would be a wiser decision because why would anybody pay a higher price for a similar thing.

Which processor is better for gaming?

The Intel Core i7 and i9 are the best processors offered by Intel, but these two processors are meant for higher-intensity tasks, while games can be played in lower variants as well. The Core i7 and i9 and made for handling heavy software for those who do data transmission at a much higher speed.

i7 vs i9 - which is best

These two processors are best for content creation, so if you are working in the film industry, then one of these two processors is ideal for you. And if you want to do 3D animation, you need the top end processor that is Intel core i9.

The gaming industry has games that require high-end processors like GTA V, Far Cry 5, etc. Still, they don’t use more than 6 cores at a time, so if you buy one of these, it’s obviously going to work better than the lower models but being a gamer, you won’t be able to use all the cores of the processor.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is i9 better than i7?

Yes, i9 is slightly better than the i7, but there is not much difference between these two processors. They almost work at the same speed, and there is a very slight difference in their price as well. The i7 and i9 are best for content creation purposes. You can also use it for gaming purposes if the lower models cannot satisfy your needs.

The i7 works at a very good speed of 2.30GHz and can do all sorts of editing jobs and gaming very smoothly. The i9 is slightly better as it delivers a speed 2.40GHz, but both the processors work very impressively and generate very little heat.


How much faster is i9 than i7?

The i9 delivers a base frequency of 2.40GHz where i7 is not behind it delivers 2.30GHz, which is also a good speed.

The Max turbo frequency delivered by the i9 is 5.30 GHz, and the i7 delivers 5.30GHz. Both the processors are of the same nature, but when the processors were used for intense graphical works like 3D animation, the i9 performed quite better than the i7.

So, if you are looking for the top end or the best processor from Intel i9 is probably the correct choice for you. That doesn’t mean that i7 is a bad processor; if you buy the i7, you won’t be that disappointed because both the processors are very similar to each other.


Is it worth upgrading from i7 to i9?

If you are working in the film industry and you are willing to use it for works like 4K video editing or 3D animation, then, of course, it’s worth it because you will be able to feel the difference while working, but if you’re not from the film industry then you might not see or feel that much difference because all the works are done in the same speed.

There is a very slight difference between these two processors, which can be felt during some specific activities; otherwise, both the variants deliver similar performance.


Is 10th generation i7 better than 9th generation i9?

No, the 10th generation i7 is not better than the i9 9th generation because they have the same number of cores and threads, so they will deliver the same speed and performance without any severe difference. You may get a difference in their prices. So, if you are planning to buy one of these processors, you should go for the less costly one because they are delivering the same performance.


Which i7 generation is the best?

The i7 10th generation is the best variant of the i7 series because it is the most upgraded version of that series and has increased threads and core, enhancing its performances and giving a tough fight even with the 9th generation i9.



Now it’ll be easier for you to decide between i7 and i9 with all the aforementioned details. It is essential to choose a processor depending on the tasks you will be running on it. If you are going to do less intense content creation that doesn’t require enough cores or threads, then you should go for the Intel Core i7 but if you think that it can’t deliver you the performance you need you’re free to go for the Core i9. Wrapping up whichever processor you choose both will deliver you high performance as both of them are the high-end variants from Intel.

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