Iphone 12 pro max

Now buying an iPhone will cost you exorbitant, and what if you bought an affluent iPhone but a fake one at the cost price of a real one. Isn’t it shocking?

So, to get rid of such swindles, it’s better to plaid the whole product before collecting it from the supplier. Spotting the iPhone 12 Pro, mini, and iPhone 12 pro max, whether it is real or fake, is crucial these days.

How to identify fake iPhone 12, Mini & Pro Max

Making the xerox of an iPhone and selling it as real is not arduous as the “fake iPhone” marketing has become a very lucrative business for mendacious phone manufacturers. The bogus iPhone usually replicated the original product by its size, placement of buttons, an Apple logo, and some other external or internal features of the real iPhone.

Unfortunately, they look alike in genuine advertisements or real-world stores. Heedless of where they appear, they are out there, and people who purchase them are being eluded.

By default, at the same time, the efforts made by the police to eradicate the fake iPhone scam from the market has become unsuccessful. The best alternate elucidation is to spread awareness and education among people and prevent them from becoming the victim of purchasing iPhones from unethical manufacturers.

How to Detect a Fake iPhone 12, Mini, & Pro Max (Legit Ways)

Detecting Fake iPhone 12 By Hardware


The packaging is the first and foremost feature that can be suspicious. The outer pack might be indistinguishable, but it is usually made from cheap material. Initially, when you unpack your iPhone, the fake iPhones will always be packed in plastic rather than a pull-off tab. The original iPhone box does not have a phone pic on top.

The product instructions can be in giant foreign characters. The legitimate iPhone 12 pro box contains information regarding the product like `model, all about the phone, manufacturing country name, serial number, and bar code, which ensures its originality. If you find all these things accurate then your iPhone is original.


This can be termed the most steadfast in our guide on the spot fake iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. When you take it over from the plastic and look back at the phone, then you will find a very slight difference between the real and fake iPhone by the recessed logo or the mirror finish.
iPhone 12 Pro Max


Next, you can check some common screws on charging ports used in iPhone products. The iPhone has 5 screw head points. If you find any normal cross screws, then it’s a sign that an iPhone 12 pro mini, iPhone 12 pro max you are holding is fake.


The next thing you can check after charging the port is the camera built at the phone’s back. This is just a camera alone. Basically, the fake iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max gives a camera-less height than the real phone.


iPhone 12 pro, mini, and iPhone 12 pro max have no external memory card slot. If you find any external SD card slot in iPhone 12 pro, mini, and iPhone 12 pro max, then it is one of the fake iPhones.

Detecting Fake iPhone 12 By Software:


Now after Turning on your iPhone, the first thing you see is the welcome logo. This is not something you will get in fake iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max. Basically, you will get to see ‘welcome’ written rather than the original Apple logo.


Siri application only works in iPhone 12 pro, mini, and iPhone 12 pro max and other iPhones models; if Siri doesn’t function, then consider it as a fake iPhone.


If you find any application other than iOS, it’s probably a fake iPhone because iPhone 12 pro, mini, and iPhone 12 pro max uses patented IOS as its official operating system.


If you check your settings, you will find the IMEI NUMBER of an iPhone. If the number available as the model number in phone settings and under box are different, that phone is definitely a fake iPhone.


As we know, camera apps are installed within the phone. Make sure that the replica of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max don’t have the top of line camera in them so that you will notice an immense difference in the quality. Unless you are so outdated with smartphones, you cannot find the difference in the camera’s quality either in front or rear-facing.


Here comes the biggest difference between the real and fake iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max. Most fake iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max devices are running on Android because they can revamp the interface’s skin, and android devices don’t have an iTunes or Apple store. If you click these, you will either find another app or google play store.


After turning on your iPhone, the very first thing that you can notice about your phone can be a vibrant color. The colors of the screen may fade, and you will think that the level of brightness turned down and also check the type C USB cable.

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I hope you understood the comparison between the real and fake iPhone 12 pro, mini, and iPhone 12 pro max. Just look at your iPhone’s external features, such as packaging, Apple logo, Penta lobe screws, camera body, and an external SD card slot. Find something different from an original iPhone than it’s the replica on an iPhone.

Meanwhile, if you get anything weird after turning on an iPhone, such as a welcome logo, Siri, operating system, model number, camera app, apple store, or screen brightness as already discussed above, then you can easily spot a fake iPhone. So, let’s be careful and aware of everyone while buying an iPhone from any site or store. If you receive such a product then report immediately to the store you bought it from or complain online by using your email address.