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After the invention of the camera, tech advanced a lot in the world of videos. Videos are major entertainment for people around the world. Apple has always come with the best quality of software in all their devices. iMovie is one of the best software for video editing, but iMovie for windows is not available.

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iMovie Alternatives For Windows 10

Through iMovie, you can edit your videos in the best possible ways. Worldwide this software is being used by international and national vloggers. But the fact that it stops many from its usage is true. It is limited to Apple Mac users only, but you don’t have to get irritated as we brought you here to find the best solutions.

Professional video editors and photographers look for alternatives that can provide them with the best quality and features after iMovie. This article would be demonstrating the best alternatives to iMovie on windows for video editing.

Best iMovie Alternatives For windows 10:

1. Movavi


Movavi is one of the best video editing software and the best alternatives to iMovie for windows.


The following are the main features of Movavi that have made it to be in the list of best alternatives of iMovie for windows.

  • Luts: This feature provides the users to recreate the atmosphere in your videos with color schemes. You can choose any color scheme from any movie you may like and put it on your video.
  • Synchronization: This software helps you synchronize the audio and video recordings that you have recorded separately.
  • Logo tool: The logo tool helps you to add any logo to your video. It will make you more interested in editing.
  • Auto-update: The software updates all the new features automatically. So, sometimes they make you happy with the surprise.

Many other features like filters, photo-flipping, high resolution, zoom in, and movements will make you feel satisfied even if you don’t have an iMovie. Movavi seems to be the best alternative to iMovie for windows, as it has many exciting and satisfying features. It provides all the possible solutions to meet your demands for video editing.



  • Auto-update system.
  • It has many versions.
  • Synchronization of audio and video recording.



  • Offline video downloading is not possible.

2. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

It is one of the best video editors that work as the best alternative of iMovie for windows, desktops, and PC. It is versatile regarding its consumer market. Almost everyone can use this software to edit videos, as it is effortless to use. If you are not a professional video editor but aiming to be one, Filmora is the best option for you.


The following are some of the essential features of this alternative of iMovie for windows.

  • It has broad format support.
  • The editing functions are very influential.
  • It has striking visual effects.
  • Multiple effects.

The software has many features that can help in editing a video and make it look amazing. It has a wide range of effects and options to satisfy your demands. You can crop or assimilate your photos, videos very quickly. One can add backtrack by choosing any sound that you like. A voice recording can be added to the video as a backtrack. It has unique features like a mosaic, face off and tilt-shift, etc.

It has an option to upload your video on different social media platforms directly, or you may save it on your device. It is compatible with every user and might be regarded as the best alternative for iMovie for windows.



  • Compatible for all windows up to windows 10
  • Easy use



  • Poor stability

3. Shortcut Video Editor

Shortcut Video Editor

Shortcut video editor is another dominant alternative software for iMovie for windows. This software is open source, and it is compatible with Mac, Linux, and windows.


Some of its features are similar to Filmora, but still, it is different in many ways. Following are some of its prominent features:

  • It has broad format support like Filmora.
  • The interface is well-designed.
  • Customizable filters.
  • Direct uploading to social media platforms.

The software offers a lot of features that can help you in fantastic video editing. It has some features similar to Filmora, like broad format support, but it comes with striking features of customizable filters. Using this software might be a fabulous experience for you.



  • Clear interface.
  • Customizable filters.



  • Hard export for some devices.
  • No preview of filters before use.

4. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

It is a free video editing tool that helps windows and Mac users edit their high-quality videos. It is a high-quality tool, and it has many features that make it prominent and preferable over other software as the best iMovie alternative for windows.


The following are some of the prominent features of adobe premiere elements. The automatic intelligent editing introduces you with remarkable changes that your video gets after putting it to this format.

The auto creations are specially designed to add filters and effects to your photos automatically. Using this software can help you to blur or brighten any specific area in your videos to make them match your demands and needs.  It has a reduced noise effect, which improves the grainy videos you have shot in low light.

Adobe is one of the most popular software for video editing. It has many advanced features that make it in the list of top five best alternative iMovie for windows.

Its automatic creations, intelligent editing, and specific area selection for different effects make it more adaptable to use. It has many other features, like adjustment of face position, remixing music track, and clearance of mist that make it more recommendable.



  • Easy to use
  • Automatic recreation and intelligent editing features



  • Expensive.

5. Avidemux Video Editor

Avidemux Video Editor

Avidemux video editor is the basic tool of editing that has been widely used as an alternative to iMovie for windows. It is compatible with windows, Mac, Linux, and some other platforms. It is also effortless to use, and usually, it is used to edit simple videos.


Following are the prominent features of Avidemux:

  • It has a variety of filters.
  • It is capable of projecting files.
  • It can customize scripts.
  • It has an efficient ability to cut videos and make them smaller.

You must go for Avidemux video editor if you are not a professional video editor and you are searching for simple video editing software. It has the cut, trimming, filtering, and putting some sound effects that a simple video might demand.



  • The video processing is quick.
  • It is easy to use.



  • Doesn’t qualify for complex video editing

Final Words:

Although iMovie is the best video-editing software, it is not available to devices other than Mac, so video-editors must have the best alternative of iMovie for windows. The above article has portrayed knowledge about the top best alternatives to iMovie for windows. All the software mentioned-above is compatible with windows.

They are easy to access and easy to use. You can have excellent editing and assimilation of your videos, photos, and audio recording together in a striking display. This software would help look your next Youtube vlogs or Instagram videos, or Facebook video upload more stunning, striking, and influential.

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