A lot has changed in 2020 and needless to say, your way of doing business might also have changed at least a bit to adjust to the new norms of the industry. As marketing is an ever-evolving sector, you also need to evolve side by side to stay on top of the game. If your PPC strategies have been paying out well, then it is excellent, but you still have to check out the new trends so that you won’t miss out on anything big. If you are trying to find out the new trends this year but are confused about what to change in your PPC strategy, then here are some things to try out.

Target Audience

There is nothing wrong with PPC strategies that only focus on keywords for lead generation. But you have to realize that you are not very different from your competitor. To be different, you should try new ways of lead generation as much as possible. One of the best ways is to understand your audience and then slowly incorporate them with your keywords. Suppose your business is based on cricket, then you should be using keywords like ‘Cricket bat for kids’. In this way, you can open up to a whole new plethora of audiences. This technique is commonly done by a good PPC company.

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Call Recordings

Whenever you call customer care, you might have heard the message that says- “This call will be recorded for quality research purposes.” Have you ever thought of why they record your call? The sole purpose of recording a conversation with your customer is to get insights that you won’t usually get. When a potential customer links to your product, they will want to have a conversation about it if they have any doubts or queries. By recording the call, you can get an insight into what people are concerned about and what you can improve.

Remarketing and Matching Customers

When you are in a marketing business, getting in public view is what counts the most. Remarketing and matching customers are two simple techniques that can help you to get new business opportunities. When you display your ad to a customer who has already visited your website, then it is called remarketing. It works well as it suggests your customer visit your website once again. On the other hand, matching customers is a technique where you reach out to your customers through various platforms via your email list or another source. This is quite effective as well because it makes your brand look more authentic and trusted when it shows up on several platforms.

Use Bumper Ads

A bumper ad is simply a small 6-8-second video advertisement that cannot be skipped by the customer. Now, you might be thinking this time period is way too short for an ad, but it’s not. You might have encountered such ads on YouTube while watching your fav video. You may want to skip it, but you can’t. Will have to wait till the entire video is completed. It is important to understand that it is not the content that will make the ad work but the repetitiveness of it that will grab public attention. This is why you can expect a lot from a single ad. You need to design a cluster of it and deploy it strategically. This is what the best digital marketing company does.

Dynamic Search Ads

This is one of the best things that will happen to your business if done correctly. Dynamic Search is a great tool to help your website finds relevant customers. Advertisers are using Dynamic Search Ads with a well-developed website because DSA uses your website’s content to target your ads. This will help you find good keywords that were missing in your campaign. But to do so, you need to have a well-written description that is creative as well as informative. Google works great when it comes to finding long-tail keywords for your content, which is why this one should be on top of your list to try this year.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

There is nothing wrong with getting some motivation from your competitors. Try looking into their strategy and their ad schedule to understand how they can create good leads. Moreover, you should also try to recognize which device source is generating leads for you. If the ad campaign for mobile devices is not profitable, then you should not focus on them.

These are the top strategies you should try in your PPC strategy. Remember, fortune favors the bold and these are industry-standard practices that won’t hurt you in any way.

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