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A hotel’s ambiance, whether it’s the grounds, the lobby, or the hotel rooms, is often the setting for the mood that guests inherit throughout their stay at that hotel. Whether you plan to stay for one night, a week, or a long time, your first impression is everything.

Several elements make up the room’s atmosphere — a room that oozes comfort is one that guests associate with a pleasant experience at the hotel. Our Premium Luxury towels are among those amenities that’ll leave a memorable impression on any guest by assuring ultimate satisfaction.

If you are staying in a hotel, you probably won’t pay too much attention to the towels and other linens, but we are here to tell you that this isn’t the case. Towels in a hotel are probably more important than you think, and here are four reasons why.

Top 4 Reasons Why Premium Luxury Towels are More Important for your Guests

First Impression Matters

The first thing guests notice as soon as they enter their hotel rooms is their bed, whether it looks comfortable, inviting, clean, and presentable, then their bathroom. When guests walk into the rooms, they will notice if the towels are clean, thin, thick, luxurious, and well presented.


To encourage positive reviews, you must make a good impression at your hotel, and it is no doubt that the quality and cleanliness of your luxury bath towels and high-quality hand towels will play a vital role in encouraging positive reviews.

Adding a Touch of Style to a Hotel Room

There are a lot of towel options to choose from when it comes to buying towels for your hotel. If you decide to hire linen from us, you can pick from our great selection of thick, luxurious towels manufactured to the highest standards.

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A Quality Towel is Essential for the Comfort of your Guests

If you want a hotel to be successful, then comfort is at the top of the list! Don’t forget to put big, fluffy towels on your bed and make your beds snug. This will greatly affect the impression your guests have of your hotel.


Using Quality Hotel Towels Contributes to an Overall Sense of Cleanliness

By using quality towels, you will be adding to the feeling of cleanliness in your hotel and providing comfort to your guests. Towels made from pristine, quality assured materials can make the cleanest rooms feel even more so.


Why Buy Premium Luxury Towels from Beyond Bridges USA

Perfect for Any Theme

At Beyond Bridges USA, we ensure that our luxury towel collections meet the demands of different guests based on their preferences. Our luxury towels are dominated by a terry finish that’s both soothing to the touch and the eye. With its elegant appearance, our fabric blends well with just about any hotel setting and evokes a touch of luxury.

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Different Sizes of Towels for Various Purposes

There is no doubt that the guest’s experience begins the moment they step into the hotel lobby to check in. With well-maintained lobby windows, surfaces, and floors (among other areas) coupled with a thorough cleansing routine, guests should feel as if they’re being pampered from the moment they step foot inside.

Providing your guests with cold drinks and warm, damp washcloths for them to freshen up with is also a good idea. A simple gesture like a towel is universally perceived as a gesture of professional care, and it automatically contacts the sense of being recognized as a client of excellence.

The idea that you have towels varying in size to accommodate visitors is one of the reasons why you should consider having towels in various sizes. Beyond Bridges USA offers a range of towels in different sizes in our luxury towel collections:

  • Washcloth
  • Hand towel
  • Bath mat
  • Bath towel

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When it comes to towels, having various sizes means that guests will be able to find the towel they require when they need it. Imagine how much more convenient it is for guests to have a bath towel, hand towel, bath mat, and matching hand towel.

Long-lasting Durability and Maximum Absorption

The essence of luxury is to offer a product that can meet its purpose to the fullest extent possible. If a towel isn’t efficient at absorbing water, it’s like those sinks without running water- each element needs to exist parallel to the other to function.

An essential aspect of maintaining a satisfied guest base is maintaining sanitary standards. We at Beyond Bridges USA offer a wide range of towel choices made from 100% combed cotton terry to ensure that each towel provides an exceptional level of absorbency with its soft texture. Every towel is woven from fibers that are intricately laced together through the use of the latest manufacturing techniques in the industry, allowing them to provide a smooth feel whenever and wherever they are used. We have a collection of towels of the highest quality in each of our towel collections, ensuring they can cope with multiple launderings required by the hospitality industry.

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We assure you and your guests that it is not a problem to launder your towels several times to maintain the feeling of comfort. Even environmentally conscious guests might prefer to wash their towels after every use to ensure a more pleasant stay.

Continuous Satisfaction

When guests check into a hotel, they hope they won’t need to worry about bringing their towels to a swimming pool, gym, or spa. When you have them readily available all the time, visitors will appreciate that extra dose of feeling spoiled. Guests may request additional towels for any reason, so you should always keep extra towels in storage. Alternatively, you can provide a fitted towel at the hotel pool or beach that guests can use for lying down on.

The towel’s finishing must be clean to keep its luxurious structure. There can be a detrimental effect on a hotel guest’s perception of the type of quality that they are receiving if they spot signs of wear and tear on their towels while they are staying there. The quality construction of the towels offered by Beyond Bridges USA ensures that you will never have to worry about finding hanging threads or damaged hemmed lines due to their use.

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Beyond Bridges USA – The Leading Towel Supplier

Beyond Bridges USA is well known for providing luxury towels to some of the most prominent hotels in the business for some time now. To maintain our reputation as perfectionists, every towel that leaves our warehouse is guaranteed to meet our quality control standards, which are the best on the market.