Importance of wearing aligner trays for 22 hours a day

The latest Invisalign treatments have changed orthodontics by providing patients with a convenient cosmetic treatment for your misaligned and crooked teeth. These customised aligner trays are almost invisible just like the traditional metal braces. If you want to correct the problem of your misaligned teeth, then it is important to explain in details about the treatment process before you may order the first set of trays. After patients perform the treatment, they must follow the 20- to 22-hour compliance rule. Read on this post to get more details about the procedure.

Why 22 hour compliance rule is important

Invisalign trays nudge teeth gently in a better alignment with micro-movements. These small shifts usually spread out over several months or longer so that the patients feel minimal discomfort throughout the treatment. The method works as each new tray is straighter than the existing one. These aligner trays are effective only during the time when they are in physical contact with your teeth. So, your Invisalign provider suggests wearing Invisalign aligners 22 hours a day for getting the best possible results.

These trays have been made with the assumption that the patients will abide by the rule. In case you do not follow this rule, this may lead to some discomfort, further complications or delay in the treatment.

What can happen when you do follow compliance rule?

If you do not wear your invisible trays for 20 to 22 hours, as suggested by the Invisalign provider, then this can be the reason for further problems that seem to be difficult to correct properly. Some of these complications are:

Delayed results

Your failure to wear the trays during the treatment might cause some kind of discomfort in the short run. When you don’t abide by the 20-rule for too long, you might not be able to enjoy the cosmetic results that you have worked for, as per the target date. When you get the first set of trays, the Invisalign provider will tell about your treatment period, which is usually 12 to 18 months. You need to go for dental checkups regularly so that the dentist can evaluate the progress of the treatment. In case your teeth are not shifting properly due to failure with the 20-22 hour rule, you might have to wear the current trays for a longer time. If your teeth have fallen much behind, then you will require an entirely new set of trays to be prepared.


The first few days after placing a new tray seems to be most crucial time for the wearers. You will feel slight pressure against certain teeth that can lead to mild discomfort and so, you must wear your trays for at least 20 hours each day. You can take them out when you want to eat, drink, brush or floss. On removing the trays for a longer time, your teeth may slightly get back to their actual position. You will feel some discomfort or pain when you put your new tray back after a long break. If you want to avoid this situation, make sure you follow the 20-22 hour compliance rule.

Compliance rule tips

  • Put the new set of aligners before going to bed in order to “sleep off” discomfort and soreness
  • Do not try to repair your damaged clear braces
  • Report missing or damaged aligners immediately to the Invisalign provider
  • There will be some time for mild discomfort and soreness
  • Buy a mouthguard tray for holding aligners when you do not use them

Thus, if you are looking to achieve your straighter and confident smile, contact your nearest clinic for Invisalign in London where the dentist also offers other orthodontic solutions like six month smiles to ensure quicker results. By following 20-22 hour compliance rule, you will be able to enjoy cosmetic results you desire with minimal discomfort.