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Ever felt like uploading music and short videos, what strikes our mind is either Instagram reels or TikTok. These two social media platforms seem to have a very similar approach to uploading a short video form with given music. We are going to see the difference between the two platforms on their basic features ranging from video lengths to editing and their respective algorithms and so on. And here is the in-depth comparison of both platforms Instagram reels vs TikTok.

Instagram Reels VS TikTok

Let us see in this article a square-off between Instagram reels and TikTok.

Instagram Reels vs TikTok – In-depth Comparison

With short videos are seen all over your Instagram and its explore page users have used the reels in a very creative way to show off content. The Instagram reels are still a newbie as compared to the popularity owned by the TikTok app and its users.

If you want your target audience to be Genz, TikTok the platform for it. And for the millennial generation and business account users who want to grow their followers, Instagram reels is a pretty efficient way to do so.

With loads of content compressed in the short video form, i.e Instagram reels of 15 to 30 seconds are gaining popularity with every new day.

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Video Length:

With varying content, you have the choice to either go with the Instagram reels or with TikTok. One could find it pretty easy to use the Instagram reels for 15 to 30-seconds  video for lesser content.

Instagram reels vs TikTok video length

Many people find it difficult to fit their bulk content in 60 seconds video and therefore TikTok serves them the best. Every sec makes a difference so does 30 seconds. The Instagram reels are still new and have a lot to offer over time.

As creativity can’t be limited you can always be creative within the Instagram reels.

Video Editing Tools:

Having fun with video effects is the heart of these social media platforms. Even though both have a wide range of filters and other effects one wins over the other. You can add various video effects and filters from the plethora of options available on TikTok. With a lot of amazing templates to choose from.

Instagram reels vs TikTok video editing tools

Whereas on Instagram reels the video effects are amazing but limited to its library and have to be used before the video is shot. Adding voice effects is what differs TikTok from Instagram reels. Reels allow you to record voice clips but with no features to add effects on them.

Another notable difference in the duet, stitch, and reaction videos which is still not a feature of the Instagram reel. Giving TikTok an edge and most preferred platform for engaging audiences and reaching out more to the public.

Music Options:

Music is the key to such apps. where engaging your audience with content and music is important! TikTok allows you to do so and add music from its very own sound library. It also allows you to save other videos to your camera roll with the original audio and is a trendsetter.

Instagram reels vs TikTok music

On the other hand, Instagram still doesn’t allow many business accounts to use the reel music library and you have to edit it from elsewhere and then upload it to the app. Instagram allows you to save only your reels with audio to the camera roll and even if you wanted to save others reels original audio won’t be available.


The explore page and for your pages on Instagram and TikTok respectively are both based on the idea of what interests you and your preference history.

The three major factors for the ‘For you’ page are :

  • User’s choice of liking and commenting on other videos, accounts you follow, and your content
  • The captions hashtags and sounds you add to your videos
  • Your country, language preferences, and the device you log in from are the factors involved while making a for you page.

Thus making every user page unique and distinguishable. Instagram reels you find on the Explore page of your app are chosen for the public and you get a notification if it is on the explore page. Having an account on Instagram allows you to reach out to millions of people who have seen a clip of your reels and become viral. Both of the platforms require you to put in daily content and will help you engage a lot of people to your content and your profile.


Instagram reels are more eye-appealing and aesthetic as they are bound to go on your profile. If in case you are an influencer or have a business account, reels is a better pick. Millennials reach out to reels more than anyone else.

TikTok is not that aesthetic but is used more if you are willing to take part in the viral challenges and trends. The users don’t put in much effort to make it look in a certain desired way. The viral trends is an easy way to engage a lot of Genz audience


This idea revolves around targeting the right audience for you and making content that is worth all of it. TikTok analytics are built-in and you can have access to it once you get a pro account.

instagram statistics World Wide

It shows you what your followers have been interested in and the sounds they were interested in. It also gives you a fair idea of your traffic sources and helps you engage with them even better.

tiktok statistics

Source: App Ape Statistics

And the cherry on the cake is you can always know when your video is trending.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is TikTok better than Instagram Reels?

The best app for making videos depends on users’ preferences. Depending on the time duration, music selection, and more, you can pick either of them and be as creative as you want.


Can Instagram Reels replace Tiktok?

To give a straightforward answer, Instagram Reels won’t replace TikTok because the user base of both apps is totally different. While TikTok is directed more towards locals, Instagram Reels are dedicated more to short and basic videos.



On comparing Instagram reels vs TikTok we saw both of the apps might have several similarities and yet noticeable differences and each stands apart. We can conclude that none of them is better than the other and that a choice is based on user preference. For several business and eye-pleasing accounts, the Instagram reels win the round with which the users can promote their product and reach out to a lot of people.

Well, For reaching out to Genz the viral trends on TikTok stand out and help to become viral and popular. We hope you found our comparison between the two helpful. Let us know which platform you are picking in the comment section below.

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