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Instagram vs Snapchat, of course, it’s difficult to pick the best one as both social media platforms are holding a strong position in the market for their dominant features.

Though both social media platforms function differently, that’s why the comparison may sound illogical.

Instagram vs Snapchat Overview

Yet, both are steadily growing, which raises a little curiosity among people to know which one is the top-drawer. So here we’ve rounded up a list of features to prove how one is better than another on the big picture.

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Instagram vs Snapchat: Users

In terms of the user base, Instagram conquers this battle. Instagram is slightly older as compared to Snapchat; that’s why the large user base is a usual thing that makes Instagram stand out.

With more than 400 million active users, Instagram becomes the top-drawer as compared to Snapchat that is used by more than 173 million users every day.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat daily active users chart

If we talk about Instagram stories, 250+ million people view Instagram studies, which are way more than Snapchat active user base.

The Instagram user base is steadily inclining as compared to Snapchat growing at a slow rate. Especially among users between 18 and 29, the popularity of Instagram is quite noticeable.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Content Types

Next, we’ll glance at the content type that both these social media platforms feature for their users.

1. Stories

Instagram vs Snapchat Stories

Though the stories option is quite popular on both Instagram and Snapchat because it makes the overall social media platform quite engaging for its users, that’s why both have outperformed here.

2. Images and Videos

Both Instagram and Snapchat display content to the users in their own unique style. Such as, images and videos of any content are published on Instagram as a post and as a ‘snap’ on Snapchat.

However, the snaps are mostly private on Instagram, whereas Instagram offers options to its users to choose between private and public posts. Also, Instagram posts can be vertical, horizontal, or square, but you can view the snaps on a full screen (vertical) only.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Content Quality

On Instagram, you’ll find a great mix up of content when it comes to quality in which high-resolution content can be found in a good number as well. On the other hand, Snapchat snaps features only filtered content.

Though in the lack of amazing filtered choice, a downfall in demand for Snapchat becomes very obvious as, without the proper filtered option, Snapchat is nothing.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Discoverability

If you want to enhance your brand’s visibility, Instagram is a quite better option because it makes your brand more discoverable. Such as, you can set an attractive public profile that grabs public attention.

Also, if you’ve built a decent follower base, it’ll attract users to see your posts. Instagram promotes the related profile in its suggested option. If you’ve set a catchy public profile, it raises chances that more people are likely to click on it.

On the other hand, Snapchat doesn’t offer you this feature. Only your family and friends can view your post to whom you’ve added to your account. The snaps or stories don’t last more than 24 hours on Snapchat.

Discover Feature

Also, the likes and comments on Instagram make the content on a particular post more engaging to the viewers. Meanwhile, if one wants to get in touch with the users directly, they can use the message option.

But on Snapchat, only the user of the account can see the replies made on snaps or stories. That’s why, in terms of privacy concerns, Snapchat wins.

The hashtag and @-mention tags are another one of the most popular ways of engaging users. You can tag someone in a post, comment, profile, which increases brand reach. It also highlights the power of user-generated content. It adds more potential to Instagram marketing strategies.

What Are The Engagement Level?

In terms of engagement, undoubtedly, Instagram wins. The big chunk of highly engaging content is the major factor. People can put hashtags in the search bar to figure out the best post on Instagram. People can watch a video, a post, and comment, which sometimes leads to viral content.

Though, Snapchat is also very engaging because of its mind-boggling filter option that’s enough to make a day. Still, for marketing purposes, Snapchat isn’t worth it. But for personal use or to make some memorable moments, Snapchat is a way better option.

Instagram is a genuinely amazing alternative for marketers who want to boost their brand awareness. By utilizing their creativity, content creators are coming with some eye-catching posts that retain users’ attention.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Analytics

Users can get insight into their audience. Such as how many people have viewed their content and at what time their post-capture has huge traction. All these analytical reports can be found within a few clicks.

Analytics Instagram

Whereas this option lacks in Snapchat because most content is private and not public, marketers are still using Snapchat in their creative style.

Analytics Snapchat

Instagram vs Snapchat: Ads

Online marketing advertisement over the last few years has popped up as the most lucrative opportunities for marketers.

The highest conversion makes the paid advertising stand out in the internet world. Though every social media platform offers this option, so brands or companies can give an upswing to their image in the market.

However, Snapchat advertising features aren’t too good for many businesses. That’s why the demands of Snapchat’s ads are quite low as compared to the demands of Instagram or Facebook ads.

Instagram provides users access to plenty of features and options to launch an advertisement. The add manager tools make Instagram a technically amazing alternative to online marketing. Also, one can target the audience and choose the ad formats in variations.

All the data related to the geographic location, interest, and behavior of the users are readily accessible and can be checked in the Instagram Advertisements insights.

That’s why for marketers and leading brands, Instagram has always been the first-class option.

Instagram VS Snapchat: Quick Overview

InsightsInstagramSnapchatUsers400 million active users173 million active usersContent TypesStories, Images, and VideosStories and SnapsDiscoverabilityPublic Profile and Engagement, User-generated contentLittle info on profile, only private snaps, and repliesEngagement level28% higher view rate40% fell after the Instagram stories were launched.Analytics reportAccessibleNot accessibleRun AdsAvailableAvailable

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which is best, Instagram or Snapchat?

Ans: The overall winner is Instagram, thanks to the sophisticated, ultra-modern design and engaging user experience.


Snapchat or Instagram, which is safer?

Ans: Snapchat is safe because your information is private and not easily accessible to a third party.


What is dangerous about Instagram?

Ans: The inappropriate photos and sometimes few contents play with the emotions and give a wrong message to the society, which attracts violence too.


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Conclusion: Instagram vs Snapchat

Ultimately, it is clearly visible that Instagram is the more dominant social media platform in this battle between Instagram and Snapchat.

For marketing purposes, Instagram is a highly recommended option. Even though people are earning a huge amount by becoming famous Instagram influencers as the brand approaches them, which on its own has shaped into a unique but powerful kind of marketing strategy.

But in terms of fun and privacy, Snapchat is also not bad as family and friends can play with the filter system and capture some funny moments in snaps.

That’s why both social media platforms have something unique to give that engages users differently.