Fingerprint scanning technology with woman using her smartphone

A new enhanced biometric solution has been introduced to address the fact that not all users can use authID’s VerifiedSelfieTM function. Version 2.11.0 now includes Verified Dynamic Enrollment. This allows users to select from the ID authentication options available during enrollment. It enables users to protect their transactions via biometrics or One Time Passcode, also known as OTPs, via text message.

Verified’s new Dynamic Enrollment offers users robust identity verification. Users can choose from various identity-backed and validation options integrated with existing cyber stacks for increased security. A great plus is that its portable authentication is available across all devices. In addition, clients can offer their users the ability to choose between their active cameras during inline authentication. This is done without changing their browser settings.

Why was Dynamic Enrollment Created?

Version 2.11.0 of Verified aims to provide capabilities that support technology adoption and enterprise change management. Customers can use this to implement biometric authentication solutions across their entire user population. This design also considered its users’ various operating systems and preferences in identity authentication.

More detailed reporting measures have been added for better monitoring across the user base. Dynamic Enrollment provides information on user authentication choices, biometrics, and several successful SMS authentications.

Benefits of Dynamic Registration to Customers

The main goal of dynamic enrollment is to assist organizations in providing seamless and practical verification services support. Organizations can gather information regardless of socioeconomic status for better CIAM (customer identity and access management). This allows for better monitoring of employees’ access to sensitive information at work.

Dynamic enrollment allows Verified to be implemented in controlled phases. This speeds up the technology rollout while allowing customers the freedom to decline to use biometrics. Companies can increase the number of Verified Selfie users by adjusting the probability that the user will be offered Verified SelfieTM from 0 to 100% and recommending biometrics use more often.

Verified 2.11.0 provides unrivaled identity assurance and helps customers resolve continuing verification needs. It also creates a unique user experience through device authentication and cloud biometrics. In closing, it is a great pride to have created a system that will enable customers to dynamically provide their users with the option to enroll their biometrics for use in authentication challenges without subjecting them to any uncomfortable requirements.

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