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The iPhone 11 Pro is a premium phone available on the apple store. It has been around for a long time now. Users love the phone because of its fantastic design and high-quality features. You can try it out and get a great experience while playing games, calling, and in general surfing through the internet. There are different versions of the phone available online.

iPhone 11 Pro Model Numbers

You can find the one which suits all your needs. We recommend that you take a look before making your purchase. These are limited to a few regions online. In this guide, we will clear all your doubts about the fantastic iPhone 11 Pro.

Features of iPhone 11 Pro:

The iPhone 11 Pro comes with tons of unique features. In this section, we will take a look at what all can be done through this unique device. Users can enjoy premium benefits at an affordable price now. There are many options on the table when it comes to tools from Apple. It is one of the premier smartphones. The launch of iPhone 12 will reduce the price of this version drastically. It is the right time to invest in this product. Here are some of the benefits of owning an iPhone 11 Pro. The features remain common amongst the different model numbers of the device.

1. Screen

The screen forms the heart and soul of any modern-day smartphone. You can see the positive results on this through the fantastic device.

iPhone 11 Pro screen

Users can enjoy high-quality content through their iPhone 11 Pro. The 5.8-inch screen is the standard size for the modern-day smartphone—the majority of users like this size for their comfort. The screen is also beautiful to look at with the HDR 10 certification. It uses XDR OLED technology for color accuracy.

2. Tough on the outside and inside

iPhones have a terrible reputation when it comes to toughness. They are often the easiest to break. You can be assured that with the help of a case, your device will be rigid. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with IP68 certification.

Tough on the outside and inside

It makes the device completely waterproof for up to 4 meters. It is also dust resistant to keep your streaks free.

3. Triple camera setup

You can’t go wrong with the fantastic triple camera setup. It helps you click amazing pictures in different surroundings. There are three unique lenses with 12MP ratings. These are efficient for your use through the devices. Users get ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto cameras.

triple camera setup

You can take breathtaking shots through the night mode, portrait mode, and focus way. It is useful for long-range shots as well. Users can take up 4K 60FPS videos.

4. Additional benefits

The iPhone 11 Pro comes with additional benefits like a free Apple TV subscription for the users. It is available for one year when you purchase an iPhone. You can access great content for absolutely free through this service. We recommend our readers to explore this option. Users will also get apple music.

Additional benefits

It is an ecosystem of entertainment. These are some of the fantastic features that iPhone 11 Pro users will get through their purchase. We hope you have a great experience through your purchase.

iPhone 11 Pro Models:

The iPhone 11 Pro comes with many unique models. These are available across different regions of the world. Users can get them to ensure smooth delivery of the work.

We recommend that you go through these models before making your purchase. Here are the iPhone 11 Pro model numbers.

1. A2160

The A2160 model is available only in the North American circle. Users from the USA, Canada, and other nearby countries can get this model. It is also popular in the US Virgin Islands and the government of Puerto Rico.

iphone 11 pro a2160

The phone offers dual sim features through the Physical nano sim and a virtual e-sim. Users will get more benefits from the unlocked version of the device. It is perfect for your long term use. You can have a fantastic experience communicating with this device.

2. A2215

The A2215 version of the iPhone 11 Pro is dubbed as the international model. It is prevalent almost everywhere around the world. Users can get this version for easy communications and perfect internet use. It is the standard version which is available across big markets of Europe and Asia. You will find it in the UK, Taiwan, EU countries, India and Australia. It is also the version which is popular in Japan. There are no exclusive versions for A2215. It also comes with dual sim features through nano-sim and e-sim.

3. A2217

Every iPhone model comes with an exclusive version for the device in China and Hong Kong. The restrictions are highest in this country. Users are getting an entirely different version of the internet. Users can get the unlocked version at an affordable price. The app restrictions are relatively high in this region. The identifying feature of this version is the physical dual sim tray on the device. It does not support e-sim features.

Only a few telecom providers are supported on the devices. You can purchase the version only in these geographical boundaries. These are the three models of the device available on the markets around the world. Purchase them According to your convenience.


In this guide, we talk about the different features of the fantastic iPhone 11 Pro devices. There are tons of options available on the market. We hope our guide was able to solve your doubts regarding the same.