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The iPhone 12 Pro is one of the premium devices available on the internet. Users from all around the world can purchase this device to up their smartphone game. We are going to take a look at the options for the iPhone 12 Pro. It is a premium device that has recently been up on the market. There are different models available for this smartphone. Users will get other regions according to their location in the world. This device comes in four different model numbers. Usually, there are three versions of an iPhone. Apple is trying to revamp its production process.

iPhone 12 Pro Models

Apple is bringing different models for their iOS devices. It helps in easing the production process. Users can get the same iPhone with standard features from other regions. The iPhone 12 currently comes in four different models. It is crucial for your use and requires efficient service. These versions are closely similar. The sales of the iPhone haven’t started yet in many regions. Viewers are going through a lot of speculation and confusion about the models. In this guide, we will talk about the A2341, A2406, A2407, and A2408 versions of the iPhone 12 Pro.

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Features of iPhone 12 Pro:

The iPhone 12 Pro models come with similar features. Let’s take a look at what the new generation of devices has to offer the users.

1. New and improved processor

The Apple A14 Bionic Chip is perfect for everything that you can do with a smartphone. It comes with new and improved battery life support. It is the first-ever 5 nanometer chip available in the industry. Apple is stepping up their game each year. They promise a 50% faster performance than any other chip available in the market.

New and Improved Processor

Users can try this out to see excellent new benefits. It enhances your video and picture performance with efficient content. The Dolby vision addition gets you high clarity. The 16 core neural engine enables 70% faster machine learning.

2. Pro camera system

The iPhone 12 Pro is continuing the trend of triple-camera setups with a telephoto camera. They are revamping the picture quality with precision sensors. These are suitable for your Night mode pictures. Apple has also brought the LiDAR Scanner technology into their system. It is really good for video recording.

Pro Camera System

Optical Image Stabilization has also tremendously become efficient. The seven elements wide lens gives you sharpness in all of your pictures and the optical zoom range is also really good.

3. Display

The display on this device is perfect for long-term use. Anyone can utilize it for movie nights and content streaming. The super retina XDR display brings you an infinity pool of pixels. The 1200 nits on this display are crucial for easy use day and night.


The contrast ratio is also humongous for easy use. The 3.4 million pixels on this phone make it the perfect candidate for your graphics-based work. The display is made of Ceramic Shield.

4. Battery

This device comes with the latest Turbocharger technology on its devices. It is ideal to use on the go. Users can get a full day’s battery with a single charge. Through the device, you can charge your phone within a few minutes. The new MagSafe technology automatically aligns your cable with the phone. It also supports wireless charging with the help of the glass back.

Turbo Chargeable

These are some of the premium features we recommend to all of our readers to try out. We hope you can have a fantastic experience through your purchase. It also gives 11 hours of video playback and you can run deep fusion mode on it.

iPhone 12 Pro Models:

It is time to look at the different iPhone 12 Pro models to offer to all our readers. Users can follow this guide to know more about the devices.

1. A2341

The A2341 is available in a limited region. It is the US model with the 5G NR spectrum bands, which offer high-speed internet. There is a difference in the basic design as well. Users will see visible bands on the iPhone, which compensate for the technology. It is a simple antenna that helps you out. The device also supports dual sim features for the readers.

Model A2341

It brings you premium internet quality and super-fast reception. It is the perfect model for everyone who wants speed.

2. A2406

This model number is available in only a few regions. It is going to be up for sale in areas like Canada and Japan. The features remain mostly the same. Some people will not get the 5G connectivity features on this device. Users can get impressive speeds over a 4G network.

Model A2406

We recommend that you enjoy this service for the premium features. The version also supports dual nano sim features on their devices. Try it out today and experience quality service.

3. A2407

The A2407 model is essential for readers who want to get it anywhere in the world. It is going to be the global version of the iPhone this year. It is going to be available in major markets like Europe and Asia. The model also supports dual sim features with a similar configuration.

Model A2407

The overall characteristics of the device remain the same. However, users might have a few issues with 5G features in different countries. It is a technology that is still in the works in most of these regions.

4. A2408

The A2408 version is the pinnacle of your long-term use. It is ideal for all our readers from Hong Kong and China. It is a limited version that is available only in these geographical regions. You can utilize most of the features without any restrictions. Facetime and WiFi calling are not available in Chinese territory. It is also making an appearance in the Macao market this year.

Model A2408

It is the only model that has support for two physical sim cards. These are the four options available for all of us over the internet in different regions.

How to Purchase?

You can purchase the iPhone 12 Pro easily from your nearest Apple store. It is not popular in the market through different means right now. The online mode remains the most sought-after version these days.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max?

There is not much difference between iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, but their display sizes vary. iPhone 12 Pro has a display of 6.1 inches, and iPhone 12 Pro Max has a display of 6.7 inches.


Should I get the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 is a much better device than iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 12 has a better camera, better processor, better durability, and it also supports 5g and MagSafe.


Is iPhone 12 Pro worth it?

Both iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 aren’t different from each other. The iPhone 12 is certainly an amazing device, but iPhone 12 pro is not worth the extra money you’ll pay. You will only get a bigger ultra wide with iPhone 12 Pro.


Which is the best iPhone 12 to buy?

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best device to buy if you’re willing to pay extra money. If not, you can buy the normal iPhone 12, which also offers the best value.



In this guide, we cover different aspects of the iPhone 12 Pro models. Users can utilize this tool to ensure they get a good experience. We recommend our readers to get all the necessary information before your purchase. Enjoy the premium Apple experience.

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