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Nothing seems to stop Apple when it comes to launching its phones. Although the Pandemic slowed down the release date, the all-new iPhone 12 is finally here. This time, Apple is taking the flexibility of models to another level. Instead of two or three models for choices, you get four models to choose between.

iPhone 12 Models Comparison

On the surface, they are similar to the notable size difference. But what makes them genuinely different? Which one should you consider? If you want to get answers to these questions and make the right choice, then read along.

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This article will find a relevant analysis of Apple iPhone 12 Models with a proper comparison. It doesn’t consider the price factor but actual notable differences in the four models. Let’s start with a comparison table:

iPhone 12 Models Comparison Table:

SpecsiPhone 12iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro MaxDisplay Size6.1 Inch5.4 Inch6.1 Inch6.7 InchResolution2532 x 11702340 x 10802532 x 11702778 x 1284Pixel Density460 PPI476 PPI460 PPI458 PPIBattery Life15 Hours15 Hours17 Hours17 HoursStorage Option64/128/256 GB64/128/256 GB128/256/512 GB128/256/512 GBRear CameraDual (Wide & Ultra Wide )Dual (Wide & Ultra Wide)Triple (Wide, Ultra Wide & Telephoto)Triple (Wide, Ultra Wide & Telephoto)Rear Camera Quality12 Megapixel (Both)12 Megapixel (Both)12 Megapixel (All three)12 Megapixel (All three)Front CameraSingle (12 MP)Single (12 MP)Single (12 MP)Single (12 MP)Weight164g (5.78 Oz)135g (4.76 Oz)189g (6.66 Oz)228g (8.03 Oz)

Apple has brought the latest A14 Bionic chip that promises higher performance for the phones. Edge-to-edge OLED displays are prominent in all four models. Additionally, you get a ceramic shield for the display that claims to be four times more resistant than previous Apple iPhone models (11 or older). All of these models incorporate XDR Super Retina Display for world-class performance.

Thus, each phone brings you a remarkable contract and a better color definition. The pixel density is commendable with a higher resolution for optimum clarity. Every model encompasses the night mode for cameras that brings around 27% more light for shot clarity. With the new chipset, it claims to provide Dolby Vision quality for recording.

iPhone 12 Models – Factors While Considering

There are five vibrant finishes each model is available in. There is the signature red, black, white, green, and blue available for the models.

1. IP68 Resistance

The new Apple iPhones come with remarkable waterproofing capacity. However, Apple asks you not to consistently expose it to water, despite the resistance up to 4 meters in water for 30 minutes. Thus, it will provide you proper protection against rain, splashes of water, and other similar exposure.

IP68 Resistance

Apple iPhones also get a significant tweak in dust and particle resistance. You get a long-lasting product with the same quality assurance as Apple. Apple makes it clear that over time, the resistance may wear off as it does with any other device. However, IP6X is known as the highest waterproof rating available for iPhone devices. So it is a remarkable addition.

2. Smart HDR 3

The smart HDR 3 is available in all models and provides ease for people to capture sharper pictures. It delivers crisp quality and employs machine learning capabilities for better performance. Thus, it can adjust sharpness, colors, brightness, and other settings automatically. If you want to capture texture or better-saturated pictures, the new Smart HDR3 is undoubtedly commendable.

3. 4K HD Performance

Now you can record videos in Dolby Vision or capture photographs. Every model supports 4K HD with a framerate choice between 30 or 60 fps. You can tone down the quality to 720P at a minimum. The standard digital zone is around 3x. You get slow-mo, panorama, time-lapse, cinematic video stabilization, and much more. Thus, it is an excellent phone for content creators across the globe.

4. MagSafe Case And Wireless Charging

Apple is trying to popularize the new Magsafe accessory that allows you to utilize the magnets on your iPhone’s backside. You can fasten the Magsafe that comes in a variety of finishes and colors to fit your preference. It allows you to store money or credit cards. Additionally, Magsafe is shielded to protect the credit cards without any problem.

iphone wireless charging

Wireless charging is high speed with automatic adjustment for the magnets to optimize the charging. You get an authentic lightning port experience with the latest model in Apple’s flagship.

iPhone 12 Models Comparison:

Now that we know about iPhone 12, let’s take a more in-depth look into what makes each model different. Is there an actual difference between these models, or is it a marketing tactic? Let’s start with something Apple hasn’t introduced since 2016, the  Apple iPhone 12 Mini:

1. iPhone 12 Mini – The Little King

It’s been a long time since Apple has introduced a small iPhone. Here you have a sleek iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.7-inch display. Its bezel-less design is identical to a standard 4.7-inch display that Apple was once known to provide. Thus, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, this could be the right choice.

iPhone 12 Mini’s point is to provide a discounted iPhone 12 version with the same performance and power level. It has the latest Bionic chipset with extensive battery life and OLED display. You get a dual camera and fantastic performance overall.

iPhone 12 Mini

It has an HDR display, true tone, wide color, haptic touch but 625 nits in brightness. In short, the iPhone 12 Mini has everything that the standard iPhone 12 model brings you, but with a smaller body. That’s what cuts down the price.

If you want an iPhone that is more compact, portable and feels like an actual mobile phone, iPhone 12 is a good choice. The tiny size doesn’t slack in power at all.

2. iPhone 12 Pro Max – The Grand Choice

On the surface, the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera may seem similar to 12 Pro, but there is a considerable difference. With a bigger size, you get larger sensors for the camera for better performance, clarity, and sharpness. Instead of 2x Optical Zoom, you get 2.5x optical zoom, thanks to the increased focal length of the telephoto lens. Overall, you get improved image stabilization with the ability to use the camera to the capabilities’ peak.

iPhone 12 Pro

Storage options, connectivity, and overall performance are the same for Pro and Pro Max. However, there is a significant tweak in size. You get 6.7 inches of massive display, which is one of a kind. Thus, you combine all of the features of the iPhone 12 and magnify them to the max. In other words, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max truly maximizes its appeal.

If you want better camera performance and display, then 12 Pro Max could be worth the investment. Apart from that, 12 Pro does the job considerably well.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro:

On the surface, both of these phones look virtually similar. Both have identical display, resolution, and color themes. However, 12 Pro is undoubtedly a better version with better battery life and 800 nits brightness, although both pack the same pixel density.

iPhone 12 Pro integrates three cameras against iPhone 12’s dual rear cameras. Pro model encompasses 2x optical zoom with LIDAR for better clarity, faster focus, and better low-light photography. While both phones support Dolby Vision, iPhone 12 Pro offers 60 fps while the standard model offers 30 fps.

You get stainless steel for iPhone 12 Pro’s body, while iPhone 12 utilizes standard aluminum cut for premium appeal. There is a significant difference between the entry-level storage of the two, as well. iPhone 12 has 64 GB storage with the starting price, while iPhone 12 Pro offers 128 GB.

For the price range, the bargain for added features might seem a little too much. It could be better to aim for iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, for true Apple iPhone enthusiasts, even these minor differences make a significant impact.

The Final Verdict – How To Choose?

If you compare the new iPhone 12 model to iPhone 11, Apple has shown a remarkable jump in performance and camera upgrade. This is by far the most significant leap they have made, according to the claims they make. Thus, making the iPhone 11 not worth the money, despite the large discounts it is available for.

The all-new A14 Bionic Chip claims to be at least 50% faster than the fastest smartphones. Its battery life is supposed to be 15-17 hours of video playback. You get wireless charging and support with all previous Apple accessories like chargers, Airpods and such.

If you compare the four models with each other, the price might not be worth the tweaks and changes. If you don’t care about display size, then Mini fulfills the job of standard iPhone 12. However, if you want to get the best of the iPhone 12, then the Pro Max model is the way to go. There is a considerable difference between 12 and 12 Pro, except for display size.

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