Are you wondering how to deal with an iPhone that has frozen or became unresponsive? Recovery mode acts as a savior to help you come out of all the worse situations and get your iPhone or iPad working again. Depending on which iOS devices you own, accessing recovery mode is no rocket science. In this article, we will guide you step by step about how you can put your iPhone into recovery mode irrespective of the iOS device you own.

How to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode

We have also mentioned how you can put your iPad or iPod into recovery mode in this article. So without further due, let us dig into the details!

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About Apple Recovery Mode:

Recovery mode is nothing but a useful way of fixing any damage to your iPhone which iTunes cannot recognize. With the use of it, you can fix any damage to the iOS device or restore your iPhone quickly without erasing your data. Additionally, if your iPhone is not responding correctly or can’t update using software update, or worse, it gets frozen up, you can use it.

How to Put iPhone 8, 8Plus, X, XS, 11, or 12, & 12 Pro in Recovery Mode?

Since iPhone 8 models do not have a physical home button and onwards series X, there is no home button; you will have to access recovery mode differently. Here’s how you can quickly put your iPhone 8 or later device into recovery mode.

  • Ensure that iTunes is updated to the latest version on your Mac or computer, and then close it.
  • The next step is to plug your iPhone into your Windows PC or Mac using the lightning cable.
    plug your iPhone into your Windows PC or Mac
  • Open iTunes on Your PC.
    Visit iTunes
  • Once you are connected to iTunes, press and release the Volume up button (top button) and repeat the same for the Volume down button. Now press and hold the side button on your iPhone till the recovery mode screen appears.
    press and release the Volume up button

How to Put iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in Recovery Mode?

Because the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes with non-mechanical home buttons, instead it comes with a capacitive Force Touch home button, you will have to use a different method to put your iPhone 7 into recovery mode.

  • Press and hold the Home button (side button) on the side of your iPhone till the Slide to power off appears on the screen.
    Press and hold the Home button
  • Swipe the power slide to the right to turn off your iPhone.
    Swipe the power slide to the right to turn off your iPhone
  • The next step is to plug your iPhone into your PC or Mac.
    plug your iPhone into your Windows PC or Mac
  • Press and hold the side button along with the Volume Down button until you see the recovery-mode screen on iTunes. Once you see the recovery mode screen, release the Volume and home button.

How to put iPhone 6s or earlier in Recovery Mode?

If you own an iPhone 6 or earlier iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a home button, follow the below step to access recovery mode.

  • Press and hold the side button on the right side of your iPhone.
  • Slide to power off will appear on your screen. Swipe right to turn your Apple device off.
  • Press and keep holding the home button of your iPhone.
  • Plug your iPhone or iPad into your PC or Mac using a USB cable and make sure that iTunes is running.
  • The final step is to release the Home button once you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

iTunes will detect the iPhone in recovery mode and will enable you to restore your device quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it possible to put the disabled iPhone into recovery mode?

Yes, if your computer or Mac does not recognize your Apple device, you can use the recovery mode to set up your iPhone from scratch. You can use it to fix your disabled iPhone or iPad.


What to do when your iPhone would not go into recovery mode?

Keep your Apple device plugged into your computer or Mac and follow the above steps. If it still fails, you can hold onto the power button until your iPhone is switched on again. Keep pressing and holding the home button until iTunes shows the recovery sign.



That concludes our post on how to put the iPhone into recovery mode. Recovery mode is the easiest way to get you out of trouble when any unwanted circumstances occur to your Apple devices. No more spending your time to figure out how to put your iOS device into recovery mode. Go ahead and follow the above steps to access recovery mode without erasing your data. We hope you found our article helpful. If you need any assistance with your Apple devices’ recovery mode, drop your questions in the comment section below.

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