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Are you having trouble turning your iPhone on? Don’t you worry! Here you will find solutions to all of the problems related to power and other similar iPhone issues. We will try to expand on different problems, even the branches, to help you with a holistic approach, so let’s take a look.

iPhone Wont Turn On

Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On – 5 Possible Ways

1. Restart Your Phone

Let’s start by trying to restart your phone. For this, you might want to press the power button. Check to see if it is responsible for that. You can long-press the home button or power button if you have an older iPhone. If that doesn’t work, then press the lock and side button together for the phone to prompt up the power option.

Restart your iPhone

Most of the time, if there has been some hanging or software issue, this will solve it. It can happen anytime abruptly. Some apps or processes might’ve been hindering your iPhone’s performance. However, if this doesn’t work, then check for the next option.

2. Ensure It’s Not Discharged

If you didn’t use your phone for a while, it is most likely that a battery got discharged. It can happen overnight or while you’re out enjoying yourself with your friends. Therefore, the first step would be to connect it with the power cable. Use the one that comes with your iPhone and if you were using a substitute, make sure it’s working correctly.

iphone charging

If you still didn’t receive any response, try the different cable. If you don’t have a different cable, go to a shop to try a new one or use your Mac’s cable. You have to be sure that the cable is compatible with the phone. Blow on the charging port if you have to and try powering the line. If it still doesn’t work, then the problem might not be in the battery.

Make sure to restart the phone to confirm whether it works or not.

3. Restore Through iTunes

The next option is to use iTunes and restore your device. For this, you have to use the PC (or Mac) you previously connected with. If you never used your iPhone with a desktop, then there might be no backup. As an ardent Apple customer, it is most probable that you used it at least once. So there is most likely a backup.

download itunes

Regardless, you can download the latest iTunes version to your PC. Connect your iPhone with a cable and try to start the PC connect by pressing the power button. If the device doesn’t respond, you can stop this step and move to the next one. However, if it does respond, follow up with the steps:

  • After connecting iPhone with iTunes, select your device on the app on the PC
  • Click on the restore option. The restoration process will thoroughly reset your phone, and you will lose your saved data.
  • However, before wiping, it will save your recent data as well. So you won’t lose anything you had before the device decided to shut down.
  • After the restore, follow through with the standard setup process of the device and make sure to restore your backup from iTunes. Your phone will be good to go.

4. Try The iCloud Approach

If the above-given steps didn’t bear any positive result, you could try the iCloud option. Sometimes the software issue is so deep that your button might not be responding. You need a way to initiate a process from inside the apple. For this, you would need iCloud activated on the device.


If you prefer to secure your device, you probably use iCloud on it. Here are the steps:

  • Use any other device and visit the official iCloud site
  • Login with the ID that is active on your iPhone
  • You can try using ‘Find my Device’ or the sound command to see if your iPhone responds.
  • If not, then move on with the recovery mode.
  • Now select recovery mode and choose to erase the data
  • It will restore your phone to new, and then you can follow through with the setup process.

In this method, you will lose any save file or backup that wasn’t in the iCloud. However, it is an excellent element to check whether your phone restarts or not. If it still doesn’t work, you might have more of a physical issue.

5. Go To The Apple Store

As a final option, you will have to go to the Apple store and get the phone examined. Sometimes the battery dies, or some component of the phone gives away. They might provide you a solution to the problem.

What May Cause These Problems?

The software problem can be due to some app or update, which causes lag or malfunction. However, you can solve it with a reset or restore method. If that doesn’t work, then the device might’ve received some form of damage. Physical damage from drops and impacts or water damage are some leading reasons for damaging iPhones. There might’ve been a component failure in the device. Whatever it is, the Apple store executive would be able to help you with the problem and rectify it for you.


It’s understandable if you’re anxious. Losing the phone and your data can be a massive blowback. However, you can still safeguard some of it or salvage something.

Ensure that you’ve tried all of the above-given methods before coming to any conclusion. Sometimes, it’s better to leave your device, and it might reset eventually. However, a dead phone might prompt you to replace it with a new model. You needn’t worry. If you had iCloud or iTunes backup in the previous device, you could restore complete data in the new Apple iPhone.

We hope that the guide was able to help you in solving the power issues. It is not advised to try and open the iPhone or use different methods than mentioned above. The Apple Store would be a better choice than visiting the nearby repair shop.

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