Is there a crossplay option available for Apex Legends? The sci-fi, fast-paced battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment is dominating every other game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is growing more popular and now you can find it on Steam and Switch, as well. Therefore, you have exponential growth in the player base. Hence, it poses the question: Is there an Apex Legends Crossplay?

Is Apex Legends CrossPlay

In this article, you will learn about everything related to the cross-play options available for Apex Legends and how to use them. So, let’s find out!

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Apex Legends Crossplay Beta: Overview

By the end of 2020, Respawn Entertainment released a cross-play beta for the players. It enables them to connect with other players across PS4, Xbox One, and PC consoles that can support the game.

Similar to the standard gameplay, there hasn’t been an increase in the number of members per squad. You still have a three-player squad at best to play with friends. This aspect is to keep the gameplay unique and distinguishable from the competitors.

Apex Legends Crossplay Beta

Apart from the conventional PC, Xbox, and Playstation 4, Apex Legends is now available for Nintendo Switch and Steam. It offers cross-play in both of these platforms, as well. You can also expect to receive the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X, especially since both of these consoles have backward compatibility. Therefore, Respawn might release a cross-play option for these, as well.

Cross-Progression Possibilities And Limitations For Apex Legends:

Currently, the Crossplay beta doesn’t support cross-progression. However, there’s a little difference with what you might actually think. It just makes specific console players stick to the system. In other words, as you play with friends in crossplay, you can still progress and gain achievements. However, you can’t change the console and log-in to your ID to gain any progression.

Most of the squad battles in cross-platform play are for fun, as well. So, there isn’t any actual progression that you will get. It is expected as it is not the initial release but just a basic version for Apex Legends. Thus, if you’re using a battle pass and focusing on the progression, it’s better to stick to your console.  In simple words, the crossplay gameplay won’t save your progress right now.

Cross-Platform Limitations:

As we all know, there are hackers and cheaters available in every game. However, it is more challenging to get hacks for console players than PC players. Now that Apex Legends is opening its gateways to cross-platform play, you can expect people to start cheating. From automatic aims to higher speed and settings on PC consoles, there are too many options a player can exploit.

Apex Legends Crossplay limitations

Therefore, Respawn Entertainment has decided to put a specific limit on PC players. It isn’t anything hard-imposed. You will find it similar to something Mobile PUBG does for emulator warning. In other words, if someone is using a PC, other console players will get a popup message. More importantly, a match won’t have PC players if you don’t have a PC player in your squad.

In simple words, if you don’t have a PC player party, the entire match won’t have PC players. It is to ensure fair gameplay so that everyone can enjoy it without any actual restriction. Thus, you can avoid PC matches conveniently.

Guide For Apex Legends Crossplay:

How can you activate the cross-platform for friends menu? With the update release, cross-play is automatically active and there’s no need for you to toggle it. However, if you still want to turn it off or failed to have it active for your console, here are the steps:

  • Make sure that you’re in the lobby of the game
    lobby of the apex legend
  • Find the Game Menu, usually located in the left corner of the screen
  • Find the settings menu and then scroll to find ‘Cross-Platform Play (Beta)
    apex legend game menu
  • There you will see the toggle enabled or disabled.
  • Simply click on it to toggle it accordingly

You can use this step to disable cross-play if you don’t want to play with other players. As mentioned, the option is enabled by default.

Adding Friends For Cross-play:

Adding friends is similar to initiating a multiplayer game on Apex Legends. Of course, as you can see, if you add PC players, you will match with other similar players, as well.  Follow these steps:

  • Get the Find Friends menu
  • Then go to the ‘Friends List’ and find the friends
  • Simply send them the request
  • They will receive a pop up to join the game with you

The friend list enables you to check the console other players have. However, it requires you to add people as friends before playing with them. So, you would have to follow through and send the friend request as you do with any other game.

Communication In Apex Legends Crossplay:

There isn’t any slack in the communication aspect. You can use in-game voice chat conveniently to communicate with each other. So whether you have friends on PC or other consoles, you can seamlessly communicate with impeccable teamwork between the players.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Apex Legends Cross Platform 2020?

Yes. Apex Legends Cross Platform was released in October 2020. However, that was just a Beta version. You can expect a full-fledged version in 2021 for players on various platforms, as one of the best console games from Respawn. Content for item 1


How to Do You Crossplay On Apex Legends?

The above-given steps clarify how you can crossplay. As it is enabled by default, there’s no problem. You can use the standard party invites you to play with your friends. All you need to do is add friends and start playing.


Is Apex Legends Cross Platform PS4 Xbox One?

It is more than just a PS4 and PC. You can also play with friends on PC, Steam, and now Nintendo Switch as well. So you can go ahead and find friends to play on any platform.


Is Apex Crossplay Season 5?

No. It was speculated that Rewpawn will release the cross-platform gameplay by Apex Legends Season 6, but it took until Season 7 to release. There are PC Matches, Party Invites, and you can play with other console players or PC Friends alike.



It seems that for PC, you need an electronic arts (EA) system to be able to play cross platforms for Respawn Apex Legends. With the steam launch later, you now have a more expansive world to find friends. It is a valuable feature that allows you to play the game with your console, conveniently. You can play with friends or find other people to match up with. You can expect an update for full-fledged cross-platform play in 2021.

Anyway, that’s everything related to the function for now. From Friends Menu to various players and updates, we covered everything. There’s no need for you to have a gamepad either, you can use a keyboard and mouse. Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding of the feature to play across the platform. You can expect Rewpawn to escalate their development as they want players to get the best experience.

Apex Legends is still one of the top-ranking games that any player must play at least once in their life! So go ahead and enjoy it!

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