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Still searching for an answer that clears all your doubt about BlueStacks safety? Then today, you have arrived at the correct place. Well, to answer the question in short, whether or not BlueStacks is safe to use or not?

It is 100% safe to use. But if you still want to learn more about BlueStacks, then read the entire post where we have done a complete breakdown and explained some parameters where BlueStacks are safe to use.

Bluestacks Review – Complete Information

Bluestacks is a program that emulates an Android operating system on your desktop. Basically, this application runs the Android operating system over your system’s operating system. You can run all the Android applications by using BlueStacks on a desktop.

Is Bluestacks Safe

BlueStacks has an active user base consisting of 370 million users using it. BlueStacks is widely prevalent among Gamers because it lets them play their favorite game, which is not available on PC through an emulator, and play games like PUBG mobile, Call of Duty mobile, etc.

If BlueStacks was not safe, then someone among 370 million users might have reported a bug, but that’s not the case because no one has reported any point of issue regarding Bluestacks.

Does BlueStacks Hinder the Performance of Your PC?

Well, this is the most asked question, and you might have searched about this too. Well, there are a set of required specifications if you want to run BlueStacks on your PC. To run Bluestacks on PC, you at least need 2 GB of memory.

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People tend to install BlueStacks on the PC with low specifications and end up hindering their PC’s performance. But if you have a high-end PC with RAM greater than 2 GB and the latest processor installed, then Bluestacks will not hinder your PC’s performance and will run smoothly.

Here are some specifications that you require if you want to run BlueStacks on a windows machine:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 and above.
  • RAM: 3 GB or greater.
  • Internal disk space: 15 GB or greater.
  • Processor: Any Intel or AMD processor.
  • GPU: Any Nvidia GPU of 710 or above will work.

Here are some specifications that you require if you want to run BlueStacks on a Mac:

  • Operating system: Mac OS Sierra and above.
  • RAM: 4 GB or greater.
  • Internal disk space: 15 GB or greater.
  • Processor: Any Intel processor.

Does Bluestacks Have Any Malicious Program?

To check whether BlueStacks has any malicious program, we installed BlueStacks on different computers with different antivirus installed in it like QuickHeal, Norton 360, AVG, Avast, etc.

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We did this because whenever you install a particular program on your computer, the antivirus of your computer scans the program to check the presence of malicious scripts. If the malicious script is present in the source codes of the program installed, then the antivirus will directly pop a message on your screen and automatically delete the program.

While we did this, we never got any malicious script that was indicated or found by antivirus, and Bluestacks was running smoothly.

Is using Bluestacks legal?

As we all know, android is an open-source operating system, and BlueStacks is an emulator that emulates or runs an android operating system on your desktop. Android is an open-source operating system that means no one can sue you for using it. Therefore BlueStacks is legal to use.

Is BlueStacks safe for your Google Account?

Yes, BlueStacks is a risk-free tool; in fact, it’s just an Android emulator that is reliable to the source material. That means linking your Google account with BlueStacks is just a requirement to access the Play Store and all its features. If you have any doubts, you can create an alternate Google account and link it with BlueStacks. In this way, you can test the reliability of BlueStacks.

Is BlueStacks a Cryptocurrency miner?

No, BlueStacks never poses any cryptocurrency miner or malicious software with the files downloaded from the main website. But if you download BlueStacks from any other third-party sources, I can’t assure you the same security with it.

Does BlueStacks actually sell your data?

BlueStacks is tested against various antivirus and security software. Results are very clean and legit. So, No, BlueStacks doesn’t steal or sell your data. I assure your safety if you download and install from our website, not from third-party services.

Conclusion – Is Bluestacks safe?

After going through this post, we got an answer to “Is Bluestacks safe?”

The answer is YES; it is completely safe to use BlueStacks. We never found any malware or performance issues while we were testing it.

Although here are some methods that you can use to utilize to use Bluestacks safely:

  • Download BlueStacks from its official website only. Please do not download it from a third-party website. We have provided you with the official link to BlueStacks, where you can download it.
  • Do not use BlueStacks on a PC that has low-end specifications. We have included a list of specifications above that you require to run BlueStacks smoothly on your Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Once you have installed BlueStacks, only download applications that are verified from Google Play Store.

We hope that this post assisted you in finding the answer to your question. If you liked the post or if you have any suggestions or thoughts about the same, then drop them in the comment box.

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