Is christ academy bangalore good for mba


MBA Course is one of the most sought-after courses in the country. It has been a dream for many people to get admission to a top MNC. The reason behind this is that Christ Academy Bangalore offers MBA courses and students have to make their choice depending on their preferences and requirements. If you are looking for admission to Christ Academy Bangalore then let me help you out with some information about this institute:

Christ Academy Highlights

If you are looking for an educational institute that offers quality education and a good placement record, then Christ Academy Bangalore is the right choice. This college has been providing quality education in various fields like engineering, law, and medicine since its inception in 1997. It was founded by Dr. Thomas Ramanathan, the founder chairman of this college. The campus is located at Banashankari 3rd Stage which makes it very accessible from all parts of Bangalore city as well as other parts of Karnataka state like Mysore etc.

The infrastructure here is excellent with the best facilities available for students such as hostels, faculty rooms, libraries, etc., which makes life easier for them during their time at this institute!

The highlights of Christ Academy’s MBA program include:

  • High-quality teaching staff who are highly qualified and experienced;
  • A curriculum that covers all aspects of management with emphasis on finance, marketing, human resources, etc.;
  • * Flexible class choices allowing students to meet their own needs; * Extensive library facilities including virtual libraries so that students can access e-books from any part of the world at any time;
  • * Equipped with state-of-the-art technology facilities including smart classrooms equipped with digital projectors that make learning easier than ever before!

The infrastructure of the Academy was good

At Christ Academy, the infrastructure was good. The building was clean and spacious, with ample student parking space. There were also computers in every classroom to help students with their assignments or research projects and access to Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus for easy access to online resources as well.

The infrastructure of this college was better than other colleges in Bangalore because it had more facilities like an auditorium where lectures were held regularly on weekends, a library where books could be borrowed from other universities’ libraries or purchased through them if needed (which would save money), plus fitness centers where students could work out before classes began each day so they’d be ready when they started their classes at 8 am sharp!

Admission and Fees structure

Christ Academy Bangalore is a private university that offers an MBA course. The admission procedure is different for each course, and the fees are also different depending on the course you choose. The tuition fee is quite reasonable compared to other institutions offering similar courses. You can pay your first installment of Rs 2,099/- at the time you apply for admission or later if you wish; however, there are certain conditions that apply:

Christ Academy has a good Placement in History

Christ Academy is a reputed institute in Bangalore that offers MBA courses. The placement record of this institute is good as well as many students get placed in good companies after they graduate from Christ Academy.

The average salary of an MBA graduate from Christ Academy is around Rs 2 lakh per annum, which is higher than many other B-schools like IIM Ahmedabad (Rs 1 lakh per annum).

Christ Academy has a very good placement record. The average salary of an MBA graduate from Christ Academy is about Rs 2 lakh per annum, which is higher than many other B-schools like IIM Ahmedabad (Rs 1 lakh per annum).

For MBA Christ Academy is one of the best choices

For MBA, Christ Academy is one of the best choices. The institute has an excellent placement history and infrastructure, which makes it ideal for students who want to work in their chosen field after graduation. Furthermore, with its admission and fee structure, you can easily get enrolled in this prestigious institution without having to worry about paying a lot of money or going through any hassle.


Overall, MBA in Christ Academy Bangalore is a good option for MBA. The infrastructure of the Academy was very good and it had a good placement record in History. For MBA students who wish to pursue their careers in the corporate world, this academy can prove to be an ideal choice.